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It’s time for a Bill of Data Rights - MIT Technology Review
As I’ve argued, “data ownership” is a category error with pernicious consequences: you can’t really own most of your data, and even if you could, it often wouldn’t protect you from unfair practices. Why, then, is the idea of data ownership such a popular solution?

The answer is that policy experts and technologists too often tacitly accept the concept of “data capitalism.” They see data either as a source of capital (e.g., Facebook uses data about me to target ads) or as a product of labor (e.g., I should be paid for the data that is produced about me). It is neither of these things. Thinking of data as we think of a bicycle, oil, or money fails to capture how deeply relationships between citizens, the state, and the private sector have changed in the data era. A new paradigm for understanding what data is—and what rights pertain to it—is urgently needed if we are to forge an equitable 21st-century polity.
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Daily briefing - 10 October 2018
A QUOTE excerpt from the Wired piece [on Stripe]: "When Berners-Lee and his team were building the world wide web and designing HTTP and HTMP standards, they included error codes such as '500: internal server error', or '404: page not found'. In the early 90s, they were trying to realise Licklider's vision and setting out the rules for how we were all going to interact over this information network. One long-standing error code is '402: payment required'. The original intention — the reason 402 is reserved for future use — was that this code would be used to transact digital cash or micropayments. It has never been implemented — and the Collisons argue this is the reason tech is turning from an equal access opportunity to an oligopoly controlled by five companies now worth more than $3 trillion."
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via Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis
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via Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis
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An email I will never open | Chris Sacca
Today, with open source, AWS, GitHub, and coffee shops with free Wi-Fi, there are few barriers to taking an impulse and slapping some code on it. Just $99 will get you a solid logo and smooth-looking homepage that makes it look like you know what you’re doing. No more professional networking connections needed, no fancy B-school degrees, and no slick-talking pitch doctors. These days, builders gonna build.
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via Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis
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Endearing dives: Madison's best-loved dive bars | Bars & Clubs |
Everybody's got one they love, don't they? That place where you can come as you are, relax and generally be yourself? Lucky for us, the Madison area has a lot
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via Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis
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via Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis
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Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap - YouTube
This might be my Magnum Opus. Go to and use code MARKROBER to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free.My buddy Sean posted a video with more details of the build: Speed camera courtesy of T via Pocket
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Gatehouse Bank 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit | Raisin UK
Apply for Gatehouse Bank's 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit. Register or log in to your Raisin UK Account.
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An obscure controversy has reared its ugly head again this past month. Two icons of the quantitative analysis community have locked horns on the greatest of public stages, Twitter. You may be forgiven for not following the controversy: I’ll do a quick review for the uninitiated. via Pocket
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Episode 2: Drawbored Mortise-and-Tenon Joinery - FineWoodworking
Featured Workshop Machine Setup with Matt Wajda and Ellen Kaspern A well-tuned machine makes woodworking safer and more accurate, and makes your shop time more enjoyable Featured Projects & Plans Handmade Gift: Tea Light Candle Holder Christian Becksvoort shows you how to empty out that scrap bin via Pocket
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Designing for Interaction Modes · An A List Apart Article
We humans have developed ways of coping with digital interfaces. We have tactics. We accept shortcomings. We make do.
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Chemical smell prompts temporary evacuation of University of Manitoba building
University of Manitoba students and staff were forced outside Tuesday morning after a chemical odour raised concerns and drew hazmat inspectors to the south Winnipeg campus.

The university's human ecology building was evacuated just before 11 a.m. after reports of an "unusual smell," said U of M spokesperson John Danakas.

The building was deemed safe to re-enter after firefighters and a hazardous materials team cleared the HVAC system, according to a City of Winnipeg spokesperson.

The cause of the smell was never determined, the city said.
Canada  education  release  response  unknown_chemical 
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Hazmat spill snarls traffic at I-270/255 and I-55
ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Hazmat crews responded to a hazardous material spill on the interstate in south St. Louis County.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, the spill occurred at Interstate 55 and I-255/270 interchange.

Ramps from northbound and southbound I-55 to I-270 were combined into one lane. Two lanes were closed on I-270.

The Mehlville fire chief said the spill was a mild corrosive and it would take several hours to clean up.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said two lanes would likely remain closed through most of the evening rush hour.
us_MO  transportation  release  response  corrosives 
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Bill Miller appointed as President and CEO of the AGA
The American Gaming Association (AGA) has appointed Bill Miller as the trade lobby’s new president and chief executive officer, effective as of 14 January, 2019.Miller replaces Geoff Freeman, who stepped down from the position in August of this year.Tim Wilmott, CEO of Penn National Gaming and Chairman of the AGA Board of Directors said: “The Board is extremely thankful for the leadership of Stacy Papadopoulos and Sara Slane, and the commitment of the entire AGA team during this period of transition,”He added: “Bill’s extensive work with federal policymakers and as a seasoned leader of membership and industry advocacy organisations was critical to our decision.”“I am honoured to join a team with a well-earned reputation for advancing the casino gaming industry’s legislative and communications priorities and addressing the issues that matter most to its members,” said Miller.“Much to the AGA’s credit, this is a remarkable time for gaming in America. The industry is growing, acceptance of gaming as mainstream entertainment has never been higher and the opportunities to continue to advance gaming’s agenda are abundant. I am eager to help lead the industry in this next era.”

Miller is currently the Senior Vice President at the Business Roundtable (BRT), an association consisting of a number of CEOs from major US enterprises who advocate on behalf of business-friendly policies.During his tenure of the lobby group, Miller has led the association’s outreach to Capitol Hill and the Government administration, while growing the organisation’s brand and advocacy footprint in the US capital.Prior to this, he was the Senior Vice President at the US Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Chief of Staff for a Maryland Republican congressional representative.Miller joins the association at a time of considerable change in the gaming industry.The May 2018 Supreme Court ruling overturning the federal ban on sports betting was a landmark policy achievement for the industry.

Revenue grew in twenty states with commercial casinos in 2017 and the commercial gaming industry as a whole brought in $40.3 billion in gaming revenue, while tribal casinos tallied $32.4 billion in total gaming revenue.

via SBC News
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Leaking propane tank ignites small fire on Maui
KIHEI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Firefighters on Maui were called out Monday night to what they initially thought was a Christmas tree fire.
Around 7 p.m., crews were dispatched to a second-floor unit at the Kihei Villages.
By the time they got there, residents had extinguished the fire, but upon investigation, fire officials found a leaking five-gallon propane tank which is believed to have started the fire. MFD added that no Christmas trees were burned in the small fire.
“The cylinder which was still actively leaking was moved to an area away from residents and structures where the remaining propane was transferred in to a functioning tank by Hazmat team personnel,” MFD said in a news release.
us_HI  public  fire  response  gas_cylinders  propane 
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Daily briefing - 05 October 2018
QUOTE Point of sale instalment loans are making a comeback, with Square the latest to offer consumer lending. As an alternative to credit card payments, POS instalments can offer clearer details on cost and duration of paying back a loan, which Square is offering on purchases ranging from $250 to $10,000. Payments business Square has been lending to merchants since 2014, leveraging its knowledge of business data flows and inventory, and now it will try to apply that expertise to consumer lending, encouraged by its success on the merchant side. With installment loans, Square will be exposed to consumer defaults. "We feel very comfortable with the type of risks we're taking," head of Square Capital Jackie Reses said. She noted that Square targeted markets where it had "unusual access to data". "Square plans to hold the consumer loans on its balance sheet, but as it lends more, it could sell them to outside funds, as it does with its loans to merchants," writes Payments Source.
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