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Assessment of drones death toll -
assessment of death toll under Obama .. killlist
Obama claims US drones strikes have killed up to 116 … [more]
july 2016 by stephenwinter
CIA drones approved with cellphone -
killlist .. HLC
FBI criminal investigation emails: Hillary Clinton approved CIA drone assassinations with her… [more]
june 2016 by stephenwinter
Is drone warfare fraying at the edges? -
Pratap Chatterjee .. Drone pilots are quitting in record numbers .. killlist .. 2016-… [more]
march 2016 by stephenwinter
The Drone Papers -
"When we look back on today, we will find the most important national security story of the year."
-EDWARD … [more]
october 2015 by stephenwinter
Robot soldiers -
killlist .. "The Pentagon drive into robotics is really about China."… [more]
july 2015 by stephenwinter
ACLU files lawsuit over Obama KILL LIST -
American Civil Liberties Union ..
Obama administration drone 'kill list' .. killlist .. … [more]
march 2015 by stephenwinter

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