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Overweight Asian Americans seen as more American | Voa News
What does an American look like? Nearly 1,300 Americans, mostly college students, were asked that question for a recent UW study. The most surprising answer was how people saw Asian Americans.
Voa.News  !UWitM  2017  Department:Psychology  Cheryan.Sapna 
13 hours ago by uwnews
Social media fallout after Charlottesville | KING 5
KING 5's Elisa Hahn spoke with Hanson Hosein, director of the UW's Communications Leadership Program, about a social media campaign that is "outing" people who attended the right-wing rally in Charlottesville.
KING  !UWitM  2017  Hosein.Hanson  Department:Communications  politics 
13 hours ago by uwnews
Satellites and SMS help Pakistan's farmers with smart irrigation | The Third Pole
Using data from NASA, Pakistan’s water research agency is sending rain forecasts to 10,000 farmers, helping them to irrigate more efficiently and increase their crop yields. Faisal Hossain, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Hossain.Faisal  !UWitM  2017  College:Engineering  Department:Civil&Environmental.Engineering 
13 hours ago by uwnews
Grade inflation in suburban schools hurts poor kids | The Atlantic
Middle-class high-schoolers aren’t getting any smarter, but their GPAs are rising — and that’s pushing their poor peers further behind. Philip Ballinger, the associate vice provost for enrollment and undergraduate admissions at the UW, is quoted.
Ballinger.Philip  !UWitM  2017  admissions  The.Atlantic 
14 hours ago by uwnews
Paralyzed man building a fully automated life | CNN
Tom Nabarro, who is wheelchair-bound, is a software engineer who knows and understands that technology can assist him as part of his everyday. Steve Perlmutter, a research associate professor of physiology and biophysics at the UW, is quoted.
CNN  !UWitM  2017  Perlmutter.Steve  UW:Medicine 
14 hours ago by uwnews
New security worry: DNA-borne malware | EE Times
University of Washington researchers have demonstrated that biohackers, using widely available tools, could embed malware in synthesized strands of deoxyribonucleic acid that would allow them to take over the computer analyzing the DNA.
College:Engineering  Allen.School  !UWitM  2017  genetics&dna  EE.Times 
15 hours ago by uwnews
Uber settles with FTC again, this time over 2014 privacy breach | WIRED
Uber on Tuesday agreed to improve its privacy and security practices and to allow outsiders to monitor its progress for 20 years. A recent paper by University of Washington law professor Ryan Calo is referenced.
Calo.Ryan  School:Law  !UWitM  2017  WIRED 
16 hours ago by uwnews
Seattle Astronomical Society event: Advice from eclipse chaser | KING 5
The Seattle Astronomical Society is inviting the public for a talk Wednesday night at the UW's Physics/Astronomy Auditorium called the "Tales from the Dark Side: Eclipse Lessons Learned."
KING  !UWitM  2017  Department:Astronomy  Department:Physics 
16 hours ago by uwnews
UW gets in on $4.9 million boost for ShakeAlert earthquake warning system | GeekWire
The University of Washington and six other research institutions will benefit from $4.9 million in funding from the U.S. Geological Survey for the ShakeAlert earthquake warning system.
shakealert  College:Environment  PNSN  !UWitM  2017  GeekWire  earthquakes 
16 hours ago by uwnews
This is the most efficient way to keep your teeth clean — without brushing them | Reader's Digest
There's a more foolproof way to avoid frequent visits to the dentist's office. Dr. Philippe Hujoel, professor of oral health services at the UW, is quoted.
Readers.Digest  !UWitM  2017  School:Dentistry  UW:Medicine  health 
16 hours ago by uwnews
University of Washington receives part of $4.9M in funding from US Geological Survey for ShakeAlert early earthquake warning system | Puget Sound Business Journal
The U.S. Geological Survey has awarded more than $4.9 million to the University of Washington and five other universities to help convert the West Coast “ShakeAlert” earthquake early warning system into a full-scale public alert system.
shakealert  !UWitM  2017  College:Environment  PNSN  Puget.Sound.Business.Journal 
16 hours ago by uwnews
Eclipse forecast growing more certain for observers in Pacific Northwest | The Olympian
Yes, it seems more likely you can buy those eclipse glasses with confidence and you’ll actually get to see something in the Northwest. Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW, is quoted.
Mass.Cliff  !UWitM  2017  The.Olympian  College:Environment  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  wawx  weather 
16 hours ago by uwnews
Light drinkers may have lesser risk of fatal heart disease | UPI
Light to moderate drinking can lower your overall risk of premature death and, specifically, your odds of dying from heart disease, a new study reports. Dr. Eugene Yang, a clinical associate professor of medicine at the UW, is quoted.
Yang.Eugene  UPI  !UWitM  2017  UW:Medicine 
16 hours ago by uwnews
Giving trees probiotics can help clean up superfund sites | Atlas Obscura
Scientists have now developed a new approach for getting trichloroethylene out of soil. Sharon Doty, professor of environmental and forest sciences at the UW, is quoted.
Doty.Sharon  College:Environment  School:Environmental&Forest.Sciences  !UWitM  2017  Atlas.Obscura 
16 hours ago by uwnews
How understanding what killed the dinosaurs can help us prepare for climate change | Here & Now
There have been five mass extinction events in the history of the Earth. UW paleontologist Peter Ward is quoted.
Ward.Peter  !UWitM  2017  WBUR  NPR  Department:Biology  College:Arts&Sciences 
17 hours ago by uwnews
Google buys startup that turns smartphones into health diagnostic tools | The Verge
Google has bought Senosis Health, a startup that turns smartphones into medical devices and collects various health stats. The company was co-founded by Shwetak Patel, UW professor of computer science and engineering.
The.Verge  !UWitM  2017  Patel.Shwetak  College:Engineering  Allen.School  Department:Electrical.Engineering  startup 
yesterday by uwnews
Got questions about the solar eclipse happening Aug. 21? We’ve got answers | The Seattle Times
The Seattle Times has assembled an expert panel to answer questions about the upcoming "Great American Eclipse" on Facebook at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 15. University of Washington astrophysicist Sarah Tuttle will be a panelist.
Seattle.Times  !UWitM  2017  Department:Astrophysics  College:Arts&Sciences  Tuttle.Sarah 
yesterday by uwnews
Editorial | Late Tacoma bank CEO Melanie Dressel leaves $1 million leadership legacy | The News Tribune
"The death of Melanie Dressel, longtime president and CEO of Tacoma’s Columbia Bank, was sudden and sad," writes The News Tribune Editorial Board. One of her legacies will be the Center for Women’s Leadership at UW Tacoma.
UW:Tacoma  !UWitM  2017  TNT  Dressel.Melanie 
yesterday by uwnews
As KeyArena moves forward, UW study boosting Sodo gains traction | Q13 FOX News
Before Sonics faithful and Sodo arena lovers rejoice over UW professor Justin Marlowe’s findings, you might want to talk to him. His study found the city of Seattle could rake in three times the amount of tax revenue from Sodo compared to KeyArena.
Q13  !UWitM  2017  Marlowe.Justin  Evans.School 
yesterday by uwnews
Seattle, you may be electing a woman mayor, but you haven't reached gender equity | KUOW
Bill Radke talks with UW professor Cate Goethals and political strategist Cathy Allen about gender equity in politics and business.
Goethals.Cate  !UWitM  2017  Foster.School.Business  KUOW 
yesterday by uwnews

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