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Public universities in several states are required to buy from prison industries | Inside Higher Ed
Office furniture at the University of Virginia is made in prisons. So is some of the furniture at George Mason University and the University of Mary Washington. That’s because public universities in Virginia are required to buy from Virginia Correctional Enterprises. A letter to students from UW President Ana Mari Cauce is quoted.
Inside.Higher.Ed  !UWitM  2020  natl  Cauce.Ana.Mari  students 
3 days ago by uwnews
Eviction study shows gender, race disparities in Washington | KUOW
This week the Seattle City Council passed a law that would ban many evictions during the winter. A recent study from the UW looked at who gets evicted in Washington. Tim Thomas, who did the research as a postdoctoral researcher in sociology at the UW, is interviewed.
radio  !UWitM  2020  KUOW  Thomas.Timothy  race  Department:Sociology  eScience.Institute 
3 days ago by uwnews
Seattle hosts gathering of scientists, journalists | KUOW
The world's scientific gathering is here in Seattle this weekend. More than 50 UW professors and scholars are hosting talks and presentations.
KUOW  regl  !UWitM  2020  AAAS  radio 
3 days ago by uwnews
Moving a Tacoma beach | KIRO 7
A major project to save a Tacoma beach park will get underway this fall. Data from the UW is being used in the redesign.
Climate.Impacts.Group  Climate.Change  !UWitM  2020  regl  video  KIRO 
3 days ago by uwnews
Agency memo contradicts Greyhound on bus raids | The New York Times
A Customs and Border Protection memo obtained by The Associated Press confirms that bus companies such as Greyhound do not have to allow Border Patrol agents on board to conduct routine checks for illegal immigrants, which is contrary to the company's long insistence that it has no choice but to do so. A report from the UW Center for Human Rights is referenced. [This AP story appeared in several outlets]
Center.Human.Rights  !UWitM  2020  natl  New.York.Times  Jackson.School.International.Studies  College:Arts&Sciences 
3 days ago by uwnews
Redfin: Homes selling in Tacoma at fastest rate in nation | Tacoma News Tribune
Last May, Redfin elevated Tacoma on the nation’s real estate map with a report saying the city was the nation’s hottest market. Ali Modarres, director of professor of urban studies at UW Tacoma, is qutoed.
UW:Tacoma  !UWitM  2020  regl  TNT  Modarres.Ali 
3 days ago by uwnews
Opinion: Collective amnesia won’t erase US torture problem | Tacoma News Tribune
"Holding high public officials to account for grave acts of wrongdoing is one of the greatest challenges for a democracy. That challenge has just been demonstrated in the U.S. Senate," writes Robert Crawford, professor emeritus at UW Tacoma.
opinion.analysis  UW:Tacoma  !UWitM  2020  regl  Crawford.Robert  politics  TNT 
3 days ago by uwnews
Chronic kidney disease kills more than 1M people annually worldwide | UPI
Chronic kidney disease has been described as a "global killer in plain sight" by the authors of a new analysis estimating prevalence of the condition. Theo Vos, professor of health metrics sciences at the UW School of Medicine, is quoted.
UPI  !UWitM  2020  natl  Vos.Theo  Institute.Health.Metrics&Evaluation  UW:Medicine  Department:Health.Metrics.Sciences 
3 days ago by uwnews
Coronavirus ‘hits all the hot buttons’ for how we misjudge risk | The New York Times
Psychologists say that differing responses to coronavirus and the flu illustrate our shortcomings when it comes to evaluating danger. Ann Bostrom, professor of public policy and governance at the UW, is quoted.
Bostrom.Ann  !UWitM  2020  Evans.School  natl  New.York.Times  School:Public.Health 
3 days ago by uwnews
Is King County violating law barring ICE from Boeing Field? | MyNorthwest
The federal government is suing King County for banning Immigration and Customs Enforcement from using Boeing Field. But is the county actually violating the law, or does it have a compelling defense? A report from the UW Center for Human Rights is referenced.
KIRO  regl  !UWitM  2020  Center.Human.Rights 
3 days ago by uwnews
Babies and warring groups have something in common: kindness | The Christian Science Monitor
Kindness is often considered something that humans have to learn. But displays of altruism in surprising places suggest there’s more to the story. Rodolfo Cortes Barragan, a postdoctoral fellow at the UW Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, is quoted.
csmonitor  Cortes.Barragan.Rodolfo  !UWitM  2020  natl  Institute.Learning&Brain.Sciences 
3 days ago by uwnews
Pesto Zoodles and other quick and easy dinner ideas perfect for busy weeknights | KING 5
UW Medicine registered dietitian Vanessa Imus shares healthy dinner hacks and what foods you should always keep on hand to help you avoid the takeout menus.
UW:Medicine  Imus.Vanessa  KING  regl  !UWitM  2020 
3 days ago by uwnews
Opinion: Dental therapists could help provide vital health care for rural Oregonians | The Oregonian
"As a dentist who works for tribes in Oregon and Washington, I understand first-hand the importance of access to high-quality dental care in communities that are most in need. Unfortunately, for far too many Oregon kids and families, that care is out of reach," writes Dr. Miranda Davis. A 2017 UW study is referenced.
The.Oregonian  !UWitM  2020  regl 
3 days ago by uwnews
Ice dropped down a 450-foot hole sounds exactly like a laser gun battle | IFL Science
Have you ever wondered what ice may sound like dropped down a deep icy well? Now, you don’t have to because scientists have just revealed it, and whatever you were expecting, this probably wasn’t it. Peter Neff, a postdoctoral researcher at the UW, is quoted.
IFL.Science  !UWitM  natl  2020  Neff.Peter  Antarctica  College:Environment  Polar.Science.Center 
3 days ago by uwnews
Cliff Mass: Washington not likely to have drought problems this summer | MyNorthwest
Cliff Mass, professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington, predicts that this summer’s water outlook for Washington state is “exceptionally favorable.”
Mass.Cliff  College:Environment  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  !UWitM  2020  regl  weather  wawx  KIRO 
3 days ago by uwnews
Is it loud in the ocean? | Popular Science
For 24 hours each March, a hush falls over the Indonesian island of Bali in observation of Nyepi, a compulsory day of silent reflection that marks the Hindu new year. Businesses close, streets clear and beaches empty. Even air travel and shipping stop. Rex Andrew, principal engineer at the UW Applied Physics Laboratory, is quoted.
Andrew.Rex  Applied.Physics.Laboratory  !UWitM  2020  Popular.Science  natl  College:Environment 
3 days ago by uwnews
Is coffee good for you? | The New York Times
The fourth most popular beverage in the country, coffee is steeped into our culture. Just the right amount can improve our mood; too much may make us feel anxious and jittery. Dr. Jim Krieger, clinical professor of medicine and health services at the UW, is quoted.
Krieger.Jim  New.York.Times  natl  2020  !UWitM  Department:Health.Services  School:Public.Health  UW:Medicine 
4 days ago by uwnews
Opinion: Using checklists — and working in teams — to avoid unforced errors in online education | Inside Higher Ed
"Teaching online requires faculty members to flex different pedagogical muscles and navigate a landscape crowded with technology options. As any person who has done this work knows, getting to the first day of an online class is indeed a complex process," writes Penelope Adams Moon, acting director of online learning strategy at UW Bothell.
Inside.Higher.Ed  !UWitM  2020  natl  UW:Bothell  Adams.Moon.Penelope  opinion.analysis 
4 days ago by uwnews
Analysis: Minority patients benefit from having minority doctors, but that's a hard match to make | The Conversation
"In today’s America, minority patients still have markedly worse health outcomes than white patients. The differences are greatest for black Americans: Compared to white patients, they are two to three times as likely to die of preventable heart disease and stroke," write Ryan Huerto of the University of Michigan and Edwin Lindo, a lecturer of family medicine at the UW.
Lindo.Edwin  The.Conversation  !UWitM  2020  opinion.analysis  UW:Medicine  natl  race 
4 days ago by uwnews
WHO names new coronavirus disease as COVID-19; death toll spikes to 1,115 | The Weather Channel
The novel coronavirus disease outbreak, which was identified in mainland China during the end of December 2019, has been officially named as ‘COVID-19’ by the World Health Organization. Work by UW geographer Bo Zhao is referenced.
Weather.Channel  !UWitM  2020  natl  Zhao.Bo  Department:Geography  College:Arts&Sciences 
4 days ago by uwnews

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