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Peggy (@PWebbHendrix) | Twitter
@PWebbHendrix Follows you
Joined September 2014
#dyxlexia  +SchenckSchool  #ATL 
3 days ago by phil_hendrix
The Schenck School (@SchenckSchool) | Twitter
The Schenck School
The Schenck School - Developing the Potential of the Dyslexic Learner
Joined October 2013
#dyslexia  @SchenckSchool  #ATL 
3 days ago by phil_hendrix
Rajeev Kapur CDO Kimberly-Clark ATL
Rajeev Kapur 2nd degree connection2nd Chief Data Officer at Kimberly-Clark Atlanta, Georgia
#cdo  #ATL  +Kimberly-Clark 
14 days ago by phil_hendrix
Alexander Ross, Ph.D. | VP and Chief Data Science Officer, Honeywell - Atlanta LinkedIn
Alexander Ross, Ph.D.
Spoke at “mpact presents: Alex Ross, VP and Chief Data Science Officer of Honeywell”

2nd degree connection2nd Chief Data Science Officer and VP, Data Science at Honeywell Corporation Atlanta, Georgia
As Chief Data Science Officer and VP, Data Science at Honeywell, I am accountable for shaping our technology and business approach to data science, data management, and data engineering for the Connected Enterprises business and more broadly for the Corporation. In partnership with business and analytics leaders across the enterprise, we are enabling and advancing IoT services and products that leverage data, analytics, and artificial intelligence to create massive value for our customers.

Most recently, I was Vice President of Data Science at Capital One, where I moved the needle around adoption of a data science culture, and accelerated advanced analytics and AI into the heavily regulated financial services environment. Prior to Capital One, I was Vice President of Data Science Services at GE Digital. At GE, I developed the Company's data science talent model, culture and capability, monetized this capability, and enabled the Analytics as a Service (AaaS) business model via Predix, GE's big data and analytics software platform.

As a classically trained electrical and biomedical engineer, I spent my formative years in a medical device startup and later at GE, leading product and technology development organizations at GE Healthcare, and managing technology development and reuse across all GE business units from the GE Global Research Center.

From academia through present day, my career focus has been on enabling business and societal impact at scale - through products, services, and actionable insights from data.
#analytics  #exec  #tl  +Honeywell  #ATL  +GaTech  #LI 
14 days ago by phil_hendrix
Impact Speaker Series | Georgia Tech
Overview of Impact Impact is a weekly series providing the opportunity to network and learn from successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and notable business and non-profit leaders. Since 2002, the Impact Speaker Series has brought highly successful business leaders from a variety of industries to campus to share their experiences and give advice to students and other entrepreneurs. Events for the series take place in the LeCraw Auditorium or Room 200 in the College of Business building at 4:30 pm on Wednesdays unless otherwise noted. The series is free and open to the public. Reservations are not required. Please notify Nicole Little of any accommodation requests 30 days prior to any session. Requests received less than 30 days in advance may not be fulfilled.
+GaTech  #tl  #speakers  #ATL  #entrepreneurs 
14 days ago by phil_hendrix
docsnap (@getdocsnap) | Twitter
docsnap @getdocsnap Follows you docsnap is an app that helps a Person to gain on demand access to their's and their families’ health records, and to collaborate with their medical providers. Marietta, GA Joined February 2015
#hc  #interoperability  #startup  #ATL  #ATDC  #patient  #access 
14 days ago by phil_hendrix
Sharecare (@SharecareInc) | Twitter
SharecareVerified account @SharecareInc Get all your health in one place and meet the healthier YOU. Joined July 2010
#hc  #app  #ATL  #consumer  #B2C  +WebMD 
16 days ago by phil_hendrix
Robyn Curnow (@RobynCurnowCNN) | Twitter
Robyn CurnowVerified account @RobynCurnowCNN Anchor. @CNN. Host of the 'International Desk with Robyn Curnow' 11a ET. South African in the US. @cambridge_uni Instagram: @robyncurnowcnn Atlanta, GA Joined November 2009
#journalist  #CNN  #ATL 
25 days ago by phil_hendrix
Veloxiti - AI Cognitive Agents
An intelligent agent is a software architecture that uses expert insights structured in a graph to conduct activities within other systems. Our embedded intelligent agent is tailored specifically for solving problems using OODA Loop (Observe / Orient / Decide / Act) techniques, and by design, can communicate within a distributed multi-instance application providing your solution with flawless scalability along with broad capabilities.

At any given time, businesses experience countless changes in their environment – e.g. potential threats, changes in supply chains, server technologies, integrated systems, even weather can impact business. Your cognitive ability allows you to constantly adapt to these conditions — some consciously, others subconsciously. Similarly, our intelligent agent mimics your human cognitive ability to adapt and, in this sense, it can “think”.

Our engine, vCognition, is a set of Java-base classes that represent the core components in a knowledge base which include sensor inputs, beliefs, monitors, goals and plans. These java based classes define methods for building knowledge graphs to interact with the world by Observing-Orienting and Deciding-Acting. A knowledge base’s logic is composed from the meaning of data, extracted concepts from documents, and even human experts who describe how to solve a problem. Knowledge capture is the critical cost driver in developing stronger artificial intelligence. vCognition is unique because it provides intuitive methods for organizing large amounts of expert insight into a multi-graph format so that its responses can be tested, executed, deployed and maintained with less effort than conventional software.

Our agent-based tools are the foundation for knowledge-driven problem-solving using the concept of OODA Loops.
#ai  #vendor  #cognitive  #agents  #ATL 
5 weeks ago by phil_hendrix
Pindrop Raises $90M to Expand Voice Security Fortune 20181205
Speak Up: Pindrop Raises $90 Million to Expand Voice Security By JEFF JOHN ROBERTS December 5, 2018 We’re moving into an age of voice computing, and devices like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa are just the beginning. Soon we will be using our voice to operate our front doors, offices and automobiles. While this promises to make our lives more convenient, a growing reliance on voice technology also represents a security threat—notably from hackers who make seek to copy our voice. All of this has proven to be a boon for Pindrop, a voice security firm that began by assisting call centers detect fraudsters, but now has ambitious plans to protect millions of voice-controlled devices. On Wednesday, the Atlanta-based firm announced it raised a $90 Series D funding round led by Vitruvian Partners, a European private equity firm, with contributions from Goldman Sachs and others.
#voice  #security  #startup  +Pindrop  #VC  #funding  #ATL  #fraud 
10 weeks ago by phil_hendrix
Want Proof That Patience Pays Off? Ask the Founders of This 17-Year-Old $525 Million Email Empire Inc. 201802
Want to Prove Patience Pays Off? Ask the Founders Of This 17-Year-Old $525 Million Email Empire Ben Chestnut and his team at MailChimp built an amazing business and became Inc.'s Company of the Year. It only took them 17 years.
#startup  #ATL  +Mailchimp  #email 
october 2018 by phil_hendrix
Marketing Teams Have Too Much Data, So Eletype Sends You What You Need to Know — Over Slack 20180725
Marketing Teams Have Too Much Data, So Eletype Sends You What You Need to Know — Over Slack JULY 25, 2018 BY HOLLY BEILIN At Michael Sengbusch’s former startup, he created tools to help healthcare marketers do a better job advertising their services and providers. But, though the product was solid, the CTO constantly found himself frustrated. The marketing teams that were using their product would log into their dashboards, see what had gone wrong with their campaigns — and do absolutely nothing. “We were always confused about why marketing teams weren’t changing anything based off that data,” says Sengbusch. “We couldn’t figure out why we’d present all the trends, all the analytics, and all they would do is log into the platform, take a screenshot, paste it into a powerpoint and show it to the customer, and they would repeat that process every month.” After that company, Brightwhistle, sold to Influence Health in 2015 for an estimated $20+ million, and Sengbusch finished out his requisite two years, he took some time to think through his next move. He took on a role at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech, serving as CTO-in-Residence to mentor younger founders.  But he kept coming back to that marketing data problem. As evidenced by their successful acquisition, Sengbusch knew BrightWhistle had the data portion of the equation right. Why hadn’t the marketers been receptive?
#ATL  #startup  #martech  #exec  >contact 
july 2018 by phil_hendrix
Engage Fund Brings On Daley Ervin, Formerly Airbnb, YPLan, As Entrepreneur-In-Residence 20180726
Engage Fund Brings On Daley Ervin, Formerly Airbnb, YPLan, As Entrepreneur-In-Residence JULY 26, 2018 BY HOLLY BEILIN The Engage fund, an Atlanta-based venture fund and startup program backed by 11 corporations including Delta, Goldman Sachs, the Home Depot and UPS, as well as Georgia’s venture fund Invest Georgia, has expanded its team with the addition of Daley Ervin as Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Ervin has been serving as a startup mentor with Engage since the fund’s inception in 2017. Engage recently finished up its second program and now counts 16 companies in its portfolio. Ervin, who worked at and built startups in New York City, London, and throughout Europe, says he first got involved in the program on recommendations from friends in the startup scene. “I was pretty new to Atlanta, and I asked around, and people kept pointing me to Engage,” he says. “I basically called them up and asked if I could help.” Ervin has the experience to lend to these young startups from multiple engagements at successful — and failed — tech startups. His first job was at Airbnb as one of the now-unicorn’s first 100 employees.
#vc  #ATL  +EngageVC  #EIR 
july 2018 by phil_hendrix
Eletype, Inc.
Cover Your Ads Eletype is a real-time digital assistant designed for search and social media marketing campaigns. A little CYA helps your team stay on top of what matters most.
#martech  #socialmedia  #emarketing  #ecommerce  #onlineadvertising  #ATL  #startup 
july 2018 by phil_hendrix
Dragon Army
Dragon Army is an Atlanta-based mobile and innovation company. We solve today's business challenges using the technology and innovation of tomorrow. In the current market, we believe mobile represents the greatest chance to build a true relationship with your customer, which is why we're laser-focused in the space. Our team of experts create rewarding experiences that help our clients navigate today’s connected landscape. Our UX practice brings a dedicated focus to understanding the behaviors of your consumer. Using Applied Game Theory™, our studio helps us identify necessary mechanics to create an experience that sticks. Our team is dedicated to understanding the innovative and emerging technologies that bring human, emotional connections to life.
#atl  #mobile  #design  #innovation  #firm  #startup  +JeffHillmire 
june 2018 by phil_hendrix
Flock Safety (@Flock_Safety) | Twitter
Flock Safety
Flock Safety provides the most advanced security for neighborhoods utilizing license plate reading technology.

Atlanta, GA
Joined February 2018
#startup  #ATL  #tech  #security  #homes  #neighborhood 
may 2018 by phil_hendrix
H. Brock Kolls | LinkedIn
H. Brock Kolls
1st degree connection1st
Tech Innovator | Open Innovation Expert | US Patent Agent
Greater Atlanta Area
#ATL  #innovation  #SME  #openinnovation  #contact 
may 2018 by phil_hendrix
UserIQ Goes Mobile With Acquisition of Bangalore-Based Customer Onboarding Platform 20170417
UserIQ Goes Mobile With Acquisition of Bangalore-Based Customer Onboarding Platform

UserIQ, an Atlanta startup that informs B2B SaaS companies about all their user data, has acquired Bangalore-based Appunfold. With this acquisition, UserIQ has extended its user engagement and analytics capabilities across all devices, desktop and mobile. The Indian company offers some of the same services as UserIQ, such as user onboarding, self-help and analytics, but for mobile devices.

UserIQ’s platform allows SaaS companies to create personalized product tours, provides easy-to-use analytics on how users are employing and interacting with your product, and drives user engagement by showing you how to optimize customer interactions.

Aaron Aycock, UserIQ’s founder and Chief Product Officer, says that the company was exploring developing an early version of a mobile offering, but when they found this solution, decided to pursue acquisition instead. “This really just accelerated our timeline for something that we already wanted to provide for our users,” he explains.
#UserIQ  #startup  #ATL  #news  #M&A  #mobile  #app  #onboarding 
april 2018 by phil_hendrix

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