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Opinion | Slandering the Unborn - The New York Times
the nyt editorial board essentially apologizes for its treatment of crack addict women. and does a remarkable makes a remarkable series about the grim state of abortion in america.
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11 weeks ago by lemeb
Estranged in America: Both Sides Feel Lost and Left Out - The New York Times
americans feel disempowered, whether dems or republicans
The findings echo other polling on the question since Mr. Trump’s election. And together, the results suggest a rare political moment when Americans on all sides worry that they don’t recognize what the country is becoming.

“Normally, even in a politically polarized society, one side wins and they’re content,” said Stephanie McCurry, a historian at Columbia University. “It’s the other side that feels shut out of power.”

The moment now reminds her of the 1850s, when Northerners and Southerners were locked in a morally imbued fight over the nature of American values — and whether America was at its core a slave-owning society. Many Northerners were horrified by the 1857 Dred Scott decision, which effectively declared the United States such a place. Southerners were horrified by Northerners’ reaction to it, Ms. McCurry said.

so cool
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11 weeks ago by lemeb
Trump’s shutdown is because the wall is a bad idea - Vox
even hardliners don’t want the wall:
It seems like a good deal precisely because a path to citizenship for DREAMers is a real, valuable thing that will make a big difference in people’s lives, while the wall is utterly foolish. If you take the anti-immigration position seriously, that makes it a terrible deal. They’d have traded away something real for a bit of political theater.

The true path forward would be the opposite of this — for the White House to admit that the wall is foolish and reopen the government. Then we could begin a legislative negotiation over the topics that are actually in dispute: internal enforcement, asylum law, the treatment of long-settled unauthorized migrants, and future flows of legal immigration. But the Trump administration can’t even admit publicly that Mexico isn’t going to pay for the wall, much less admit that the whole wall concept is essentially irrelevant to their immigration policy goals.
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11 weeks ago by lemeb
on twitter: sinclair hired a rt recruit
on top of the scrupt story:
Local TV news chain Sinclair literally hired someone from the Russian propaganda outlet RT to produce a story on "the Deep State." It ran on Seattle TVs during the KOMO 6 o'clock news. (Sinclair owns KOMO).

Again, Sinclair owns local TV stations in 40% of U.S. cities
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11 weeks ago by lemeb
Reduction in Firearm Injuries during NRA Annual Conventions | NEJM
not making this up:
Despite high rates of unintentional firearm injuries,1-3 and recognition by the National Rifle Association (NRA) that firearm education is important,4 it is often said that firearm injuries occur primarily among inexperienced users and that firearm safety comes with experience and training. To investigate this contention, we conducted a study in which we hypothesized that firearm use would decline during the dates of NRA meetings — which attract tens of thousands of members from across the United States,5 including firearm owners and owners of venues where firearms are used (e.g., firing ranges and hunting grounds) — and that firearm injuries would also decline even among experienced users.

and sure thing, there is a *20%* reduction in firearm injuries!
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11 weeks ago by lemeb
The Remaking of Donald Trump - Bloomberg
a remarkable framing:
Donald Trump had been thinking about running for president for more than 20 years before he locked onto the twin issues of race and immigration that vaulted him to the White House. Trump’s presidency, and the toxic civic culture it ushered in, will forever be linked to these issues.
History could have been different. While Trump always displayed populist instincts, his opinions on national affairs tended to reflect the views of a New York Democrat, which was, after all, the world he inhabited. It’s almost impossible to imagine now, but in the period just before he entered politics, Trump’s appeal to blacks and Hispanics was powerful enough to make him the darling of corporate America. Although he was not a politician, Trump’s multicultural appeal was an achievement that a sclerotic Republican Party was increasingly desperate to match.
One reason this story has never been told is because Trump decided he’d be better served politically by destroying this legacy. He wasn’t exactly wrong: His “birther” attack on President Obama in 2011, when Trump was eyeing a 2012 run, marked a sharp pivot on race and then immigration that enabled his remarkable rise to the presidency.
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12 weeks ago by lemeb
How Houston Lost Its Mind Over a Trump Shirt – Texas Monthly
Outside a cookie shop in one of Houston’s most idyllic neighborhoods, a West University Place council member spied Trump’s name on a teenager’s shirt and yelled a few of the president’s worst words at her. Then the internet found out. It’s springtime in the age of hysteria.
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12 weeks ago by lemeb
Republicans Find a Facebook Workaround: Their Own Apps - The New York Times
In their posts, users sometimes greet one another as “deplorables” or “fellow patriots” and refer to liberals as enemies, “libtards” or traitors. Conspiracy theories — including memes against the financier George Soros — abound. The midterm elections are not about Democrats vs. Republicans but, as one N.R.A. app poster put it, “socialism vs. freedom.”

Outsiders, for their part, can keep out.

Soon after a reporter for The New York Times contacted 10 users via the apps, a person with the user name Deplorable Dee posted on the Great America news feed: “Troll Alert!!! New York Times asking for interviews, do not communicate with these libtards.”

Only one user, Ken Kumerle, a car rental agent in South Carolina who has earned more than 366,000 points on the N.R.A. app, agreed to be interviewed for this article.
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december 2018 by lemeb
A Conservative Group’s Closed-Door ‘Training’ of Judicial Clerks Draws Concern - The New York Times
apparently, when it comes to conservative judicial training, clerks are too much:
The closed-door “training academy” was aimed at a select group: recent law school graduates who had secured prestigious clerkships with federal judges. It was organized by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative group that has played a leading role in moving the courts to the right, and it had some unusual requirements.

“Generous donors,” the application materials said, were making “a significant financial investment in each and every attendee.” In exchange, the future law clerks would be required to promise to keep the program’s teaching materials secret and pledge not to use what they learned “for any purpose contrary to the mission or interest of the Heritage Foundation.”

The conservative legal movement has made bold moves before, and it has long cultivated law students and young lawyers, partly to ensure a deep bench of potential judicial nominees. The Heritage Foundation, along with the Federalist Society, helped compile the lists of potential Supreme Court nominees from which President Trump chose his two appointees, Justices Neil M. Gorsuch and Brett M. Kavanaugh. The two groups also helped identify many of the scores of Mr. Trump’s appointees to the lower federal courts.

But legal experts said the effort by Heritage to train and influence law clerks raised serious ethical questions and could undermine the duties the clerks have to the justice system and to the judges they will serve.
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december 2018 by lemeb
Ideas Have Consequences: The Impact of Law and Economics on American Justice

This paper provides a quantitative analysis of the effects of the early law and economics movement on the U.S. judiciary. Using the universe of published opinions in U.S. Circuit Courts and 1 million District Court criminal sentencing decisions linked to judge identity, we estimate the effect of attendance in the con- troversial Manne economics training program, an intensive course run attended by almost half of federal judges between 1976 and 1999. After attending eco- nomics training, participating judges use more economics language, render more conservative verdicts in economics cases, rule against regulatory agencies more often, and render longer criminal sentences. These results are robust to adjusting for a wide variety of covariates that predict the timing of attendance. Comparing non-Manne and Manne judges prior to program start and exploiting variation in instructors further assuage selection concerns. Non-Manne judges randomly ex- posed to Manne peers on previous cases increase their use of economics language in subsequent opinions, suggesting economic ideas diffused throughout the judi- ciary, with economic ideas moving from regulatory cases to subsequent criminal ones.
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december 2018 by lemeb
on Tw: why are Iraq talking heads still here?
It is absolutely incredible that the War in Iraq did not induce a widespread epistemic crisis with thousands of politicians, journalists, intelligence workers, and policy wonks resigning in humiliation to spend the rest of their lives in seclusion, prayer, and repentance.

The War in Iraq was the kind of “mistake” that should make you sink into a crippling depression for the rest of your life. But here they all are, still with the same power and influence, still calling the shots. It’s unbelievable.
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december 2018 by lemeb
on Twitter: Asymmetry: is media consumption the culprit?
why couldnt dems withstand the shutdown, but trump could?
Dems privately told progressive groups that they couldn’t withstand the mainstream media heat over the shutdown.

But this gets at a much bigger issue: An extremely important asymmetry in our politics.

and why is that?
The problem is also fueled by a deep asymmetry between conservative and liberal media consumption habits, documented by polling and political science:
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december 2018 by lemeb
The NRA’s Catch-22 for Black Men Shot by Police - The Atlantic
In recent years, the NRA has made frequent forays into culture-war disputes that have little to do with gun rights per se. This week, its NRATV hosts attacked a children’s program featuring anthropomorphic trains for introducing a train from Kenya. Previously, they argued that undocumented children separated from their parents under the Trump administration are “better off,” complained that American men “are being turned into second-rate women,” described laws banning anti-gay discrimination as “slavery,” called for the imprisonment of people protesting Trump Cabinet officials, dismissed the Women’s March as “anti-American,” and attacked the media for being insufficiently pro-Trump. None of this has anything to do with gun restrictions. So why is the NRA doing it?
Live-streaming the apocalypse with NRATV

The answer may have less to do with the defense of gun rights than the sale of firearms. As Josh Sugarmann, the executive director of the Violence Policy Center, told NPR, the NRA is “a de facto trade association masquerading as a shooting-sports foundation,” funneling millions of dollars each year to the group and its affiliates. Marketing violent fantasies to its members encourages them to buy firearms. According to the Pew Research Center, three in 10 Americans own a gun, while 29 percent of gun owners own five or more. This is the NRATV’s target demographic; given its demonization of Democrats and liberals, it’s clear the outlet is uninterested in the 20 percent of Democrats who own firearms.
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december 2018 by lemeb
My Conversation with Claire Lehmann of Quillette - Marginal REVOLUTION
COWEN: Probably in the media? In general, intellectual life, but if you take, say, the United States as a whole, do you think it’s left-wing or right-wing political correctness that’s stronger and more destructive?

LEHMANN: Yeah, it’s probably right-wing political correctness.

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december 2018 by lemeb
Fox News Isn't A Normal Media Company. We Have To Stop Treating It Like One.
Complaining about, mocking, and pedantically fact-checking Fox is easy, and liberals have been doing all of the above since the Clinton administration. But removing it from polite society will be hard, and will require a nuanced conversation about the line between a free press, which most liberals cherish as an abstract ideal, and the reality of a far-right propaganda operation that has had a uniquely destructive effect on public life. Then again, that conversation is already underway, and no one has worked harder to delegitimize the free press than Fox News.

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december 2018 by lemeb

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