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A Sleeping Tesla Driver Highlights Autopilot's Biggest Flaw | WIRED
Figuring the Tesla might be using Autopilot, they called for backup to slow traffic behind them, then pulled in front of the car and gradually started braking. And so the Tesla slowed down, too, until it was stopped in its lane.
#ai  #design  #cars 
8 days ago by joyclee
It’s Time to Define What “Good” Means in Our Industry: Design Observer
Good design honors reality
Good design creates ownership
Good design builds power
11 days ago by joyclee
Defensive, even hostile architecture can be found all over Toronto | The Star
“A lot of people might not think about defensive architecture and urban design because it’s often hidden in plain sight. This is deliberate,”
#design  #unpleasant 
11 days ago by joyclee
Artificial intelligence can entrench disparities—here’s what we must do – The Cancer Letter Publications
“GIGO” problem, for example, is troubling for everyone, but particularly concerning for some groups. It has long-been known that clinical trials data do not reflect the diversity of the U.S. population, and thus using these data in AI systems can exacerbate existing biases.
#ai  #design  #disparities 
14 days ago by joyclee

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