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How Sites Like OnlyFans and JustForFans Are Democratizing Gay Porn
Many of the performers interviewed for this story try to upload anywhere from two to four times a week, and most include at least one penetrative clip. Some, like Diggory, use their local network of fan-site performers, while others, like Steele, travel frequently to meet up with studio performers in other places. Almost all also perform with non-studio performers.
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YouTube's Copyright Protection System is a Total Mess, Can it Be Fixed? - TorrentFreak
a rundown of content id absurdity:
This may sound bizarre, but things can get even worse. In November YouTuber Drew Gooden was hit by a copyright claim from… Drew Gooden.

hell yeah!
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[1812.06525] New tab page recommendations cause a strong suppression of exploratory web browsing behaviors
Through a combination of experimental and simulation results, we illustrate that passive recommendations encoded in typical computer user-interfaces (UIs) can subdue users' natural proclivity to access diverse information sources.

tyranny of convenience etc
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Instacart and Amazon-owned Whole Foods are parting ways | TechCrunch
Instacart has announced this morning it will no longer be doing business with Whole Foods, a U.S. organic grocery chain the company launched a partnership with in 2014. This comes roughly one year after Amazon closed its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods; Amazon, of course, has its own grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh.

writing on the wall etc
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The State of Technology at the End of 2018 — Stratechery
This, then, is the state of technology in 2018: the enterprise market is thriving, and the consumer market is stagnant, dominated by the “innovations” that a few large behemoths deign to develop for consumers (and probably by ripping off a smaller company). Meanwhile a backlash is brewing on both sides of the political spectrum, but with no immediately viable outlet through competition or antitrust action, the politics surrounding technology simply becomes ever more rancid.

Still, some might argue, this moment may soon pass: just look at Microsoft. I praised them above for their new-found competitiveness, driven by the fundamental shift wrought by the combination of cloud computing and mobile that obviated their PC monopoly-based business model. Surely Google’s dominance will soon pass, just like Microsoft’s did, right?

I’m not so sure.

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/// — on monday’s staff announcement
our community is fundamentally based on interactions that span the SFW/NSFW spectrum as an extension of self-discovery and identity (also core tumblr mission statement values), and in many cases for resources that LGBT folks don’t receive IRL, such as LGBT-specific augmentations of sexual health education
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Where will furries go after Tumblr? | The Outline
The furry fandom has thus been caught in the fallout. One of the many questions remaining will be whether Twitter will also concede and ban all allegedly NSFW content. It will take a while for puritarianism to reach the shithole that is Twitter, but in the meantime, furries are making do as they always have — finding and building community in a shifting media landscape.

🦊 furries too!
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How solid is Tim’s plan to redecentralize the web? – Irina Bolychevsky – Medium
I’m thrilled Tim is pushing forward with Solid, but we need to be thinking bigger. Let’s start tackling the broader challenges and opportunities for a decentralised web to deliver a better ecosystem for all. Solid and similar projects need user research, user centered design, marketing and coordination to ensure interoperability and a user experience that can compete with the status quo. Common authentication and authorisation standards for digital identity and login and communication standards that work across applications and services will help break down silos and create real benefits to users and companies to motivate the move away from digital monopolies. It’s time to push for serious funding and resources into such public infrastructure to create an internet and web that works for everyone, just like Tim’s original vision.

not sure where they want to drive at
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Tumblr’s porn ban could be its downfall — after all, it happened to LiveJournal - The Verge
“Over the years we’ve seen this shift to all of these platforms,” says Jason Scott, who describes himself as a “free range archivist” at the Internet Archive. People bring their friends where they are, and communities begin to migrate. To him, it’s obvious that Tumblr doesn’t understand its base, and it made the decision to ban adult content in spite of what that base cares about. “Now, everybody wakes up to the nightmare that most people know,” he says. “You’re not a customer of Tumblr. You’re just staying on Tumblr’s couch, and Tumblr has now said, ‘We have a different use for that couch.’”
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Apple Sucked Tumblr Into Its Walled Garden, Where Sex Is Bad - Motherboard
Robert Yang, a game designer who created a game with a plot about leaked dick pics, told Motherboard in a Twitter message that Tumblr turning on Safe Mode was a turning point for his work—and now that the platform is banning it altogether, it’s not clear what will happen to these kinds of works.

“It's kind of sad, because when I was evaluating different platforms to use for this, Tumblr was basically the only one that seemed big enough / with an art-oriented community / with a decent API / that would stand the test of time,” Yang said. “As someone who makes computer-based art, I worry a lot about preservation, and it kinda makes me wonder how much art and culture is getting destroyed here. Erotic art and sexuality is especially over-policed by platforms, by credit card companies, by fucked up laws like FOSTA.”

The communities that will feel this change the most will be the already-marginalized. “Tumblr banning adult content is a huge loss for the LGBTQ community, especially those with overlapping marginalized identities,” Kitty Stryker, a queer porn performer and consent activist, told Motherboard in an email. “For many, that's the one place we could find porn that represents us, made by indie performers who created their own content outside of an often racist, transmisogynist, fatphobic industry. Tumblr was where our content could exist without pushing us into the restrictions of a misogynist, male dominated workplace.”

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