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Congrats, Bloomberg, you won. Best title ever.
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8 weeks ago by lemeb
Waymo’s Robot Cars, and the Humans Who Tend to Them - The Atlantic
In some ways, these humans are the answer to some of the long tail of what-ifs that come up when people think about robot cars. How could they possibly know what to do in every situation? What if a streetlight is out? What if there’s construction? In those cases, the car can simply dial a human and have them verify the road conditions, then replan its route. I imagine they sit there like security guards, in front of a bunch of screens, waiting for the pings from the robots. Or perhaps they are served up serially: What about this situation? How about this intersection? What’s going on here?
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11 weeks ago by lemeb
MIT built a self-driving car that can navigate unmapped country roads - The Verge
Taking the road less traveled is extremely difficult for self-driving cars. Autonomous vehicles rely on highly visible lane markings, as well as detailed 3D maps in order to navigate their environment safely. Which is why most of the major companies have eschewed testing on unmapped rural roads in favor of suburbs and cities.

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a new system that allows self-driving cars to drive on roads they’ve never been on before without 3D maps. Called MapLite, the system combines simple GPS data that you’d find on Google Maps with a series of sensors that observe the road conditions.


If it ends up going commercial, MIT’s MapLite would go a long way in fulfilling one of the mandates from the Trump administration: that the safety benefits from autonomous driving be extended to residents in rural communities.

In Detroit last year, US Secretary Elaine Chao said it’s vital for the auto industry to ensure that self-driving cars help improve life in rural communities and not just urban areas. “We want to be inclusive as well and consider how this technology can benefit rural America,” Chao said during the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.
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may 2018 by lemeb
mcc on Twitter: "For context of the problem, here's Harvard's "Moral Machine", a quiz that shows a scenario & asks you to judge the car's appropriate action"
All these thought experiments (Like MIT Moral Machines) are based on a misunderstanding about the nature of information available to any self driving car

tl;dr a car does probabilistic calculations, so it can't do that kind of trolley-like decisions. They said what I was thinking all along.
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november 2017 by lemeb
What the Car Did — And What It Might Do - The New York Times
Introducing this year’s Tech and Design Issue.
The definitive outlook of self-driving cars?
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november 2017 by lemeb

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