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Watch a satellite spear space debris with a harpoon - The Verge
A British satellite in orbit around Earth has successfully tested out a particularly pointed method for cleaning up space debris: piercing objects with a harpoon.
inoreader  science  &  space 
yesterday by fwhamm
Container Escape Flaw Hits AWS, Google Cloud, Linux Distros
A vulnerability recently addressed in runc could allow malicious containers to gain root-level code execution on the host.
news  &  industry  virus  threats  cloud  security  vulnerabilities 
4 days ago by SecurityFeed
Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling Applied to Product Managers & UX Designers
Seven habits of great storytelling for product managers & UX designers — Inspired by Pixar
product  managers  &  UX  Designer 
5 days ago by ftofani
Beautiful Liquify Logo Animation in After Effects
I have been going back through old tutorials to fix some of the images that might be broken or with old formatting. The blog has changed quite a lot since we started 12 years ago. It’s incredible to see how many Photoshop tutorials we’ve written and how some of them stood the test of time.
Archive  design  &  inspiration  inoreader 
7 days ago by williger
Out of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas? Here Are Lazada’s Top Purchases by Men & Women
It’s nigh on impossible to get a gift that’s truly meaningful, even for a partner you know inside and out. Fear not, Lazada has shared with us the Lazada Gifting Guide that shows top ten gifts purchased by both men and women. Yes – that’s practically a cheat sheet on what the most in-demand gadgets...

The post Out of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas? Here Are Lazada’s Top Purchases by Men & Women appeared first on .
Out  of  Valentine’s  Day  Gift  Ideas?  Here  Are  Lazada’s  Top  Purchases  by  Men  &  Women 
12 days ago by vrzone
After making history, NASA’s tiny deep-space satellites go silent - The Verge
The first two tiny satellites to ever go interplanetary have fallen silent in deep space for some unknown reason, and it’s likely we may never hear from them again. But for NASA, which launched the probes last year, this loss of communication isn’t considered a failure.
inoreader  science  &  space 
12 days ago by fwhamm

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