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Frappe Charts
A simple, responsive, modern charts library for the web.
charts  javascript  library  svg  visualization  chart  charting  js  (popular  bookmarks) 
16 days ago by speckz
How we grow junior developers at the BBC – BBC Design & Engineering – Medium
The best teams I've worked on were at least half juniors. Better knowledge sharing and higher quality products
culture  development  BBC  Apprenticeship  intern  (popular  100DaysOfCode  2017-09-24  2017-09-26  management  0 
7 weeks ago by atran
Is the open office layout dead? | | Dropbox Blog
Nearly 60 years since their invention, an increasing body of research shows what many already know—open offices are often less than ideal.
business  productivity  layout  dropbox  office  IFTTT  work  !rl  (popular 
11 weeks ago by atran
Fast Good Cheap
You want a Fast, Good, and Cheap project?
development  business  cheap  funny  ifttt  fast  good  (popular  bookmarks)  coolthings 
august 2017 by speckz

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