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Pilot Who Hitched a Ride Saved Lion Air 737 on the Day Before Deadly Crash | Hacker News
averros 1 hour ago [-]

Actual instrument-rated pilot here.

What people (including pilots) do under stress is resort to simple actions drilled in by training. That's why emergency procedure training is a major part of pilot training curriculum.

What goes away first under stress is capability for complex reasoning, which is what one would need to figure out what the heck is going on and take appropriate action. In this case an a/c doing uncommanded dive can be a result of three things: elevator controls malfuncion (unlikely in modern jets, the mechanisms for transmitting control forces from the yoke to the elevator are multiply redundant and well-understood to be critical), structural breakdown (empennage falling off would do that), or run-away elevator or stabilizer trim.

In most a/c the runaway trim can be only caused by malfunctioning auto-pilot (that's why APs have multiple redundant ways to disable them), so the pilots faced this situation react by trying to disable AP in all available ways and then immediately jumping to conclusion that there's something catastrophically wrong with elevator system or even airframe integrity. The thought that there could be yet another system which can do major trim adjustment doesn't even enter their consciousness.

Training (and/or being in a position where there's no immediate stress of wrangling misbehaving a/c) would help to get to the correct solution (disabling trim motor by pulling the circuit breaker).

That said, flying an a/c seriously out of trim is hard, and can cause an accident on its own (the fine pitch control is gone, and you can even be so far out of trim that you cannot do landing flare no matter how hard you pull up, which in heavy jets would result in structural breakdown when the plane slams into runway). "
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yesterday by MarcK
Templates in Microsoft Word - one of the Tutorials in the Intermediate Users Guide to Microsoft Word
Templates in Microsoft Word.,
global templates, user templates, workgroup templates are examined and explained. A chapter in the
Intermediate User's Guide to Microsoft Word.
word  template  ** 
15 days ago by pokerone
🏅App of the Week🏅 Meet Tipster: Your Ultimate Tipping Guide
Smart tipping etiquette
We bring you Tipster, a tipping app that goes the extra mile to provide you with the best, up-to-date tipping codes in foreign countries.
**  Tipster  sends  you  push  notifications  with  appropriate  tipping  rates  and  local  currency  every  time  you  enter 
21 days ago by matzner
🏅App of the Week🏅 Manage Your Light Switches With Den
Similar to the iPhone’s Screen Time feature, this home assistant app keeps track of your daily electricity use.
**  Den  is  like  the  remote  control  for  a  London-based_  environmentally  friendly  smart  product  that  lets  you  be  in  control  of  their  light  switches. 
28 days ago by matzner
Comics Pit
The Outhouse continuation?
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29 days ago by rubbercat
Hardcore Gaming 101 – Promoting the culture of video games
@Tetradugenica: I randomly came upon this website that seems to describe every video game ever made in article format, not the fucking stupid wiki format we've come to know so well, I don't know which autistic millionaire is bankrolling it but its a neat resource
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4 weeks ago by rubbercat
benfred/py-spy: Sampling profiler for Python programs
Sampling profiler for Python programs. Contribute to benfred/py-spy development by creating an account on GitHub.
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5 weeks ago by pokerone
🏅App of the Week🏅 Block Pesky Spamcallers with RoboKiller
Get revenge on robocallers
RoboKiller ( is a spam call blocking app that promises to guard your mobile device like no other.
**  Answer  Bot  recognizes  a  spam  caller's  audio  fingerprint  and  automatically  restricts  future  calls. 
5 weeks ago by matzner
we're pretty and sick by ohmcgee
When Dick wants to dance, you always say yes.
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5 weeks ago by vk2ria
Retrograde by agent37
Tim Drake starts his life from scratch.
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5 weeks ago by vk2ria

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