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APOD: 2018 September 9 - Aerosol Earth
"... the Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing (GEOS FP) model relies on a combination of Earth-observing satellite and ground-based data to calculate the presence of types of aerosols, tiny solid particles and liquid droplets, as they circulate above the entire planet. This August 23rd model shows black carbon particles in red from combustion processes, like smoke from the fires in the United States and Canada, spreading across large stretches of North America and Africa. Sea salt aerosols are in blue, swirling above threatening typhoons near South Korea and Japan, and the hurricane looming near Hawaii. Dust shown in purple hues is blowing over African and Asian deserts."
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21 days ago by pierredv
amazon-dash · PyPI
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4 weeks ago by pokerone
Resume Templates Product Images ~ Resume/CV ~ Creative Market
We are professionals with several years of experience in the job recruitment industry. Knowing what employers want, we have created resume/CV and cover letter templates that is guaranteed to help land your dream job. Fully customisable Each template uses a strong baseline/document grid which will allow you to edit or add to the layout very easily. FEATURES A4 size (210×297mm) + 3 mm bleed Main 2 Page (Resume + Cover letter) MS Word .docx/doc file added Ready to Print, High Resolution...
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5 weeks ago by pokerone
[App of the Week] Download Books for Free From Your Local Library
Libby, by OverDrive, is the ultimate library eBook app that lets you borrow thousands of eBooks and audiobooks from your local library for free. ​
**  Upon  opening  the  app  for  the  first  time_  Libby  will  ask  if  you  have  a  library  card.  not_  you  will  be  pointed  to  a  helpful  GPS  map  letting  you  know  where  the  closest  location  is.  so_  just  select  your  local  branch  and  enter  your  card  number  to  get  started. 
7 weeks ago by matzner
This is What Post-digital Print Should Look Like | | Eye on Design
“People have figured out what digital is good for and what print is good for,” he says. “In a way, books have to justify their own existence these days, and so they need to have an object quality that digital just doesn’t have—can’t have. In contrast to digital, the other thing I find to be pretty satisfying about a book is that it has to be done at a certain point, especially in this era of things constantly being flexible, or changeable, or evolving.”
book  design  physical  **  postdigital  art 
7 weeks ago by gpe
Building a Python package, and a docker image via Pipenv
If you follow the very prolific Kenneth Reitz, you might have already started using pipenv, the Python Dev Workflow for Humans. If you don’t, give it a try, as it hides away many of the issues of…
python  docker  ** 
8 weeks ago by pokerone
[App of the Week] Get Your Moment of Zen With This Meditation App
Headspace is a helpful, encouraging reminder that sometimes you just need to relax and compose yourself.​​ It is a great onboarding to daily meditation.
**  Headspace  only  requires  10-15  minutes  of  your  day.  Each  course  is  led  by  co-founder  Andy  Puddicombe_  who  talks  you  through  short  session_  allowing  you  to  close  your  eyes  and  focus  on  his  instructions. 
8 weeks ago by matzner

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