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On Managing Millennials
It makes sense that their identity stuff is showing up at work... That fear is great because they wouldn’t just be losing a job. They’d be losing their community.
management  1-on-1s 
september 2017 by carolinesyrup
101 Questions to Ask in One on Ones
Big list of 1-on-1 questions for managers to keep in their back pocket when the direct has nothing to talk about.
management  1-on-1s 
april 2015 by mendel
1:1 topic ideas - Julia Evans
Targeted at directs --

"Danielle Sucher started this great thread on twitter asking for ideas for what to talk about in 1:1s with your manager. I’m writing some of them up here so I don’t forget."
management  1-on-1s 
april 2015 by mendel

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