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Try Something Fresh - WooCommerce
Successful eCommerce stores change with time. Grow your store with our best-selling extensions and try something fresh.
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21 hours ago by vpell
WordPress SEO Mistakes that are Killing Your Conversions - OceanWP
We’ll expose some of the SEO mistakes that not only hold your rankings back but also kill your conversions.It sounds pretty sad, doesn’t it?
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21 hours ago by vpell
Creating User-friendly forms – Prototypr
Forms are of pivotal importance to individuals & businesses alike. When it comes to collecting data, forms most often than not is the direction we all take (perhaps due to it’s long-time presence…
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4 days ago by vpell
Elegant patterns in modern JavaScript: Ice Factory – freeCodeCamp
I’ve been working with JavaScript on and off since the late nineties. I didn’t really like it at first, but after the introduction of ES2015 (aka ES6), I began to appreciate JavaScript as an…
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10 days ago by vpell
Learn React.js in 5 minutes – freeCodeCamp
This tutorial will give you a basic understanding of React.js through building a very simple application. I’ll leave out everything which I don’t think is core. If you like my teaching style, and…
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11 days ago by vpell

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