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nor rivers drown it - theparadigmshifts - IT - Stephen King [Archive of Our Own]
"We promised to confide in each other, and cherish each other, and sustain each other, and all that jazz.”

Stan stares at her, blinks twice.

"And right now, that means going back to your horror-show hometown, and facing your trauma, and potentially killing a demon. Together."

Or: When Mike calls from Derry, Patty answers the phone instead.
canon-divergence  stan-lives  patty-blum-uris  richie/eddie  fix-it  10k 
4 weeks ago by katereis
Please Eddie (don't make me wait too long) - acornandroid - IT - Stephen King [Archive of Our Own]
Eddie opened his eyes finally; the bright light was jarring and sent a stabbing pain straight through his skull. He grimaced, squinting his eyes closed as he adjusted to the daylight streaming through the trees. Part of him had expected it to be dark, but he wasn’t entirely sure why.

He must be laying on a rock, because there was a stabbing pain against the middle of his back, and the unpleasant pressure of the handle of his bike crammed against his chest.

Richie’s stupid face came into view next, his hair long and wild and thick glasses magnifying his eyes.
fix-it  hospital-bound  coma  richie/eddie  10k 
4 weeks ago by katereis
The Song of the White Wolf - sospes - Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“It’s a wolf, not a dog,” Geralt says flatly.

“It’s hurt.”

“It’s a wolf.”

“I’m helping it,” Ciri says, ignoring him, and turns back to the wolf.

But when is a wolf not a wolf? When it's everyone's favourite humble bard, of course!
transformation  angst  geralt/jaskier  10k 
6 weeks ago by katereis
But Then I Remember You - drhorrible (angelaofthelord) - IT - Stephen King [Archive of Our Own]
Richie Tozier dreamt a lot.

Richie had been dreaming of a man for as long as he could remember. At an airport bar in 2006 he runs into the man of his dreams. Literally.
richie/eddie  earlier-meeting  10k  porn 
6 weeks ago by katereis
The 10,000-Year Clock Is a Waste of Time | WIRED
One of the grim realities of climate politics today is that the elites bankrolling climate-denier politicians have made a simple calculation. They aren’t betting that the scientific consensus is wrong. They are betting that the impacts of climate change won’t fall directly on them. They’ll either die before the jackpot begins or their wealth will help shield them from its impacts.
clock  10k  10  000  year  long  now  foundation  art  waste  climate  planet  apocalypse 
7 weeks ago by LizFlyntz
I killed a clown. AMA! - liesmyth - IT (Movies - Muschietti) [Archive of Our Own]
I (39M) got stabbed twice today and now I want a divorce. Help?

Or: the one where Eddie is on Reddit.
humor  outside-pov  10k  richie/eddie 
10 weeks ago by katereis
support system - spookykingdomstarlight - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“Calm down, would ya?” Han raised his hands and shook his head, biting back a smile as he watched Lando try to awkwardly juggle the child currently squirming around in his arms like all the kid wanted to do was get out of his grasp. There was something like terror in Lando’s eyes and the way he carried himself was so stiff that Han was fairly certain that Lando’s spine was at risk of breaking under the pressure. If Han knew this was all it took to make Lando uncomfortable, he might’ve found a baby to throw at him sooner. The guy really needed to learn a thing or two about uncomfortable situations. “It was a joke. I’m sure you’re always very careful.”
10k  baby-acquisition  lando/han  pining 
10 weeks ago by katereis
Woodash and iron and leather - LokelaniRose - The Witcher (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Jaskier is the only person Geralt's ever been around who doesn't smell of fear
10k  geralt/jaskier  porn  pwp  scent-kink  size-kink 
10 weeks ago by katereis
A Ph.D. in Happiness: What 10,000 Hours of Meditation Actually Does to Your Brain
Time Freke, Gary Weber & Lisa Cairns interview at the Science & Nonduality Conference ++++++ (links at bottom)
meditation  10k  hours  brain 
10 weeks ago by wolcotter
sweet dreams are made of this - ShowMeAHero - IT - Stephen King [Archive of Our Own]
“So, Richie, what compelled you to write so much new material once you came back from your hiatus?” the interviewer asks. Richie actually considers the question, draping his arm across Eddie’s shoulders again as he thinks. It’s such an absent-minded gesture that Eddie aches a little for loving him so hard.

“I think it’s because this shithead could tell my material wasn’t my material,” Richie says, ruffling Eddie’s hair a little. “When he’s not laughing, man, I’m not laughing, and that’s just grim.”
10k  award-ceremonies  interviews  richie/eddie  porn 
11 weeks ago by katereis
Spontaneity - acornandroid - IT - Stephen King [Archive of Our Own]
During his recovery and his divorce, Eddie agrees to stay with Richie.

Sharing a bed and waking up tangled together in the mornings?

Well, Eddie thinks he may actually be gay after all.

(AKA The boys are dumb, confess, and then have the sex)
10k  richie/eddie  fix-it 
january 2020 by katereis
Mistletoe - dhampir72 - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
She sits down at her chair, coffee in one hand, folded paper in the other. She is just taking a sip when she opens the paper...and promptly spits her coffee back into the cup.
The paper reads: James Bond

That can’t be right. It’s impossible. It has to be. Right?
10k  bond/q  outside-pov  matchmaking  secret-santa 
november 2019 by katereis
Show Me - tehfanglyfish - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An attack from a vindictive sorcerer leaves Arthur able to hear Merlin's thoughts and share his dreams, revealing secrets Merlin would rather keep hidden.
10k  porn  arthur/merlin  magic 
november 2019 by katereis
Rounding the Edges - sadladybug - Avatar: The Last Airbender [Archive of Our Own]
It can take some grit and hard work to grind out the sharp edges, but the effort can produce something that shines. A Zutara oneshot in which Katara learns a few new things about Zuko, including the fact that he may be very difficult to live without. Featuring unexpected teamwork, tense training moments, and more than a few awkward conversations. Canon compliant(ish), Book Three beginning sometime between TSR and EIP.
10k  katara/zuko 
november 2019 by katereis
bloody, but unbowed - shootingstarcas - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Sam doesn’t know what to expect when he walks into the courtroom. But of all the possibilities, he would never have imagined this one: his brother, grinning like the devil, in the defendant’s chair.

Or, the one where Sam never goes to Jericho with Dean, but instead pursues law school and a life with Jess. Dean falls in love with a gas station attendant named Castiel.

Six years after they last saw one another, Sam and Dean meet again in a courtroom. A lot can change in six years.
10k  dean/cas  canon-au  outside-pov  family 
november 2019 by katereis

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