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The New Alchemists: could the past hold the key to sustainable living? | Life and style | The Guardian
It’s 50 years since the New Alchemy Institute created its ‘living machine’ – a research project of organic farming, renewable energy and sustainable architecture. Did these eco pioneers design a blueprint for our future?
1972  off_grid  sustainability 
14 days ago by peteashton
Artist Depiction
Artists Don Davis, Charles Lindsay, and Rick Guidice have helped bring NASA projects to life. Their incredible pioneering artwork, which helped define the aesthetics of futurism and space travel, is ubiquitous; and yet these artists have always been hidden behind the scenes. Until now.
1972  space  nasa 
5 weeks ago by peteashton
Vesna Vulović - Wikipedia
Survived fall from 33000 feet and became national hero
airline  airplane  bomb  flight  attendant  1972  czechoslovakia  biography  heroine  politics 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson

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