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Terraforming 1Password | 1Password
A tweet i posted a few days a go generated quite a bit of interest from people running or managing their services, and I thought I would share some of the cool things we are working on.
This post will go into technical details and I apologize in advance if I explain things too quickly. I tried to make up for this by including some pretty pictures but most of them ended up being code snippets. 😊
1password  security  privacy  server  infrastructure 
yesterday by rgl7194
1password | Darth Null
Earlier this year, I embarked on a deep dive into how 1Password works. In particular, I wanted to understand what could happen if an attacker managed to collect a user’s Master Password – how hard would it then be to get all their passwords?

As part of this quest, I’ve explored the 1Password vault structure, read their security white papers, asked for help from engineers in their support forum, and written multiple tools to Read All The Passwords.

The 1Password service is available in so many flavors that it’s impossible to do every aspect of the ecosystem justice. Native clients exist for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. There are browser-based clients. We have browser extensions and mini clients. Shared vaults in the cloud. Private vaults (which can also be synced over things like Dropbox). There’s even an official command-line interface.

Fortunately, AgileBits (the creators of 1Password) are very open as to how their systems work. Their “1Password for Teams” whitepaper is an essential resource for understanding the product, and ultimately, what risks it may present to an organization. But the documentation is by no means complete. I’ve had to dig, experiment, and frequently, cajole AgileBits support and engineers, until I really understood how things work. And so now I’m here to try and share that information.
security  1password 
4 days ago by kejadlen
How to Use 1Password's New Keyboard Fill Feature in iOS 12 – The Sweet Setup
iOS 12 has given the makers of password apps the ability to integrate with the operating system. If you’ve ever used the native password saving feature on iOS, you’ve probably seen the suggested username and password prompt show up above the keyboard. With the release of iOS 12 and the latest 1Password, you can have your passwords stored in your favorite password manager and the convenience all together!
In Settings, go to Passwords & Accounts → Autofill Passwords. You can enable 1Password (and any other password management applications), and even disable keychain if you like.
1password  ios12  autofill  keyboard  privacy  security 
11 days ago by rgl7194
How to set 1Password as you default AutoFill provider in iOS 12 | iMore
Prefer using 1Password for all of your password needs? Here's how to make it your default password Autofill provider.
When Apple released iOS 12 to the masses a few weeks ago, it brought about many cool new features to our iPhones and iPads. However, one of the best improvements involves password management, which we covered in-depth earlier.
But what if you prefer using 1Password as your default password manager? Or if not 1Password, something like LastPass or Dashlane? Don't worry, with iOS 12 Password Autofill, it is entirely possible to change the autofill provider to your preferred password manager of choice, as long as it supports Apple's new Password Manager API framework.
1password  ios12  autofill  keyboard  privacy  security 
11 days ago by rgl7194
1Password adds support for iOS 12 Password Autofill | iLounge News
Alongside iOS 12, AgileBits has released an update to [1Password] bringing support for the new Password Autofill feature in iOS 12. With 1Password 7.2 and iOS 12, users will now be able to access passwords stored in 1Password directly from the QuickType bar of the keyboard, allowing them to be quickly filled into websites and apps without having to make a trip into the actual 1Password app. This basically extends the autofill capability that Apple has long provided for its own iCloud Keychain to third-party apps, allowing users to keep all of their passwords in a single trusted app while still gaining the benefits of quick autofill in Safari and any other third-party iOS apps supporting autofill password entry. The update also improves a large number of performance enhancements that will make the app faster and more responsive, and, for users of 1Password’s own cloud service, will automatically remain up to date, even in the background.
1password  ios12  autofill  keyboard  privacy  security 
11 days ago by rgl7194
1Password 7.2 for iOS 12 debuts Password Autofill – The Sweet Setup
Some of Apple’s most widely loved features are the ones that pass by on a catch-all smorgasbord slide. Tim or Craig stand on stage talking about how amazing the latest iteration of iOS will be and the audience is left to frantically scan through the slide to see all the remaining under-the-hood feature debuts.
Password Autofill was one of those features. Craig didn’t mention anything about the ability to fill in passwords using third-party password managers, yet this could be one of the most widely used features in iOS 12.
Password Autofill was effectively built for 1Password.
1password  ios12  autofill  keyboard  privacy  security 
11 days ago by rgl7194
Random but Memorable: the security advice podcast from 1Password | 1Password
Last month, we launched Random but Memorable, a bi-monthly security advice podcast. Random but Memorable is named after your Master Password, but is also very appropriate for the show. The “memorable” part mainly comes from my co-host Michael Fey (Roo) not reading the show notes until we start recording, and the “random” part is a direct result of this.
A new episode launches every two weeks to discuss what’s new in 1Password and the wider world of security.
If you’d like us to answer your question on the show, tweet us @1Password using the hashtag #ask1Password.
Subscribe in Overcast, Pocket Casts, or iTunes and please rate and review us on iTunes!
1password  passwords  podcast  privacy  security 
11 days ago by rgl7194
AgileBits 1Password 7.2 | iLounge + Mac
With macOS Mojave hitting the streets late last month, AgileBits has jumped over to the dark side with 1Password 7.2. The new version looks particularly classy in Mojave’s new Dark Mode, with fonts and colourful icons that stand out nicely against the dark background, but it’s also got some additional Mojave support under the hood, including a built-in Safari extension that provides greater security while also saving users the trouble of having to install it as a separate component.
What this means is that users get more protections against exploits like “man-in-the-middle” attacks, since the browser extension is now more closely tied to the main 1Password app, which is now also “fully notarized” by Apple, which means it’s certified of being free of malware, and also now runs within Mojave’s new hardened security mode that ensures it can’t be manipulated or modified by other apps or processes running on your Mac — an important consideration for an app that you should be able to trust with all of your most important and secure passwords. While new security model in Mojave does mean that 1Password will no longer be able to autosubmit login information — essentially pressing the “Return” key for you after filling passwords in Safari — the 1Password developers agree with Apple that it’s the right call both for both security and for improving the user experience overall. As with prior versions, 1Password 7.2 is available as a free download to everybody with a 1Password membership or those who own a standalone 1Password 7 license, and can be downloaded directly from AgileBits or via the Mac App Store.
1password  mac  passwords  plugins  privacy  safari  security 
11 days ago by rgl7194
1Password 7.2 for macOS Mojave Debuts Built-in Safari Support, Dark Mode, Security Improvements, and More – The Sweet Setup
Built-in 1Password Safari Extension
In the past, should you want to insert a password directly into Safari from 1Password, you would have to install the 1Password extension in Safari. As of 1Password 7.2, that’s no longer a requirement. 1Password 7.2 ships with support for the latest Safari web browser and the 1Password extension is built right in.
I’m excited to see if this is a preferable method to 1Password’s X Chrome browser extension, which effectively puts 1Password into any login field imaginable. Time will tell which method is preferable.
1password  mac  passwords  plugins  privacy  safari  security 
11 days ago by rgl7194
1Password 7.2 for Mac: Welcome to the dark side | 1Password
Safari support, baked right in
1Password has had the ability to work within Safari for years, making it super easy to fill your usernames and passwords directly into websites. With 1Password 7.2 we’ve built the Safari extension right into the app, meaning you’ll never have to install a separate browser extension again!
The new Safari 1Password extension also brings with it loads of security improvements. By using the new Safari App Extension feature provided by Apple, 1Password has even more protections against man-in-the-middle attacks and other exploits of that nature.
mac  safari  1password  passwords  security  privacy  plugins 
11 days ago by rgl7194
1Password 7.2 Brings Autofill for Apps — MacSparky
It’s easy to be cynical these days. So at WWDC when Apple announced app autofill, an API that will fill in usernames and passwords in applications the same way it does in websites, I naturally assumed this would be a feature for Apple’s own password service only and this would be a not-so-subtle nudge to third-party password managers. Then, just minutes later, Apple explained they are making this also available to third-party password managers. My heart grew two sizes larger.
1password  autofill  ios12  keyboard  privacy  security 
25 days ago by rgl7194
1Password Extends into the iOS QuickType Keyboard with Password AutoFill – MacStories
This year's WWDC must have been a wild roller coaster ride for 1Password's developers, Agile Bits. Anxieties were surely at a high as Apple shared news of iCloud Keychain's expanded capabilities in iOS 12 – the system now offers seamless new password creation, security code AutoFill, and more. Those segments seemed to signal Apple's intent to make third-party apps like 1Password unnecessary for most users. Yet not long after Apple's Keychain announcements, a new API was discovered that told an entirely different story. As I wrote in my iOS 12 overview earlier this summer:
One advantage Apple's own iCloud Keychain has had over third-party password managers like 1Password is that it can populate relevant account info inside the QuickType keyboard. That level of convenience is hard to beat, no matter how much more full-featured third-party apps may be. Fortunately, in iOS 12 a new Password Manager API will enable the same type of feature to be adopted by third parties.
The team at Agile Bits wasted no time getting to work implementing this Password Manager API, and it's launching today in 1Password alongside iOS 12.
1password  ios12  autofill  keyboard  privacy  security 
25 days ago by rgl7194

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