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Use your YubiKey to sign in to your 1Password account
Learn how to set up two-factor authentication with your YubiKey and manage your authorized devices.
18 days ago by GameGamer43
Uses This / Gary Gale
Who are you, and what do you do?
Hi! I'm Gary. That's the easy part out of the way. What I do is somewhat more complex.
I'm a geotechnologist; which really means I lead and manage teams of really clever people who make software products that use geography, geospatial data and location data. Or to put it another way, I do maps and stuff. If I had a penny for every time someone's said just put it on a map I'd be a very rich person.
setup  MBP  iphone7  ipad  router  amazon  appletv  windows  1password  chrome  privacy  terminal  email  productivity 
25 days ago by rgl7194
How to use 1Password as a digital will – The Sweet Setup
Here at The Sweet Setup, we love exploring and recommending apps and services that improve our digital lives, productivity, and even our relationships and personal betterment. While death is a grave topic that isn’t fun to discuss, it’s also a reality that no one can avoid. In order to prepare for this and ensure that the systems and services we use are accessible to your family in such an event, we believe that 1Password is the perfect place to store this private information alongside your digital keyring.
1password  security  privacy  legacy 
25 days ago by rgl7194
Uses This / Haley Rose Smith
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Haley, and I'm an Android engineer & tech lead at Slack. I grew up in Napa Valley and now live in Oakland with my husband, André, and my cat, River. When I'm not selling my labor, I'm attending a local Farm School program and working in my garden. I also cook a lot - a LOT - and can spend hours researching recipes and coming up with menus for dinner parties and cookouts. Other than that, I'm either shitposting on Twitter, devouring a space opera or fantasy epic, or staring at the large black shrine in my living room.
...did you know that the San Francisco Public Library allows patrons to check out e-books for free? You don't even have to live in San Francisco!...
setup  MBP  slack  chrome  1password  dropbox  recipes  reading  music  signal  wunderlist  google  via:rgl7194 
5 weeks ago by Blouhond

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