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Font smoothing, anti-aliasing, and sub-pixel rendering
Apple generally believes that the goal of the algorithm should be to preserve the design of the typeface as much as possible, even at the cost of a little bit of blurriness.

Microsoft generally believes that the shape of each letter should be hammered into pixel boundaries to prevent blur and improve readability, even at the cost of not being true to the typeface.
fonts  apple  Microsoft  windows  blogs  2007 
15 days ago by ianchanning
Instant Search query commands reference - HowTo-Outlook
If your Outlook data is indexed by Windows Search, you'll not only get lightening fast search results within Outlook but also outside of Outlook such as the search fields in Windows Explorer and the Start Menu. For this, many search operator and fields are available. This is a reference guide to these operators and fields and how to use them.
outlook  search_syntax  microsoft  2007  2010  2013  2016  e-mail  email 
17 days ago by nikgreen
John Lanchester: Good Day, Comrade Shtrum
“no one got anywhere near Grossman for the amount of time he spent at the front and the historic centrality of the actions he witnessed. I’m not sure there has been a parallel in the writing on any other war. … it was Tolstoy he turned to as a model, as much for the sense of a stable moral perspective as for the fictional techniques: an omniscient third-person observer, a panoramic breadth of focus, a plot which uses a central family group as a way of organising a huge cast of characters. Faced with the greatest horrors of the 20th century, Grossman took up a position in the 19th century as a vantage point. … there’s no writerly showing-off. What there is is an immense depth of feeling and experience. … His experiences of Soviet society had an immense range, and he tried to get all of it into Life and Fate. The novel gives an extraordinary sense of intimacy with an entire culture.”
John_Lanchester  2007  LRB  Vasily_Grossman 
6 weeks ago by Preoccupations
Dissecting the Body | Colm Tóibín
On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan, Cape, 166 pp, £12.99, April 2007, ISBN 978 0 224 08118 4.
26th  april  2007  ian  mcewan  colm  tóibín  lrb  literature  book  review 
8 weeks ago by pnjman
isbn:0198237901 - Google Search
Epistemic Injustice: Power and the Ethics of Knowing, by Miranda Fricker
*to_read  book  epistemic_injustice  miranda_fricker  2007  injustice 
9 weeks ago by cluebucket
7 Steps to a New You - EatingWell
How one couple lost more than 100 pounds between them and how you can too.
blittersdorf  2007  weight  blomstran  eating  well  media  article 
10 weeks ago by wmaceyka

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