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Fake news and botnets: how Russia weaponised the web | Technology | The Guardian
Once there was a fox that wanted to eat a turtle, but whenever he tried to, it withdrew into its shell. He bit it and he shook it, but he wasn’t getting anywhere. One day he had an idea: he made the turtle an offer to buy its shell. But the turtle was clever and knew it would be eaten without this protection, so it refused. Time passed, until one day there appeared a television hanging in a tree, displaying images of flocks of happy, naked turtles – flying! The turtle was amazed. Oh! They can fly! But wouldn’t it be dangerous to give up your shell? Hark, the voice on television was announcing that the fox had become a vegetarian. “If I could only take off my shell, my life would be so much easier,” thought the turtle. “If the turtle would only give up its shell, it would be so much easier to eat,” thought the fox – and paid for more broadcasts advertising flying turtles. One morning, when the sky seemed bigger and brighter than usual, the turtle removed its shell. What it fatally failed to understand was that the aim of information warfare is to induce an adversary to let down its guard.

(In 1998, Sergei P Rastorguev, a Russian military analyst, published Philosophy of Information Warfare, which included a lengthy version of this anecdote)
botnet  russia  estonia  cyberwar  information-warfare  Rastorguev  disinfo  infrastructure  2007  2017  Gerasimov 
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Nine Eyes of Google Street View | Net Art Anthology
Nine Eyes of Google Street View is both an archival project and a conceptual meditation on the state of photography in a time of automated imagemaking on a massive scale.In 2008, Jon Rafman began to collect screenshots of images from Google Street View. At the time, Street View was a relatively ne...
photography  google  art  archives  2007  automation  car  image  joannemcneil  johnrafman 
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Traffic & production – Campaign – Russell Davies
“One day soon, when planners are as rare as chimney sweeps, creatives are just avatars and advertising is a cottage industry again, we will still have bequeathed a lasting gift to the world.”
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(39) Replace 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Bumper Cover, How to Change Install 2004 2005 2006 2007 - YouTube
Replace 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Bumper Cover, How to Change Install 2004 2005 2006 2007
Replace  2003-2008  Toyota  Corolla  Bumper  Cover  How  to  Change  Install  2004  2005  2006  2007 
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The cold, cold heart of Web 2.0 • The Register
“when we vote, chat to neighbours, browse through a record shop we are not seeking some outcome in the most efficient manner available. We are engaging in an activity that we find valuable. … The irony is that Web 2.0 has been heralded as the dawn of a new era of community and togetherness. Through the financial eyes of a venture capitalist, this may appear to be true. For the rest of us, what this means is that community is now available to manipulate, choose and consume.”
Will_Davies  2007  web_2.0 
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Growth, innovation, scaling, and the pace of life in cities
“Humanity has just crossed a major landmark in its history with the majority of people now living in cities. Cities have long been known to be society’s predominant engine of innovation and wealth creation, yet they are also its main source of crime, pollu- tion, and disease. The inexorable trend toward urbanization world- wide presents an urgent challenge for developing a predictive, quantitative theory of urban organization and sustainable devel- opment. Here we present empirical evidence indicating that the processes relating urbanization to economic development and knowledge creation are very general, being shared by all cities belonging to the same urban system and sustained across different nations and times. Many diverse properties of cities from patent production and personal income to electrical cable length are shown to be power law functions of population size with scaling exponents, 􏰀, that fall into distinct universality classes. Quantities reflecting wealth creation and innovation have 􏰀 􏰁1.2 >1 (increas- ing returns), whereas those accounting for infrastructure display 􏰀 􏰁0.8 <1 (economies of scale). We predict that the pace of social life in the city increases with population size, in quantitative agree- ment with data, and we discuss how cities are similar to, and differ from, biological organisms, for which 􏰀<1. Finally, we explore possible consequences of these scaling relations by deriving growth equations, which quantify the dramatic difference be- tween growth fueled by innovation versus that driven by econo- mies of scale. This difference suggests that, as population grows, major innovation cycles must be generated at a continually accel- erating rate to sustain growth and avoid stagnation or collapse.”
cities  scaling  2007  urban_life 
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America’s Long History of Trying to Determine Who Rules Syria By Caitlin Johnstone
The CIA organized its very first coup in Syria in 1949 to overthrow a democratically elected president and install a military dictator. The U.S. has never given up trying to determine who rules Syria, comments Caitlin Johnstone

One interesting and completely undeniable fact that we don’t talk about nearly enough is how Syria has been a target for regime change by the US-centralized power establishment since long before the uprising in 2011.

Proponents of US military interventionism in Syria will avoid addressing this known fact like the plague. They’re more than happy to dispute claims about false flags and the White Helmets, but if you start asking them “Hey don’t you think it’s a little odd that the government we’re all freaking out about right now just so happens to be one that’s been a target for regime change by US defense and intelligence agencies since long before any of this started?” they get real squirmy all of a sudden.

It’s true though. Let’s go over five key items in the mountain of evidence for this, starting with the most recent and working our way backward:

The Roland Dumas Statement

Roland Dumas is the former Foreign Minister of France, and he stated that he was made aware of the violence in Syria in 2009, two years before it started.

“I’m going to tell you something,” Dumas said on French station LCP. “I...
The First Ever CIA Coup

A lot can change in seventy years, but it says a lot about Syria’s

Shukri al-Quwatli: Democratically elected president overthrown with CIA help in March, 1949
strategic significance that the CIA has been attempting to stage coups there since the 1940s. In a 1969 interview CIA officer Miles Copeland confirmed statements he’d made in his memoirs that the Central Intelligence Agency had attempted to overthrow the Syrian government 20 years earlier. In 1956 there was the “anti-communist” intervention called Operation Straggle followed byOperation Wappen, and in 1957 there was a CIA/MI6 assassination plot.

So we know for an absolute fact that the defense and intelligence agencies of the US-centralized empire have been salivating over regime change in Syria literally for generations. And we’re meant to believe that this same government that has been targeted for hostile takeover by the western empire generation after generation due to its strategic importance and refusal to kowtow to imperialist interests just so happens to be the greatest threat to humanity right now? That Bashar al-Assad, who was never spoken of as a vicious dictator prior to 2009 and was even nominated for honorary knighthood by Tony Blair in 2002, just spontaneously developed a sick“addiction” to gassing children in the last few years?

Come on.

We’re being lied to. We’re being lied to about a key strategic asset that the western empire is trying desperately to secure as it hurtles toward post-primacy in a rapidly shifting world. It’s so obvious. Keep pushing back on the lies and open as many eyes to what’s going on as you can before these bastards drag us into a conflict with Syria, Russia and their allies that there may be no coming back from.

Caitlin Johnstone is a rogue journalist, poet, and utopia prepper who publishes regularly at Medium. Follow her work on Facebook, Twitter, or her website. She has a podcast and a new book Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers.
CaitlinJohnstone  SyriaWar  911Wars  WAR  France  UnitedKingdom  CIA  Syria  Iran  General  Wesley  Clark  made  the  following  statement  on  Democracy  Now  in  2007  about  a  conversation  he  had  with  2001:  ten  days  after  9/11  I  went  through  Pentagon  and  saw  Secretary  Rumsfeld  Deputy  Wolfowitz.  downstairs  just  to  say  hello  some  of  people  Joint  Staff  who  used  work  for  me  one  generals  called  in.  said  “Sir  you’ve  got  come  talk  second.”  “Well  you’re  too  busy.”  “No  no.”  says  “We’ve  decision  we’re  going  Iraq.”  This  was  or  20th  September.  “We’re  Iraq?  Why?”  “I  don’t  know.”  guess  they  know  what  else  do.”  So  did  find  information  connecting  Saddam  al-Qaeda?”  911WesleyClark  CIAcoups 
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