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Word 2016 for Mac - Select object tool?? - Microsoft Community
“I am trying to find the select object cursor tool that allows you to click and drag to select multiple objects. In the previous version (2011) the icon was a white mouse cursor. I was able to add it to the toolbar previously, but it seems like the toolbars cannot be edited in this version. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.”
word  selection  2018  keyboard  shortcuts 
3 hours ago by handcoding
Microsoft Word - how to select a picture using the keyboard and not a mouse? | Yahoo Answers
“I’ve figured out a way to navigate from one picture to the next in Word XP (2002) and the adjacent versions. (Word Vista (2007) probably has something similar), but it has a few drawbacks:

“1. It doesn’t wrap around at the ends of the document.
“2. It doesn’t actually do a selection of the graphic.
“3. Probably the biggest problem: It’s very poor on telling you which graphic it’s on, even if you’re NOT visually impaired. Kind of expects you to know. Still, maybe you can work with it:

“1. CTRL/G Execute a Goto command.
“2. ALT/O Go to the ‘Go to What’ list box.
“3. G Select ‘Graphic’
“4. ALT/S To click the Previous button or
“5. ALT/T To click the Next button.
“6. ESC To close the box.”
work  images  2018  comments 
3 hours ago by handcoding
how to select floating graphics in word using keyboard shortcut? - Super User
“However, to select these floating object I need to manually click them form the mouse. Is it possible to somehow go into the floating graphics layer so that I can select all graphics on that layer (on a current page) using keyboard shortcut such as ctrl+a?”
word  select  image  2018 
3 hours ago by handcoding
A Smith Family Vacation - YouTube
"If you're scared you can't beauty. Fear kills your ability to see beauty. You have to get beyond fear, back to a comfortable space before you can even start looking around. Fear ruins life.
willsmith  fear  beauty  learning  experience  2018  seeing  uschooling  edg 
7 hours ago by robertogreco
Ampersand Usage — “&” or “And”? – Business Writers' Blog
“But ‘&’  and ‘and’ have distinct functions, meanings, and uses. Worse, writers commonly and casually overuse ‘&’ as a fully interchangeable equivalent of and. That’s why we assembled this easy list of ampersand usage rules.”
ampersands  and  editing  copyediting  2018 
7 hours ago by handcoding
Max Kreminski 🌱 on Twitter: "calling it now: the next successful social media site will be a MUD with gardening instead of combat mechanics people want to be in a place that they personally (alongside their friends) can exert effort to make better, eve
"calling it now: the next successful social media site will be a MUD with gardening instead of combat mechanics

people want to be in a place that they personally (alongside their friends) can exert effort to make better, even if only in small ways

we’re all tired of living in the virtual equivalent of shopping malls – common spaces we’re not allowed to shape to our own needs

we need shared virtual spaces that we can take care of as a way of taking care of each other

don’t know why it took me so long to realize this, or why it’s suddenly so clear now. maybe my gardening games stuff was always headed in this direction from the very beginning, & I just hadn’t made all the connections yet

current social media platforms have the mechanics all wrong.

y’know how people are always posting hot takes on here? it’s bc we have a psychological need for *mutual presence* with other people & if you’re not posting stuff there’s no way for others to acknowledge your existence

so there’s a constant pressure to be *saying things* – ideally things that provoke some sort of reaction – just to be reassured (by likes, RTs, replies, etc) that yes, you still exist as a social entity, & yes, other people also still exist

MMOs “work” because shared activity directed toward a common goal creates a sense of mutual presence without you having to *say* stuff all the time.

gardening, decorating etc (when implemented correctly) are activities of this type at which you also can’t meaningfully fail

in conclusion, we need a social media platform that lets you sit next to someone on a bench in the park & feed some goddamn birds"

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maxkreminski  2018  gardening  animalcrossing  socialmedia  small  participation  participatory  virtual  being  presence  mmo  work  sharing  gaming  games  videogames  community  ethics 
8 hours ago by robertogreco
What are you going to do to up your game and make 2018 your best year ever?…
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Turkey Was Ripe for a Currency Crisis. Will It Spread? - Bloomberg
The country’s plight sparks fears of an emerging-markets meltdown.
economy  currency  review  critique  Bloomberg  2018 
13 hours ago by inspiral

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