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长路归家 - 咫尺也天涯
!一发完  -冬盾  base:原作向  base:复3  year:18.04  new:冬盾.0425  2018 
1 hour ago by stuckystucky
Model-View-Presenter @ Scale
Model-View-Presenter @ Scale

Sam Thompson and Zach Westlake, Pinterest

Sam and Zach revealed how their team began a long-term project to incrementally rewrite Pinterest in the Model-View-Presenter (MVP) architecture to move faster and promote app stability. They revealed initial goals, implementation, and the challenges the team faced in porting the app to MVP.
android  mvp  presenter  scale  facebook  pinterest  architecture  video  2018 
3 hours ago by tp78
All the meaningful things Kim Jong-un will eat when he meets with South Korea's president
When North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meets with his South Korean counterpart this week to talk peace on the peninsula, he’ll also be getting a history lesson in inter-Korean relations as told through gastronomy.

As the leaders prepare to meet on April 27 at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Seoul’s presidential Blue House today (April 24) released the menu for the post-summit dinner. The ingredients used represent meaning to those attending the summit, and also honor those who have worked to reunify the Koreas in some way, according to the Blue House
korea  menu  gastronomy  diplomacy  food  2018 
3 hours ago by zzkt
[AU] [H] Paypal [W] Any split Ortho or regular Ortho : mechmarket
This might not be a bad template if you were to ask around for an ortho keyboard.
reddit  keyboards  2018  ortholinear 
6 hours ago by handcoding
The Socialist Case for Gun Control
The argument, made by some that gun control must be opposed because the criminal justice system is irremediably racist, is untenable. It has been argued that the implementation of laws governing sexual assault and domestic abuse are often racialized. Yet few make the case that the state should therefore no longer criminalize sexual assault. The anti-gun-control position assumes that because the racism of the criminal justice system is immutable, it trumps all possible gains of gun legislation. But if its advocates wouldn’t make the same argument about homicide, sexual assault, robbery, etc., the argument is inconsistent. If in the cases of those laws, the answer is to challenge racist implementation, rather than the laws themselves, the same holds true for gun control laws.

Given the history of racialized policing, the call for unarmed police, especially for police on patrol, is certainly one progressives should push. Countries like the United Kingdom, Norway, and New Zealand offer successful instances of the practice. Linking this demand to a wider call for gun control is one way to get it into popular consciousness.
socialism  gun.control  politics  2018  race  gender  policing  **** 
7 hours ago by gpe
Can Facebook be replaced? Let’s invest $100,000 in seven teams and find out!
All community and social products on the internet have had their era, from AOL to MySpace, and typically they’re not shut down by the government — they’re slowly replaced by better products.

So, let’s start the process of replacing Facebook.
2018  community  data-freedom 
9 hours ago by bignose
It's the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech
Here’s how this golden age of speech actually works: In the 21st century, the capacity to spread ideas and reach an audience is no longer limited by access to expensive, centralized broadcasting infrastructure. It’s limited instead by one’s ability to garner and distribute attention.

And right now, the flow of the world’s attention is structured, to a vast and overwhelming degree, by just a few digital platforms: Facebook, Google (which owns YouTube), and, to a lesser extent, Twitter.
2018  democracy  free-expression  capitalism  surveillance  politics 
9 hours ago by bignose
From USENET to Facebook: The second time as farce
Mark Zuckerberg just can’t stop apologizing for Facebook’s messes. As Zeynep Tufekci points out, 2018 isn’t the first time Zuckerberg has said “we blew it, we’ll do better.” Apology has been a roughly biennial occurrence since Facebook’s earliest days.

So, the question we face is simple: how do we bring this sad history to an endpoint that isn’t farce? The third time around, should there be one, it isn’t even farce; it’s just stupidity. We don’t have to accept future apologies, whether they come from Zuck or some other network magnate, as inevitable.
2018  opinion  analysis  data-freedom  surveillance  capitalism 
9 hours ago by bignose
To work for society, data scientists need a hippocratic oath with teeth
This new bureaucracy is increasingly deciding who gets a job, who gets credit (and at what rate), who goes to prison and what information people read.

Some of these systems may be making accurate decisions. However, Cathy argues that accuracy and efficiency alone are not sufficient metrics for success. Fairness, equity and other social considerations need to be built into the algorithms. Until this is done, these secretive and unaudited algorithms will continue to make unfair, bias and discriminatory decisions, on a systemic level.
2018  interview  data-analytics  ethics 
9 hours ago by bignose
2018 State of Progressive Web Apps – Progressive Web Apps – Medium
As we look deep into 2018, one of the questions on every Web developer’s mind ought to be, “What trend will define the web in 2018?”. From 2013 being dubbed the “Year of Responsive Web Design” and…
pwa  news  2018 
10 hours ago by emak

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