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Princeton Slavic Collections: Early Soviet Illustrated Sheet Music
Princeton University Library holds the seventh largest collections of Slavic materials in the United States, including material related to the performing arts in Russia and the Soviet Union such as this collection of Soviet-era sheet music from the 1920s.
USSR  Russia  Europe  sheet_music  digital_score  20th_century  historical_musicology  popular_music 
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Routledge Performance Archive (Requires Harvard Key)
A streaming collection of interviews with key figures in theatre history and contemporary practice, masterclasses, contemporary productions (both excerpted and full-length), and previously-unreleased documentaries previously unavailable to global audiences.
streaming_video  streaming_audio  theatre  performance_practice  performing_arts  dance  20th_century  21st_century 
7 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Ethnographic Video Online (Requires Harvard Key)
Streaming video collection for the visual study of human culture and behavior, with classic and contemporary documentaries, unpublished footage from anthropologists and ethnographers, indigenous media productions, field and liner notes, biographies, and related full-text materials.
ethnography  ethnomusicology  streaming_video  anthropology  20th_century  21st_century  field_recordings  Africa  Asia  North_America  South_America  Europe  Australia  Oceania 
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California Sheet Music Imprints
Scores of popular sheet music either about California, or with a California publication imprint, from the collections of the Stanford Music Library. Includes items published as musical supplements in the Sunday San Francisco Examiner and the Oakland Herald.
19th_century  20th_century  United_States  North_America  digital_score  sheet_music  popular_music  historical_musicology 
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Chicago Blues and Folk Music - Photography by Raeburn Flerlage
Mid-20th century photographs of performers, especially blues musicians, by Raeburn Flerlage, a Chicago-based record distributor and photographer. From the collections of the Chicago History Museum.
20th_century  jazz  image  popular_music  historical_musicology  United_States  North_America  blues 
7 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
George M. Cohan Collection, Museum of the City of New York
Manuscripts, typescripts, actors' sides, sheet music, and instrumental parts/orchestrations from musicals and plays by prolific Broadway composer George M. Cohan.
20th_century  United_States  North_America  Broadway  musical_theatre  popular_music  historical_musicology  theatre  sheet_music  full_text  digital_score  archives  Cohan  scripts 
8 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Siobhan Davies Replay: The Choreographic Archive of Siobhan Davies Dance
The digital archive of the contemporary dance and arts organization Siobhan Davies Dance, including rehearsal and performance video, publicity materials, and still images.
dance  streaming_video  image  historical_musicology  performance_practice  performing_arts  concert_programs  21st_century  United_Kingdom  Europe  20th_century 
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The Séamus Connolly Collection of Irish Music
"This digital collection features traditional tunes and songs collected by master fiddle player Séamus Connolly, Sullivan Artist in Residence in Irish Music at Boston College (2004 to 2015) and National Heritage Fellow (2013). Freely available, the collection offers over 330 audio recordings featuring more than 130 musicians via SoundCloud, with accompanying stories, transcriptions, and introductory essays."
Ireland  Europe  Boston  United_States  North_America  streaming_audio  digital_score  ethnomusicology  fiddle  20th_century  21st_century  Connolly 
8 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Leon Levy BAM Digital Archive
The Brooklyn Academy of Music Hamm Archives contain materials dating from 1857 to the present that documenting the history of performance at BAM. Researchers can access digitized materials related to performances since 1861 - including newspaper clippings, photographs, playbills, and promotional material - and playbills for all performances at BAM.
United_States  North_America  19th_century  20th_century  21st_century  archives  historical_musicology  performance_practice  concert_programs  theatre  performing_arts  image 
8 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Music Magazine Archive: Rock (Requires Harvard Key)
A selection of full-text magazines and zines from the 1960s-2010s, including titles like CREEM, Trouser Press, Slash, and Raygun.
rock_music  ejournal  popular_music  20th_century  21st_century  full_text 
8 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
DC Punk Archive
The DC Punk Archive was established in 2014 to document the vibrant and influential punk music scene of Washington D.C. (1976-present). The collection includes photographs, published books, zines, and articles, sound and video recordings, and ephemera like publicity materials, set lists, and letters. Digitized material include fliers, zines, images and concert ephemera
popular_music  archives  United_States  North_America  image  ebook  full_text  rock_music  concert_programs  20th_century  21st_century 
10 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Yiddish Sheet Music
A collection of public-domain scores from the John Hay Library, Brown University, focusing on Yiddish-language music for the stage, but including art songs, folk songs, and sacred music in Yiddish and Hebrew.
digital_score  Jewish_music  ethnomusicology  historical_musicology  musical_theatre  popular_music  sheet_music  19th_century  20th_century  sacred_music  vocal_music 
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World War I Sheet Music
Thousands of pieces of digitized sheet music acquired by the Library of Congress between 1914 and 1920, documenting World War I in American popular culture. The collection includes commercial publications, vanity press editions of amateur compositions, and unpublished manuscripts.
digital_score  20th_century  Europe  North_America  United_States  World_War_I  historical_musicology  jazz  manuscripts  popular_music  sheet_music 
10 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Women Song Composers: A Database of Songs Published in the United States and England, ca. 1890-1930
A downloadable database of late 19th and early 20th-century women composers who wrote songs published in the United States or the British Commonwealth. The database contains information about over 15,000 publications by more than 1500 composers (as of July 2012).

Maintained by: Christopher Reynolds, UC Davis
bibliography  19th_century  20th_century  Australia  Canada  Europe  North_America  United_Kingdom  United_States  composers  composition  historical_musicology  music_publishing  vocal_music  women_in_music  database 
10 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Wikisource: Zeitschriften (Musik)
A collection of links to digitized pre-1923 music journals. Most are German-language, but periodicals from a number of countries, including France, Italy, the UK, and the US are included.
ejournal  18th_century  19th_century  20th_century  Europe  Germany  historical_musicology  music_theory  performance_practice  database  full_text 
10 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Weber (Mark) Jazz Collection
Photographs of experimental jazz musicians, taken during the 1970s-1990s by Mark Weber, with a focus Los Angeles from 1976-1985. The physical collection, part of the UCLA Library's Performing Arts Special Collections, also includes notes, clippings, interview transcripts, correspondence, programs, flyers and articles.
20th_century  United_States  North_America  jazz  popular_music  image 
10 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Voices from the Dust Bowl: The Charles L. Todd and Robert Sonkin Migrant Worker Collection, 1940-1941
The experiences of Dust Bowl refugees, as documented during research trips in 1940 and 1941 to Farm Security Administration migrant work camps in central California. The collection, maintained by the Library of Congress, includes recordings of popular songs and dance music, camp meetings, conversations, and stories, with photographs, transcriptions and field notes, and correspondence.
streaming_audio  20th_century  North_America  United_States  ethnography  ethnomusicology  field_recordings  oral_history  popular_music  image  correspondence 
10 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Virtual Music Rare Book Room
A collection of digital scores from the University of North Texas Music Library, notable for its 18th century French opera, but also containing works from the 17th through the 20th centuries.
digital_score  17th_century  18th_century  19th_century  20th_century  Baroque  Classical  Romantic  historical_musicology  opera 
10 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
VIOLA: Suomen kansallisdiskografia = The National Discography of Finland
VIOLA is the Finnish national discography and bibliography of printed music. It covers sound recordings pulished since 1901, and printed music published since 1977. VIOLA also contains references to foreign materials in 13 Finnish music library collections. (Catalog interface available in Finnish, Swedish, and English)

Maintained by: Kansalliskirjasto (National Library of Finland)
discography  bibliography  Europe  Finland  20th_century  21st_century 
10 weeks ago by HarvardMusicLib
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
The library and archives of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS). The library maintains the Roud Folk Song index, a database of 143,000 references to songs in the English tradition, as well as indexes to its archives of major folk song collectors. Its digital archives (also known as The Full English) include early 20th century English folk arts, brings together manuscripts, notes, letters, and images from 7 archives and 19 collectors, documenting folk songs, tunes, dances and customs.
19th_century  20th_century  Europe  United_Kingdom  archives  dance  diaries  ethnomusicology  folk_music  libraries  manuscripts  popular_music  vocal_music  image  database  correspondence 
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