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Dynamic Social Sharing Images
It's been on my list of side projects to enable automatic screenshots for the Am I Responsive tool, I think this is something which I could adapt. Very cool tutorial from Drew.
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7 weeks ago by justinavery
Jank-Free Image Loads
Eric takes us through the process of how to remove the reflow of content once a slow loading image has taken it's place. This can often happen with a large header image, or large inline image part way through the content.
24ways  images  newslettered  341  news 
7 weeks ago by justinavery
Fast Autocomplete Search for Your Website - Simon Willison
> Every website deserves a great search engine - but building a search engine can be a lot of work, and hosting it can quickly get expensive.
24ways  datasette  saved  search  autocomplete  javascript  sqlite 
9 weeks ago by jefftriplett
Be the Villain ◆ 24 ways
As a framework for creating resilient solutions to problems, Inclusive Design is incredible. However, the aimless idealistic aspirations many of its newer practitioners default to can oftentimes run into trouble. Without outlining concrete, actionable outcomes that are then vetted by the people you intend to serve, there is the potential to do more harm than good.
24ways  inclusive-design 
10 weeks ago by lendamico

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