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Low Hum & Little Lo | Martin Amis
Humbert Humbert, narrator of 'Lolita', is a sadist, narcissist and sexual deviant: so why should we think Nabokov's novel morally acceptable?
25th  october  1992  independent  martin  amis  vladamir  nabokov  literature  lolita 
2 days ago by pnjman
Obama in 2016: Trump Is a Fascist - The Atlantic
More and more convinced that the 2016! tag will never, ever die.
nazis  2016!  25th 
26 days ago by LakeHighlandCongress
Scorsese's New Documentary on Inscrutable Beatle George Harrison | Paul Theroux
George Harrison was liberated by rock and roll. Turns out Martin Scorsese was too.
25th  september  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  profile  george  harrison  martin  scorsese 
29 days ago by pnjman

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