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Chemistry of stars sheds new light on the Gaia Sausage
"the Gaia Sausage" come on astronomers, this is getting ridiculous, although I guess we named our own galaxy after milk
2masto  astronomy 
2 days ago by mikelynch
Radio Soulwax: Into the Vortex
hour-long mix of cosmiche / electronica with loving / goofy live recreations of all the album artwork
2masto  music  video  70s  europe  electronica 
3 days ago by mikelynch
The Story of Spikey
I think this is the best thing Wolfram's ever written
geometry  math  brazil  2masto 
4 days ago by mikelynch
Original kilogram replaced -- new International System of Units (SI) entered into force
pitch for an arcane philosophy-of-science-fiction story where this event triggers some sort of logical-positivist apocalypse
2masto  standards  physics 
4 days ago by mikelynch
[PDF] RS Puppis: A Unique Cepheid Embedded in an Interstellar Dust Cloud
Light echoes from the Cepheid's pulsations mapping the 3D structure of the dust cloud surrounding it
2masto  astronomy 
5 days ago by mikelynch
The Old River Control Structure: America's Achilles Heel
the US Army Corps of Engineers v the Mississippi wanting to jump to a different course, which would have probably happened in the 70s
2masto  infrastructure  usa  climate  food 
8 days ago by mikelynch
Gollancz have published a Best of R. A. Lafferty anthology, this is not a drill
Intro by Neil Gaiman with forewords by such as Samuel Delany, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg and more
2masto  sf  ralafferty 
9 days ago by mikelynch
me: just intonation and musical temperament, sure, how deep can that rabbit hole go
also me: staring helplessly at a web page on Riemann's Zeta function as it applies to equal divisions of the octave
2masto  music  mathematics 
10 days ago by mikelynch
The Voynich Manuscript has not been decoded, again
MeFi page: the headline link is to a journal article about the "decoding" which gets the stuffing kicked out of it in links further down
2masto  voynich  history 
10 days ago by mikelynch
The history of the most popular memes (2004-2019) - YouTube
it's one of those dynamic bar-graph visualisations such as are used to show the most populous cities in the world over history, but for memes. Mesmerising / nauseating
2masto  memes  history  visualisation 
10 days ago by mikelynch
You Were the Man Then, Dog | MetaFilter
big MetaFilter thread, lots of links to YouTube versions of 00s proto-memes
2masto  history  memes  internet 
10 days ago by mikelynch
Sevish's Scale Workshop
A browser-based tool for designing and playing #microtonal scales
2masto  music  microtonal  web  browser 
12 days ago by mikelynch
More (feat. Anderson .Paak) – Flying Lotus
video directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, cw for psychedelic body horror and funky awesomeness
2masto  flyinglotus  music 
13 days ago by mikelynch

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