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Font Smoothing
font-smooth has been removed from the CSS standards and the MDN documents strongly recommend you not to use it on production websites. So why do we still use it?
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11 days ago by justinavery
Firefox 68: BigInts, Contrast Checks, and the QuantumBar - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
Firefox 68 has been released with one particular new feature that caught my eye this week. If you enable the Accessibility features you can check a text node to see if it passes the colour contrast test.
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11 days ago by justinavery
CSS { In Real Life } | Debugging CSS Grid Part 3: Auto-flow, Order and Item Placement
Getting Grid to work can be tricky, check out part three in this series to see how your elements will react being laid out across your grid, and why sometimes things don't always place in exact order depending on how you declare the grid.
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11 days ago by justinavery
Making an interactive hoverboard game using JavaScript and web sockets
This is epic and I know what I'm going to be doing for our playground session next Friday. I love the idea of mixing our phones/other devices with a desktop experience and utilising all the inputs we have in these devices to create a more engaging experience on the web.
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11 days ago by justinavery
Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score - Manuel Matuzović
Just because you're tests are showing that you're doing the right things doesn't mean that you're doing the right things. Tools like Lighthouse are great to help you identify issues, but a perfect score doesn't not mean you've done a great job.
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11 days ago by justinavery
Cross-platform Augmented Reality with Unity | Viget
Viget recently shipped a mobile AR app for a geoscience museum. Here are a few lessons they learned along the way about building cross-platform AR apps in Unity.
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11 days ago by justinavery
Extending Atomic Design
Six years on a Brad Frost takes a look at where Atomic Design started and how it's been evolved over that time. There's been a number of articles and extended ideas from the approach that Brad coined, and they're wrapped up in this post.
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12 days ago by justinavery

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