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Xometry: CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Die Casting, Sheet Metal, & Injection Molding Manufacturing On Demand
Service bureau for 3D printing (in over 50 materials, including metals!) and other manufacturing techniques.
manufacturing  prototyping  3DPrinting  design 
yesterday by JJLDickinson
GitHub - bfrigon/alarm-clock-v3: Alarm clock (v3)
Alarm clock (v3). Contribute to bfrigon/alarm-clock-v3 development by creating an account on GitHub.
yesterday by toddje
17 Cool and Useful Things to 3D Print Around Your Home
Useful 3D models (usually from Thingiverse) such as a Sixpack carrier, coat hanger, bottle opener, "Plantygon", survival whistle, others.
3dmodels  3dprinting  diy  home 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
3D Printer Calibration Guide – How to Calibrate Your 3D Printer | All3DP
Check out our 3D printer calibration guide, to learn about the best ways to manually calibrate your printer and how to fine-tune your slicer settings for different filaments.
3dprinting  howto  guide  performance  tuning 
2 days ago by rmohns
Which mods you have on your 3d printer - Wanhao Duplicator i3 - Wanhao Printer Owners - Groups - Thingiverse
My mods:

1) Z Brace with threaded rods
2) All Metal microswiss
3) All metal extruder plate with improved gear (steel)
4) DII cooler with radial fan (I must improve the temp controller though).
5) Glass Bed
6) 3 points bed leveling, probably the most important and trivial upgrade!

I would suggest the most obvious upgrade would be the 3 point leveling, because it is very easy to achieve and it improves the quality of the leveling more than perhaps all the other improvements, including the carriage upgrades. I'm really surprised it is not on the top of all the upgrades list I have seen so far.
3dprinting  mods 
2 days ago by rmohns
NanoDLP - Software for SLA/DLP 3D Printers
NanoDLP is a host and control software for SLA / SLS / DLP 3D printers.
Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux and Mac versions are available.
software  3dprinting  crossplatform  raspberrypi  sla  sls  dlp 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Guide: Installing a MOSFET Board (Maker Select v2) - Let's Print 3D

The problem with these printers is that the Melzi board (basically the motherboard) connectors are not rated for the power used by the 3D printer. In other words, the printer is trying to pull more electricity than the connectors can supply and eventually result in the aforementioned problems.

To fix this, the MOSFET board will handle the power to the heated bed, routing it to the power supply rather than the Melzi board and solving the issue. In doing so, we essentially have 3 steps overall that we will need to do.

Connect the Hot Bed to the MOSFET board
Connect the MOSFET board to the original Hot Bed connectors
Connect the MOSFET board to the power supply
I took the process slow to avoid making mistakes, but it can definitely be completed in less than 30 minutes depending on your experience level.
3dprinting  mods  howto  guide 
3 days ago by rmohns
2pcs 8mm×6mm×500mm 3k carbon fiber tube black carbon pipe Sale -
Composite Material: Carbon Fiber
Weave Pattern: 3K Weave
Dimensions (outer diameter x inter diameter x length): 8 x 6 x 500 (mm)
Dry(Prepreg)/Wet: Dry (Prepreg: it had already dipped into the resin)
Finish: Glossy (Sprayed with UV Resistant Clear Coat)
Color: Black

●Lighter weight than metal tubes with incredible strength and stiffness
●Low CTE delivering almost no thermal expansion with changes in temperature
●Much lower heat transfer than traditional metals
●Lower density than steel making it ideal for applications requiring low weight

Package Included:
2pcs 8mm*6mm*500mm 3k carbon fiber tube
3dprinting  hardware  mods  shopping 
3 days ago by rmohns
alicevision/meshroom: 3D Reconstruction Software
Meshroom allows you to run the whole photogrammetric pipeline. Put your images and it will generate a textured mesh automatically.
3dprinting  tools  opensource  modeling 
5 days ago by rmohns
Execute shell commands when temperatures violate thresholds
5 days ago by toddje
Mars Exploration Rover (Opportunity and Spirit) by chemteacher628 - Thingiverse
Celebrate the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity with this 3D printed model. The rover feature rolling wheels. pivoting suspension, and artiuclated mast cameras and antennas. The rover is also able to fold into its landing configuration.

The arm has a 8x8mm square hole for you to create your own tools for the rover to hold.
mer  thingiverse  3dprinting  model  rover  mars  opportunity  spirit 
6 days ago by bezthomas

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