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Hacker Calculus |
Isaac Newton was a hacker. Let's take calculus back to its roots and make it accessible to everyone.
2 days ago by toddje
3D Printer Enclosure – 5 Cheap DIY Options @All3DP
A 3D printer enclosure is, put simply, a box. But if you’re wondering about building one on the cheap, you might want to consider a few other factors. too. Read on to find out what they are.
3dprinter  3dprinting  enclosure  ikea 
10 days ago by cyberchucktx
Manual for PowerSpec Prusa i3 (video)
Manual for PowerSpec Prusa i3 (video). Includes pointers to Octoprint slicer profile(s) for the printer as well.
3dprinter  profile  prusa  powerspec  3dprinting 
22 days ago by cyberchucktx
nerys71 comments on 3D printed chainmail
good recommendations for cheap printers and info
4 weeks ago by gregory31415
Anatomy of a 3D Printer: How Does a 3D Printer Work? | MatterHackers
Get an understanding of how 3D printing works, from the inside and out. This guide will walk you through each of the critical components of a 3D Printer, answering the question:
howdoes  a  3d  printer  work  3dprinting  service  e3dprinter  printers  howdo  3-d  how  does  it  whatis  and  3dprinter  heating  element  printing  components  parts 
6 weeks ago by tranqy

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