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Apple’s watchOS 5.1 Pulled After Some Apple Watch Series 4 Bricked Post-Update
Released yesterday in conjunction with iOS 12.1, WatchOS 5.1 has been a highly-anticipated update that would bring new watch faces, support for 70 new emoji released with iOS 12.1,  and bug fixes, especially for the new Walkie Talkie feature and the Fall Detection system. This update quickly followed the October 30th Special Event held in New...

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Apple’s  watchOS  5.1  Pulled  After  Some  Apple  Watch  Series  4  Bricked  Post-Update 
12 days ago by vrzone
Introducing a 4 part series on Security Tokens by Sheldon Freedman from Hassans. – Daily Fintech
Editors note. This post is written by Sheldon Freedman, a fintech and funds lawyer at Hassans in Gibraltar.  Security Tokens is a big, complex subject that requires legal, technical and commercial  knowledge.
introducing  a  4  part  seri 
16 days ago by marshallk
Why can’t more than four people have a conversation at once?
It’s called the “dinner party problem”: A table of four or fewer people may happily converse as one, but a party of five or more will splinter fairly quickly into separate conversations of two or three four people each. What is it about the number four?
sociology  four  4  conversation  psychology  evolution 
16 days ago by dotcode
Is Your SAP S/4HANA Transformation Strategy Holistic or Full of Holes?
"As 2025 approaches, many companies are developing their S/4HANA transformation strategies through self-education, battle-scarred peers, and interactions with SAP"
sap  cloud  indirect  access  s  4  hana  transformation  4hana 
20 days ago by jonerp

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