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Adventures in Netflix – Random Thoughts
I've been watching a buttload of 40s movies over the past few months, and I was thinking about watching something really modern next. And then it occurred to me: How about if I watch all "Netflix Original" movies released in 2019? Sizzling fresh movies! And if you've ever read this blog before, you'll know there'll…
netflix  streaming  4k  performance  analysis  hardware  howto  reporting 
10 days ago by aggregat4
Home - HDBaseT™
HDBase-T does 100W over 100m with ethernet, control and 4K video. It's like Ethernet-over-HDMI and PoE had a baby, while USB-C/Thunderbolt cries quietly in the corner...
HDbaseT  HDMI  video  power  cable  standard  specification  4K 
17 days ago by asteroza
Through Wide, Grey Eyes - Orlissa - Avatar: The Last Airbender [Archive of Our Own]
"They are on Ember Island – they have just arrived, Katara has just faced her mother’s murderer and the comet is still weeks away – when Aang starts seeing the signs.

At first, when he catches the longing glances and the accidental touches, he tries to convince himself that he is imagining things. Because really, why on earth would Katara consider Zuko more than a simple friend? "
outside-pov  4k  katara/zuko 
24 days ago by katereis
explaining 4K video through usb-c hub
has links to usb hubs that will do 4k
4k  usb  hub  video  hardware 
28 days ago by llimllib
Ultimate UHD Drives Guide Updated 2019 -
List of recommended UHD Blueray drives to use for ripping under MakeMKV.
UHD  blueray  ripping  dvd  makemkv  recommendation  list  2019  4k 
4 weeks ago by searchmeister

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