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I mean, he's right
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3 days ago by exlibris
Pact of the Cannon
You can use a bonus action to create a loaded pact firearm in your hand. You can choose the form this firearm takes when you create it from the ones shown in the Pact Firearms table.
warlock  dnd  5e  rpg  ttrpg 
18 days ago by fozbaca
Izirion's Enchiridion of the West Marches - Google Docs
A Campaign Guide to the Perilous Wilderness

Written and Designed by Dom Liotti & Sam Sorensen
rpg  ttrpg  dnd  5e  odr 
22 days ago by fozbaca
RT : And thus began the journy of, The Gooderest Boy...
fantasy  roleplay  dnd  gamenight  5e  meme  from twitter
24 days ago by osfameron
Throne of Salt: Kicking it Old-School with 5e: Character Creation
5th edition is super-popular, and that is fucking great. New blood is good blood.

The question is "How do we get all the new blood that's over there, and bring it over here?"

To that end, I'm writing up a couple posts as a way to bridge the gap between 5th edition and old-school play, as a way to encourage them into the mindset while not straying too far from the rules that they are familiar with. Ideally, it would be something that you could introduce to all those bushy-tailed, bright-eyed newbies while running sessions at the local library without scaring them all away.
dnd  rpg  ttrpg  5e  osr 
5 weeks ago by fozbaca

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