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Pricing - Relica
$60/yr membership plus dtoragr
backup:online  5star 
yesterday by wellsa
App4legal - Law Practice Management Solution
Cloud practice management system for $10/user/month plus $8/user/month for Outlook or Gmail connectors. Includes Timekeeping, Document Management, Invoicing, Trust Funds, Chart of Accounts - light accounting, Tasks, Calendar. Client portal adds $9/user/month. Imports only Contacts and Companies. - 2019-08-08
cloudpm  5star 
14 days ago by wellsa
The Dilbert Blog: The Day You Became A Better Writer
I went from being a bad writer to a good writer after taking a one-day course in “business writing.” I couldn’t believe how simple it was. I’ll tell you the main tricks here so you don’t have to waste a...
writing  advice  scottadams  5star 
18 days ago by lightningdb - On Presentations
Amazing set of slides on storytelling in presentations
presentations  5star  stories  storytelling 
6 weeks ago by lightningdb
The P.A.R.A. Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information
projects, areas of responsibility, resources, archive

a project without a corresponding goal is known as a “hobby.” If you’re not committed to or haven’t fully articulated the outcome you want, you must be doing it just for fun.

And if you have a goal without a corresponding project, that’s called a “dream.” You may desire it with all your heart and soul, but without an active project, you are not in fact currently making any progress.
organisation  todo  gtd  systems  digital  information  5star 
7 weeks ago by lightningdb
Identity Based Decision Making: 6 Types Of Decision Making
Considering the identity you’d like to have and the person you’d like to be, what’s the environment to set yourself up for that? What incentives are you going to set up?
self  success  goals  incentives  5star  identity 
may 2019 by lightningdb

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