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New Record: More than 1 Million Books Self-Published in 2017
Note that these numbers are based on ISBNs issued. Amazon does not require an ISBN...
802  self-publishing 
4 days ago by tkbr
Trump-bullied Canada to increase copyright terms 20 years if trade deal passes
Read past the sensationalistic headline... our copyright term may about to be extended by 20 yrs.
802  copyright 
17 days ago by tkbr
Volume 23, Number 10 - 1 October 2018
Guest-edited issue of First Monday on screen vs print reading
18 days ago by tkbr
OMDC Book Industry Profile
2017 profile of Canadian publishing by the Ontario Media Development Corp
802  Canadian 
29 days ago by tkbr
Most Read Fiction | Amazon Charts
September 2018 snapshot of the actual activity on
802  reading  amazon 
4 weeks ago by tkbr
INDU - Statutory Review of the Copyright Act
Collection of briefs and witnesses in the current round of consultation on Canadian copyright reform. A treasure trove of statements from various stakeholders
802  copyright 
5 weeks ago by tkbr
MT:Omnivore - Why Walmart, Why Kobo; Summer Reading; Delicious Links
Kobo's Michael Tamblyn on their new ebook partnership with Walmart
802  ebooks  kobo 
6 weeks ago by tkbr
Who controls your data?
engadget article on how your personal data gets stored, and how mysterious it is how it gets used.
6 weeks ago by tkbr
Internet Trends Report 2018
Mary Meeker's annual incredibly high-level trends data.
802  meeker 
may 2018 by tkbr

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