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Internet Trends Report 2018
Mary Meeker's annual incredibly high-level trends data.
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6 weeks ago by tkbr
An email marketing case study (for books) — Lounge Marketing
How to do email direct marketing -- from Sam Missingham
802  promotion  email  marketing 
march 2018 by tkbr
YouTube Channels, Uploads, and Views: A Statistical Analysis of the Past 10 Years
Interesting analysis of how the long tail plays out on YouTube
802  youtube  long  tail 
march 2018 by tkbr
Editoria — Building a Book in a Browser – Paged Media
UCalifornia Press' Erich van Rijn on browser-based editing and production
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february 2018 by tkbr
Apple and Walmart Inject New Life Into Sleepy E-Book Market
Interesting report on Kobo's new Walmart deal and the role that might be played by Shelfie, the e-book bundling service (a Vancouver startup) that Kobo acquired.
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january 2018 by tkbr
Re: Thoughts on the future of EPUB 3 from Jiminy Panoz on 2018-01-19 ( from January 2018)
Some speculation and details on the extent to which Amazon works around the EPUB spec.
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january 2018 by tkbr
Leftover Thoughts From 2017 – Baldur Bjarnason's Notes
> They benefit from the fact that modern software companies don’t actually have an incentive to make a better product. They have an incentive to create more invasive, trackeable products and until that changes, analogue products will have an ongoing competitive advantage.
january 2018 by tkbr
The Storybook Homes And Scandalous Divorces Of The Sunset's Rousseau Brothers | Hoodline
"Rousseau's eclectic designs were a significant departure from Doelger homes, which already dominated the landscape by the time Oliver and Arthur began building in 1930"

[is it possible my house is in some sense a prototype? an inspiration? proof that there is nothing unique about the Rousseau brothers? What are the dates of other distinctive Albany "Spanish colonial revival" "Tudor revival" and other styles?]

december 2017 by mgold
Announcing the Authors Alliance Guide to Fair Use for Nonfiction Authors | Authors Alliance
Yet another collective guide to fair use; this time from the Authors Alliance.
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december 2017 by tkbr

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