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There’s always more work to do—but you still don’t need to work long hours
Have you ever wished you could reduce your working hours, or even just limit yourself to 40 hours a week, but came up against all the work that just needs doing? There’s always more work to do, always more bugs, always some feature that’s important to someone—

How can you limit yourself to 40 hours a week, let alone a shorter workweek, given all this work?

The answer: by planning ahead. And planning ahead the right way.
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august 2018 by junya
Tech Notes: Why not add an option for that?
This post is an attempt at producing a canonical consolidated answer to why the answer to this is often "no".
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july 2018 by junya
Your Emails (and Recipients) Deserve Better Context · An A List Apart Article
Email communication is an integral part of the user experience for nearly every web application that requires a login. It’s also one of the first interactions the user has after signing up. Yet too often both the content and context of these emails is treated as an afterthought (at best), with the critical parts that users see first—sender name and email, subject, and preheader—largely overlooked. Your users, and the great application you’ve just launched, deserve better.
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june 2018 by junya
What we learned moving sales and product upmarket together
Focus on the problem, not the solution – Rather than prescribing what should be built, describe the roadblocks customers are coming up against.

Don’t be afraid to get granular – Be specific about the problem. For lead qualification, that might be distinguishing leads from customers or enriching email addresses.

Stack rank requests by impact – Identify which problems need to be solved first based on order of magnitude (blockers for new business or reasons for churn).
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june 2018 by junya
How to build a better product with UX writing – UX Collective
Using fancy words to bring people to a product is normal. Using the same words to keep them is not. When we browse a new website, we embark on a journey, and we definitely need guides. Just as we do on a real journey, we experience emotions with each tap, click, scroll, and swipe.
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june 2018 by junya
How to Hold the Most Effective Meetings – HelloTech
Communicate what decision needs to be made to everyone in advance
Explicate why that decision needs to be made at this moment in time
Consider who does and doesn’t need to make the decision
Organize when the meeting should happen relative to other events
Assure where you have the meeting is prime
Reflect on how you actually communicate the message
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june 2018 by junya
Backstage Blog - Engineering Levels at SoundCloud - SoundCloud Developers
Transparency around everyone’s level at a company helps people identify their role models. Additionally, an explicit level structure is beneficial for people who are underrepresented, as non-explicit hierarchies tend to favor the people who form the majority (which, most of the time, is white men).
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may 2018 by junya
Day One Outage Postmortem - portal shit!
2018 年の 5 月 7 日から 10 日にかけて、 Day One は重大な Sync サービスの停止に陥りました。ユーザーの皆さんから堅牢な Sync サービスを期待されていることはわかっていますし、この出来事は我々の基準を満たすものでもありません。何が起こったのか、そして将来にわたってどのようにこの問題を回避していくかをユーザーの皆さんにお伝えしたいと思います。
postmortem  @4 
may 2018 by junya
Google Testing Blog: Code Health: Understanding Code In Review
Don't spend more than a few seconds trying to understand it. Simply add a code review comment saying, "It's hard for me to understand this piece of code," or be more specific, and say, "Please use more descriptive names here."
codereview  programming  @4 
may 2018 by junya
Productivity - Sam Altman
It doesn’t matter how fast you move if it’s in a worthless direction.  Picking the right thing to work on is the most important element of productivity and usually almost ignored.  So think about it more!  Independent thought is hard but it’s something you can get better at with practice.
lifehack  productivity  tips  @4 
april 2018 by junya
Pitfalls of Card UIs -
The desire to reduce clicks increases complexity and raises the cognitive load. Depends on your situation, but I honestly think the workaround here is to go back to having a strong detail view pages. Scope cards in your UI to truly being previews or –to borrow a term from the watchOS Human Interface Guidelines– a “glance”.
ui  patterns  card  @4 
april 2018 by junya

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