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[Weismile生活] 2017/2018整理比較海外刷卡手續費費用與海外刷卡現金回饋信用卡優勢
@Article  Finance  Travel 
23 hours ago by jslu
[惠站长] 搬瓦工SS配置多用户教程
搬瓦工BandwagonHost给了我们非常方便的一键搭建SS shadowsocks的功能,一键搭建ss的教程可以参考搬瓦工一键SS教程。一键ss固然很方便,但是其只提供了一个ss账号供我们使用,如果我们想配置多个ss账号应该怎么操作呢?这需要我们修改shadowsocks的配置文件。
@Article  @HOWTO  China  VPN  Software  Security  Internet  Tutorial 
yesterday by jslu
[世界公民文化中心] 想讀懂新聞英文,先看懂「新聞時態」
@Article  @Concept  @HOWTO  @Example  InterpersonalCommunication  English  Feeling  Reading  Writing 
2 days ago by jslu
[DataStax] A deep look at the CQL WHERE clause
While they share similar syntaxes, there are lots of differences between CQL and SQL. The reasons for these differences come mainly from the fact that Cassandra is dealing with distributed data and aims to prevent inefficient queries. One of the places where CQL differs a lot from SQL is the WHERE clause. The goal of this post is to describe what is supported by the CQL WHERE clause and the reasons why it differs from normal SQL.
@Article  @Concept  @Comparison  Database  BigData  DistributedSystem  Fault-tolerance  Tutorial 
7 days ago by jslu
[Capterra] The 8 Best Free and Open Source Help Desk Software Tools
Misplacing tickets, violating SLAs, frustrating customers, and sometimes losing them—all signs point to a need for a better system. The only problem is, the budget isn’t there to shell out $100 to $200 per month on software. To help get you started, and save you some cash, here are some great free and open source help desk software solutions on the market right now
@Article  @Reference  @Comparison  SysAdmin  IssueTracking  Software  ProjectManagement  TimeManagement  ServiceIndustry 
18 days ago by jslu
DKIM  寄件網域驗證技術簡介
由於SMTP規範的瑕疵(或者為了方便),寄件人的 Mail Address 和實際寄信的 Mail Server 是可以不一樣的。 ... DKIM的目的就是用來防止垃圾郵件製造者偽造您網域的寄件者來傳送郵件。 DKIM 使用簽章的方式,在外寄郵件的郵件標頭加上一個數位簽章,收件者只要檢查郵件中是否包含這個網域簽名,即可確認該郵件的寄件者地址確實屬於您網域中的地址,而且未在寄件途中遭到竄改。
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18 days ago by jslu
[2017DoneRight] Sending emails with SMTP and Amazon SES in Ruby on Rails
In the past I have used services such as SendGrid and Mandrill. But since they switched Mandrill to an add-on for MailChimp premium users, Amazon SES in my opinion is the first choice for small to medium web applications. Cost of sending 40,000 emails per month with Amazon SES is mere $4 which is way cheaper than the other competitors.
@Article  @HOWTO  @Example  Email  CloudComputing  Security  Webapp  Tutorial 
19 days ago by jslu
[Technology Conversations] Java Build Tools: Ant vs Maven vs Gradle
Gradle combines good parts of both tools and builds on top of them with DSL and other improvements. It has Ant’s power and flexibility with Maven’s life-cycle and ease of use. The end result is a tool that was released in 2012 and gained a lot of attention in a short period of time. For example, Google adopted Gradle as the default build tool for the Android OS.
@Article  @Concept  @Example  @Comparison  Java  Software  Engineering 
20 days ago by jslu
[AgoraPulse] How Does Digital Marketing Differ From B2B to B2C?
B2B marketers have to create stellar content that takes time consuming research and impeccable presentation skills to reach a small pool of clients who may or may not hire them. Conversely, B2C companies have the overwhelming task of standing out in the crowd, reselling their product over and over to create customer loyalty, and appealing to an array of distinct personalities within one audience.
@Article  @HOWTO  @Comparison  B2B  Business  Marketing  SocialMedia  TargetAudience  Research  Branding  ContentStrategy 
21 days ago by jslu
[The Renaissance Developer] Idiomatic Ruby: writing beautiful code
As I think the more intuitive & faster the code is, a better software we’re building, in this post, I want to show you how I express my thoughts (A.K.A code) using Ruby in little snippets of code.
@Article  @HOWTO  @Example  Ruby  Software  Programming  Language  InterpersonalCommunication  MeaningManagement  HabitRoutineAndPattern  Tutorial  Tip 
27 days ago by jslu
[Brave New Geek] Building a Distributed Log from Scratch, Part 1: Storage Mechanics
Essentially, it’s a timestamp and an event, a when and a what, and typically appended to the end of a file. But when we generalize that pattern, we end up with something much more useful for a broad range of problems.
@Article  @Column  DistributedSystem  SystemArchitecture  DataSync  Software  Engineering  HabitRoutineAndPattern  Storage  Scalability  Cache  @Comparison  Fault-tolerance 
29 days ago by jslu
[Gamasutra] The sunk cost fallacy: Devs describe how it almost destroyed them
It's human nature to get attached to our work. ... you must learn to cut the overambitious, the unworkable, the self-indulgent. If you don't...well, as we're about to see, it can drag a project down and maybe even stretch the company's finances to breaking point — especially if keeping something you recognize is bad means putting in significant additional work.
@Article  @Concept  @Example  Engineering  HumanNature  InnerPeace  ProjectManagement 
4 weeks ago by jslu
[Miula 觀點] 成長駭客必備的MVP(最小可行產品)概念,到底哪個版本才比較正確?
其實 MVP 的概念,不在於最終的產品,而是在於一個商業觀念的市場驗證,做出第一個版本的產品來測試 PMF (Product-Market-Fit)。也就是說,其實最終產品是什麼,在一開始的時候根本不知道,或者是只有一個模糊的概念,但卻是隨時可以被替換更改的。為什麼要做最小可行產品 MVP 呢? 就是為了避免一開始就把整個產品都定義完成,但最後做出來的東西根本是市場不要的,而浪費了時間、金錢與精神。MVP 這個概念的真正精神,在於在市場測試後的修正彈性。
@Article  @Concept  @Comparison  Entrepreneurship  Feedback-receiving  Agility  Productivity  UnexpectednessUncertaintyAndImpermanence  LearningFromFailure  Business 
4 weeks ago by jslu
Older Adults' Forgetfulness Tied To Faulty Brain Rhythms In Sleep : Shots - Health News : NPR
During deep sleep, older people have less coordination between two brain waves that are important to saving new memories
@Article  @Research  Health  Memory  Brain  CycleAndRhythmOfLife 
5 weeks ago by jslu
[Words and Code] Safer SQL: Using ActiveRecord Transactions
There’s one golden rule of the transaction block: it will only rollback the transaction if an error is raised. Why is this important? Well, calling something like save or destroy inside of a transaction will not raise an error; if something goes wrong, these methods will simply return false. Which means that our transaction block will continue, since there was no error raised!
@Article  @Concept  @HOWTO  @Example  Database  DataSync  Ruby  WebApp  Software  Framework  Tutorial  Tip 
5 weeks ago by jslu
How to Read Mathematics
Mathematics has a reading protocol all its own, and just as we learn to read literature, we should learn to read mathematics.  Students need to learn how to read mathematics, in the same way they learn how to read a novel or a poem, listen to music, or view a painting.  Ed Rothstein’s book, Emblems of Mind, a fascinating book emphasizing the relationship between mathematics and music, touches implicitly on the reading protocols for mathematics.
@Article  @HOWTO  @Example  Math  InterpersonalCommunication  Symbolism  Logic  Problem-solving 
6 weeks ago by jslu
[星空博客] CAP原理、一致性模型、BASE理论和ACID特性
@Article  @Concept  @Comparison  DistributedSystem  Database  DataSync  UX  Scalability 
7 weeks ago by jslu
Introducing Functions as a Service (FaaS)
Functions as a Service or (OpenFaaS) is a framework for building Serverless functions on top of containers. I began the project as a proof of concept in October last year when I wanted to understand if I could run Alexa skills or Lambda functions on Docker Swarm. After some initial success I released the first version of the code in Golang on GitHub in the December.
@Article  @Concpet  CloudComputing  Functional  Software  Framework  EncapsulationAndDecoupling  Virtualization  Scalability  DevOps  SystemArchitecture 
7 weeks ago by jslu

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