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[OctoPerf] JMeter VS Gatling Tool
Following up our article about why we chose JMeter to build OctoPerf, our Cloud Load Testing Platform, let’s now compare Apache JMeter to Gatling Tool in details. Both tools are great, but they excel in different fields. We aim to give you the best possible overview of these tool and try to stay as objective as possible. The purpose of this post is to give a technical insight about how each of these load testing tools are made.
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4 days ago by jslu
Warum Polizisten so selten vor dem Richter landen - VICE
Gegen Polizisten, die eine Straftat begangen haben sollen, ermitteln hierzulande Kollegen. Selbst die UN kritisieren Deutschland dafür. Doch die Polizei sträubt sich gegen Änderungen.
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11 days ago by Jekyll
[IBM] Using MQTT Protocol Advantages Over HTTP in Mobile Application Development (So what?)
"HTTP is designed as a request-response protocol for client-server computing, not necessarily optimized for mobile and push capabilities, particularly in terms of battery usage."
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15 days ago by jslu
[VidaOrange] 「要嘛不做,要做就做到最好!」你知道完美主義有分兩種,而很多人是第二種嗎?
第一,是對完美的渴望和追求。 這一傾向在很多時候是具有優勢的,這給予他們強烈的動機去努力達成目標。
第二,是對錯誤的規避。 犯錯、失誤、哪怕是一點瑕疵,都是不能容忍的。

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6 weeks ago by jslu
[DaedTech] The Human Cost of Tech Debt
Unhappy humans are unhappy workers, and unhappy workers are less productive. Yet, this angle of technical debt is seldom discussed, in my experience. ... when you think of tech debt, don’t think only in terms of the business problem of delayed features and rising defect counts. Think of the human cost, and the much more serious, much longer term business problem that results.
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8 weeks ago by jslu
Managing Technical Debt – SavvyClutch Engineering Club
A project with big technical debt leading to the fear of change. Any change can have unexpected effect and produce more bugs. And there is only one way to fearless development - it’s automated tests, which usually don’t exist on such projects. So technical debt is mostly about luck of control of the project quality.
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8 weeks ago by jslu
[SavvyClutch Engineering Club] Measuring software engineering competency
The list of rules is splitted in two parts: Obligations and Merits. Each rule is a Yes/No question. “Yes” answer to an “Obligation” gives you 0 points, “No” answer gives you -1 point. “Yes” answer to a “Merit” rule gives you 1 point, “No” answer gives you 0 points. You’ve got the idea, right? Having merits is good, not fulfilling obligations is bad.
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8 weeks ago by jslu
[Ben Scheirman] Dry up Your Rspec Files with subject & let Blocks
Subject blocks allow you to control the initialization of the subject under test. ... Let blocks allow you to provide some input to the subject block that change in various contexts. ... Its blocks allow you to test methods on the subject that return a simple value.
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8 weeks ago by jslu
[大人學] 你若憂慮職場黑暗面,別去有這種特質的地方
因為職場的黑暗面,其實都跟【資源】有關。如果一個單位的資源,你是可以往外求取的(如業務部門),大家反正就各憑本事去市場搶。 ... 但如果這個單位每時間單位所分配到的資源是固定的(如每年預算固定、Headcount固定等),我們大家在這共同資源下共事,那爭鬥必然就多! 因為在這種環境中,我唯一能增加手上資源的方法,就是仰賴我的政治力從別人手中搶走資源,或是去討好那些有能力分配資源的人。 總之,這就是個零和遊戲。 你手上的資源少了,我的資源可能就多了。 不然就是討好上層,當上面人垂憐我,我的資源可能也就多了。 在這情境中,職場黑暗面自然也就避無可避。
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8 weeks ago by jslu
[AtomicObject] Why Haskell Is Worth Learning
I really think the most immediately practical side effect *snirk* of learning Haskell is that it forever changes the way you think about code. Yes, yes, I know this sounds like warm, fuzzy, vague BS, but I’m serious! Learning Haskell has had more of an impact on the way I code, and the way I think about code, than anything I learned in school and any of my on-the-job experience.
- good tutorial references in the comments
@Article  @Reference  @Concept  Functional  Software  Programming  Language  Problem-solving  PerspectiveAndFraming  Tutorial 
9 weeks ago by jslu
[BLOGWORTHY Things] Free font Noto Sans CJK in TTF
Google only provides the font in OTF/OTC format, but for my usecase I need a TrueType font file. So I decided to convert the OTF into a TTF by myself.
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9 weeks ago by jslu
[免費資源網路社群] Google Noto 開源免費字型下載,完美支援 800 種語言、11 萬個字元
昨天 Google 終於在官方部落格宣布「An Open source font system for everyone」,在五年後正式向全世界推出免費開放原始碼字型 Noto !這命名也很有趣,Noto 其實就是—“No more tofu” 的縮寫,「豆腐」是當遇到網頁或系統上有無法顯示的字元,會顯示為一個中間空白符號「⯐」,看起來就很像豆腐,Noto 致力於解決跨系統、語系無法正確顯示部分字元的問題。
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9 weeks ago by jslu
Everything Is Broken  The Message  Medium
Once upon a time, a friend of mine accidentally took over thousands of computers. He had found a vulnerability in a piece of software and started playing with
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9 weeks ago by Jekyll
[FPGA] VHDL or Verilog?
At the end of the day, the two languages are really able to achieve the same designs. I think it's good to understand code in both languages, but since mixed language support is common, I don't see an issue sticking with the one that you prefer. .. Verilog with its plain syntax is easier to learn and grasp for the beginner. .. Verilog tends to be dominant in the ASIC arena, while VHDL is the language of choice for most FPGA designs.
@Article  @Comparison  Hardware  Programming  Language 
11 weeks ago by jslu
[Quartz] The psychological importance of wasting time
“Wasting time is about recharging your battery and de-cluttering,” he says. Taking time to be totally, gloriously, proudly unproductive will ultimately make you better at your job, says Guttridge. But it’s also fulfilling in and of itself. ... We should embrace these moments, and see them as what they are: time well spent.
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11 weeks ago by jslu

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