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Containment Won't Solve the Problems Trump Poses - The Atlantic
The disturbing story of how US intelligence agencies, in their attempts to contain Trump, are pushing themselves out of democratic control.

> To what extent does the president remain in the military chain of command? It seems incredible that the military would outright defy a presidential order. But not hearing it? Not understanding it? Not acting on it promptly? Holding back information that might provoke an unwanted presidential reaction?
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10 days ago by robmiller
The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends” | The New Yorker
A brilliant look at the surprisingly repressive, misogynistic, and generally horrifying world of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.
thomasthetankengine  politics  newyorker  @linklog 
22 days ago by robmiller
The Azerbaijani Laundromat - OCCRP
A brilliant summary of investigations into the Azerbaijan laundromat, a complex international money-laundering scheme, the result of collaborative effort between the OCCRP, news agencies across Europe, and several NGOs. The investigation reveals money laundering, graft, and corruption on a grand scale, along with the complicity of European institutions and banks.
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25 days ago by robmiller
Stumbling and Mumbling: The harm of high housing costs
An exploration of the widespread and more indirect economic harm caused by high house prices.
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25 days ago by robmiller
Stumbling and Mumbling: Corbyn's success: centrists' failure
A great explanation of why many AB/upper-middle-class professionals are pro-Corbyn, when you might otherwise (or might in previous generations) have expected them to be centrists. The short answer: professionals aren't so middle class any more, if you view class through the lens of property ownership.
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25 days ago by robmiller
Disruption gets results, but you also need to be liked | WIRED UK
Great piece by Russell Davies from 2015, in which he foresees the regulatory issues Uber are having in London now.
uber  disruption  technology  @linklog 
25 days ago by robmiller
Cancer’s Invasion Equation | The New Yorker
A great article on cancer from Siddhartha Mukherjee, who wrote "The Emperor of All Maladies". While oncologists have primarily looked at tumours themselves in exploring why cancer takes root in some people and not others, Mukherjee explains the other side of the equation: the role of the host body itself. He uses the metaphor of "seed and soil", which is a really great encapsulation of it; he's a really wonderfully accessible writer.
cancer  newyorker  medicine  @linklog 
4 weeks ago by robmiller
"Hold the Egg Sandwich: Egyptian TV Is Calling"
A brilliant article on an Egyptian bodega owner in Queens who is one of Egypt's go-to commentators on US issues. There's no deception – he's not pretending to be anything he's not, and the TV stations know about his job. There's something about the wisdom of crowds here I think, and about all human life passing through places like corner shops; that, by being exposed all day to the multifarious views of his customers, he's probably _more_ informed than someone inside the political bubble.
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4 weeks ago by robmiller
"The Risk of Nuclear War with North Korea"
A brilliant behind-the-scenes trip in North Korea as we edge closer to a potential nuclear confrontation. Includes conversations with senior officials and the best understanding of the regime's rationale that I've personally read.
northkorea  politics  trump  kimjongun  korea  nuclearweapons  @linklog 
5 weeks ago by robmiller
Russell Davies on traffic and production
Russell Davies's classic Campaign column on why traffic and production are so incredible. The paragraph on traffic is great:

> "If you haven't done it recently, spend some time with traffic. They experience the world in a deeper way than you and I. They exist in time and space, but also perceive dimensions of cost and practicality, of real time, pitch time and lunch time. They negotiate tides of creative entropy, waves of management paranoia and the tsunamis of new business. An expert traffic person can weedle, cajole, threaten and condemn with the flick of an eyebrow. They know where all the bodies are buried and when to dig them up again. They know how long things should take, how long they will actually take and how long they should tell you they'll take. Watching a seasoned traffic person dragging work out of a gnarled old creative team is like watching that infamous imaginary fight between the bear and the shark. Except you know the bear will win, because deadlines must be met. Traffic makes ideas happen."
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6 weeks ago by robmiller

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