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My Data Request: Request your personal data from 100+ companies.
See how to request your personal data from the companies you care about and the services you use everyday, such as Amazon, Uber, and Wells Fargo. We codified the request process for 100+ companies to make it easy for you.
9 hours ago by will.brien
About | Netlify
We aim to perfect a unified platform that automates code; creating high-performant sites and web-apps. Users should be able to simply push their code and let us take care of the rest.
9 hours ago by will.brien
Canada legalises recreational cannabis use - BBC News
This legislation fulfils a 2015 campaign promise by Mr Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party.

The prime minister has argued that Canada's nearly century-old laws criminalising use of the drug have been ineffective, given that Canadians are still among the world's heaviest users.

Polls have repeatedly indicated that a solid majority of Canadians are supportive of the move.

The decision to legalise recreational use of marijuana in Canada comes as global trends shift away from criminal prohibition of the widely used drug.
9 hours ago by will.brien
Time for a regulatory review of online contracts & practices – A Clatter of the Law
The Commission has only published lists of consumer protection enforcement measures taken up to the end of 2016 and for that year it reports 40 enforcement actions, but which cover only 7 categories of consumer law breaches and only three categories of remedial action (none of which were prosecutions). From 2012 to 2016 one major Irish retailer appears on the enforcement list 40 times, with some entries relating to multiple offences. Only one conviction is recorded, in the 2012 enforcement list. It would appear that fixed payment notices and other minor measures are a mere cost of doing business, rather than something that leads to an improvement for consumers.
9 hours ago by will.brien
Can AWS Elastic Load Balancer be used to only send traffic to a second server if the first server fails : aws
Have an existing web app I picked up that was never built to run on multiple servers and the client has become worried about redundancy. They don't want to invest enough to make it run well across multiple servers so I was thinking I could setup a second EC2 server with a MySQL slave and periodically copy files from the primary server to the secondary using rsync. Then have an AWS ELB send traffic to the primary server and only if that fails send it to the second server.
2 days ago by will.brien
AWS Elastic IP : Best Practices : aws
If you are architecting you AWS account properly, all your instances would be behind load balancers. No elastic IP needed. (You use a CNAME instead.)

And I would switch from GoDaddy’s DNS to AWS Route53. Integrates with other AWS services better. Better performance and reliability. (Or ditch GoDaddy altogether.)
2 days ago by will.brien
How to Become CISM Certified
Experience Substitutions

The following security-related certifications and information systems management experience can be used to satisfy the indicated amount of information security work experience.

Two Years:

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) in good standing
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) in good standing
Post-graduate degree in information security or a related field (e.g., business administration, information systems, information assurance)

One Year:

One full year of information systems management experience
One full year of general security management experience
Skill-based security certifications (e.g., SANS Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), CompTIA Security +, Disaster Recovery Institute Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), ESL IT Security Manager)
Completion of an information security management program at an institution aligned with the Model Curriculum

The experience substitutions will not satisfy any portion of the 3-year information security management work experience requirement.
5 days ago by will.brien
Folder Redirection Best practices : sysadmin
If you are doing redirection also enable DFS Namespace on the shares so you can move to a new file server in the future without much work.
21 days ago by will.brien
Employee offboarding - Wikipedia
Employee exit management or offboarding describes the consciously designed separation process when an employee leaves the company, for which he has previously worked within the scope of a work or service contract. It deals with the formal processes revolving around an employee’s exit from an organization either through voluntary resignation, layoffs or termination.[1][2]
22 days ago by will.brien
Zen and the Art of Starship Maintenance - Lightspeed Magazine
After battle with the Fleet of Honest Representation, after seven hundred seconds of sheer terror and uncertainty, and after our shared triumph in the acquisition of the greatest prize seizure in three hundred years, we cautiously approached the massive black hole that Purth-Anaget orbited. The many rotating rings, filaments, and infrastructures bounded within the fields that were the entirety of our ship, With All Sincerity, were flush with a sense of victory and bloated with the riches we had all acquired.
26 days ago by will.brien
Using ForwardMX with Cloudflare - ForwardMX
Using ForwardMX with Cloudflare is one of its original use cases. In this Wiki entry we will go through the whole setup to use ForwardMX as your MX server and receive all your domains emails while using Cloudflare as DNS provider. Now let’s get started.
27 days ago by will.brien
Production Readiness Checklist
This checklist is your guide to the best practices for deploying secure, scalable, and highly available infrastructure in AWS. Before you go live, go through each item, and make sure you haven't missed anything important!
27 days ago by will.brien
The Production Readiness Checklist for AWS – Gruntwork
This checklist is your guide to the best practices for deploying secure, scalable, and highly available infrastructure in AWS. It covers a range of topics, including server-side apps, client-side apps, continuous integration, continuous delivery, architecture, security, monitoring, and everything else you need to take advantage of modern DevOps and cloud-native practices. Before you go live, go through each item, and make sure you haven’t missed anything important!
27 days ago by will.brien
kb/recommended_routine - bodyweightfitness
I Don't Have This Much Time!

This routine is about an hour long if you don't mess around and do the work. As a general rule, you should try and find this time somewhere. Make it a priority.

However, if it's really not happening, here are the things you can do in order of not-badness (the further down the list, the more "last ditch effort" it becomes):

Move skill work (especially handstand) to off days. It may be easier to find 10 minutes on an off day then an additional 10 minutes on a workout day. This is fine. You can also do handstand practice at a different time, or both on off days and workout days (a great idea, actually). (saves ~10 minutes)
Make triplets rather than pairs, like pull-ups, rest 50s, dips, rest 50s, squats, rest 50s, repeat. (saves ~10 minutes, but not recommended.)
Drop the bodyline work and wrist mobility. Do burpees instead. (saves ~7 minutes, but really not recommended)
Do just the warm-up, and a single triplet (so cut three exercises). (saves ~10 minutes, but really, really not recommended)
Don't workout at all (saves anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes, but really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really not recommended)
4 weeks ago by will.brien
Best practices for securing administrative access in Azure AD | Microsoft Docs
The security of most or all business assets in the modern organization depends on the integrity of the privileged accounts that administer and manage IT systems. Malicious actors including cyber-attackers often target admin accounts and other elements of privileged access to attempt to rapidly gain access to sensitive data and systems using credential theft attacks. For cloud services, prevention and response are the joint responsibilities of the cloud service provider and the customer. For more information about the latest threats to endpoints and the cloud, see the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. This article can help you develop a roadmap toward closing the gaps between your current plans and the guidance described here.
9 weeks ago by will.brien
The Last Conversation You’ll Need to Have About Eating Right
I want to lose weight. Is diet really more important than exercise?
Yes. It is much easier to outeat running than to outrun all of the tempting calories that modern marketing encourages us to cram in. Both diet and exercise are important to health, and exercise is important in weight maintenance. But to lose weight, the preferential focus needs to be on controlling calories in, more than calories out.
march 2018 by will.brien

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