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I created a thorough FOG Server tutorial - Repost! : sysadmin
Also, a important factor to consider is the DHCP situation you are in. If you want to Network PXE boot into your FOG Server, the Network has to somehow know how to handle this PXE Boot Request coming from a client.

I use pfSense as a router and it is no problem whatsoever to set it up to cooperate with FOG. You simply need to add a forwarder to your FOG Server in your pfSense DHCP Settings that point clients to your FOG Server IP for PXE requests. I will show you exactly how to do that in this tutorial.
10 minutes ago by will.brien
Kansas Provides Compelling Evidence of Failure of "Supply-Side" Tax Cuts | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
The dismal results of the 2012-17 Kansas experiment are consistent with the majority of academic studies on the relationship between state personal income tax levels and state economic performance — and with the experience of most states that have pursued similar policies. (Indeed, three academic studies of the effects of the Brownback tax cuts have themselves concluded that they did not stimulate growth.) State policymakers seeking to boost their state’s economies and improve the well-being of their constituents should reject reckless tax cutting and instead focus on improving the quality of their education systems and infrastructure and developing targeted policies to encourage entrepreneurship, rural development, and a more diversified economic base.
3 hours ago by will.brien
Zach Lowe's 2018 NBA All-Star starters and reserves
• Porzingis has hit half of his shots in three of his past 16 games. He doesn't rebound or pass enough; his go-to move is catching the ball 15 feet from the rim, whipping around without taking a dribble or scanning the court, and launching. When he's going badly, Porzingis almost looks like a rich man's Harrison Barnes -- a guy who gets buckets one-on-one in the middle of the court, but doesn't really elevate his team in doing so.

But Porzingis is 7-3, and he's shooting 39 percent from deep on a team that was starved for perimeter talent before Tim Hardaway Jr.'s return. Porzingis's outside shooting unlocks valuable lineup flexibility for Jeff Hornacek and open looks for teammates.

Reuniting with Hardaway has already perked up Porzingis a bit. The Knicks average 1.13 points per possession when a Hardaway-Porzingis pick-and-roll leads directly to a shot (for one of those two, or a teammate one pass away), drawn foul, or turnover -- the fifth-best mark in the league among almost 300 high-volume combinations, per Second Spectrum.

Porzingis also draws a ton of fouls on those quick-hitting post-ups; he's so tall, defenders raising a hand to cloud his vision end up whacking him in the elbow.

Anecdotally, it seems like he has been passing better over the past two weeks. Toss in his defense -- Porzingis ranks among the league's best rim protectors by most public measures -- and he's deserving, despite his annual post-November slump.
12 hours ago by will.brien
Twenty-six Notes on the 25th Anniversary Episode of ‘WWE Raw’ - The Ringer
19. The meta-narrative of the night was the way time ravages even the heartiest among us, but Chris Jericho still has whatever “it” is. He was the star of one of the most memorable moments in Raw history in 1999, and somehow in 2018 he’s still one of the most vital wrestlers in the world. In a backstage segment with Elias, Jericho made the wrestling world bite its collective tongue as he sang a song with an inevitable chorus. (He also wore the T-shirt he was hawking in his recent New Japan run, a small, badass move.)
12 hours ago by will.brien
Candidates Who Signed Up to Battle Donald Trump Must Get Past the Democratic Party First
In district after district, the national party is throwing its weight behind candidates who are out of step with the national mood. The DCCC — known as “the D-trip” in Washington — has officially named 18 candidates as part of its “Red to Blue” program. (A D-trip spokesperson cautioned that a red-to-blue designation is not an official endorsement, but functions that way in practice. Program designees get exclusive financial and strategy resources from the party.) In many of those districts, there is at least one progressive challenger the party is working to elbow aside, some more viable than others. Outside of those 18, the party is coalescing in less formal ways around a chosen candidate — such as in the case of Pennsylvania’s Hartman — even if the DCCC itself is not publicly endorsing.

It’s happening despite a very real shift going on inside the party’s establishment, as it increasingly recognizes the value of small-dollar donors and grassroots networks. “In assessing the strength of candidates for Congress this cycle, we have put a greater premium on their grassroots engagement and local support, recognizing the power and energy of our allies on the ground,” said DCCC Communications Director Meredith Kelly. “A deep and early connection to people in the district is always essential to winning, but it’s more important than ever at this moment in our history.” The committee, meanwhile, has made major investments in grassroots organizing, field work and candidate training, which also represents a genuine change.

But change is hard, and it isn’t happening fast enough for candidates like King. So a constellation of outside progressive groups — some new to this cycle, some legacies of the last decade’s growth in online organizing — are stepping in, seeing explosive fundraising gains while the Democratic National Committee falls further and further behind. The time between now and July, by which most states will have held primaries, will be among the most important six months for the future of the Democratic Party, as the contests will decide what kind of party heads into the midterms in November 2018. The outcome will also shape the Democratic strategy for 2020, which in turn will shape the party’s agenda when and if it does reclaim power.
12 hours ago by will.brien
Keep Your Hands on the Wheel and Don't Look Down | Outside Online
The threats are numerous: soaring cliffs, towers of brittle ice, 8 percent grades, unexpected doglegs. I spoke with Klein over the phone, and he explained that the lower portion of the road is literally chiseled into the vertical rock of the Uncom­pahgre Gorge—a narrow geologic throat 1,000 feet deep in places. The upper portion, beyond Ironton Park, traverses subalpine slopes largely scoured of trees. We talked for 15 minutes and he used the word respect often enough that I lost count. He also exuded a kind of pure, almost childlike enthusiasm for the elemental power of the range, the clarity of purpose his job engenders, and what he called his “Tonka truck.”

By the end of the conversation, an invitation was on the table: come ride.
yesterday by will.brien
How "Exit Traps" Can Make Your Bash Scripts Way More Robust And Reliable
There is a simple, useful idiom to make your bash scripts more robust - ensuring they always perform necessary cleanup operations, even when something unexpected goes wrong. The secret sauce is a pseudo-signal provided by bash, called EXIT, that you can trap; commands or functions trapped on it will execute when the script exits for any reason. Let's see how this works.
7 days ago by will.brien
Introduction to modern network load balancing and proxying
L4 (connection/session) load balancing

When discussing load balancing across the industry today, solutions are often bucketed into two categories: L4 and L7. These categories refer to layer 4 and layer 7 of the OSI model. For reasons that will become obvious when I discuss L7 load balancing, I think it’s unfortunate that these are the terms that we use. The OSI model is a very poor approximation of the complexity of load balancing solutions that include traditional layer 4 protocols such as TCP and UDP but often end up including bits and pieces of protocols at a variety of different OSI layers. i.e., if a L4 TCP load balancer also supports TLS termination, is it now an L7 load balancer?
26 days ago by will.brien
My Favorite Chili Recipe | Mel Joulwan : Well Fed
I haven’t made Chocolate Chili in a slow cooker myself because I don’t love stew-y things cooked in the slow cooker. But if the slow cooker is your thing, here’s the way one reader adapted this recipe for their crockpot. Proceed at your own risk; I haven’t tested this version myself.
6 weeks ago by will.brien
The Armstrong Workout - Armstrong Pullup Program
This program was used by Major Charles Lewis Armstrong, USMC to prepare himself to attempt to set a world record in number of pull-ups completed in a single exercise session. The program provides the necessities for successful physical improvement namely, VARIETY, OVERLOAD, and REGULARITY. Users have achieved remarkable results in only 6 to 8 weeks. This means that most, if not all, have been able to meet the performance level they have set out to achieve, a single set of twenty repetitions. It can not be overemphasized that his program depends upon regularity. Daily performance of the exercises listed in the following paragraphs holds the true key to reaching and to maintaining the twenty repetition level.
8 weeks ago by will.brien
You Should Learn Regex
If this looks complex to you now, don't worry, by the time we finish the tutorial understanding this expression will be trivial.
october 2017 by will.brien
How to Migrate Email from One Gmail Account to Another
Moving from One Gmail Account to Another from Your Desktop Client Once your old account is ready for the transfer, you ll have to create all the same labels in your new account that exist in your old one. Then just jump into your client of choice and start dragging and dropping the messages from the old folders to the new folders by hitting select all in the old folder and then dragging that mass to the new folder . Do this for all your folders/labels, including your Inbox and Sent Mail, excluding All Mail for now . That should get you a good amount of your messages, but we still need to deal with the un-labeled emails in the All Mail folder.
october 2017 by will.brien
Configure Postfix to use Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS Certificate (Debian 8 Jessie) - Latgale Blog
I just migrated to use Let’s Encrypt certificates instead of paid for certificates and free StartSSL. I also migrated one server to use ISPConfig 3.1 RC1 for the reason of Let’s Encrypt support. This time I decided to go deeper in exploring encrypted SMTP. I had TLS configured with the old certificated, but I had never looked deeper into Postfix configuration. This time I did!
september 2017 by will.brien
Learning Python without Library Overload - Chris Conlan
I was just browsing Quora after coming back from dinner, and there were lot of night owls asking “How do I learn XYZ from scratch?”

Naturally, I swooped in to assist with the Python-related questions. Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to learn Python. I have seen many people of many different ages get burnt out on learning Python because they went about it all wrong. The key to learning Python is to do just that, no more, no less.
september 2017 by will.brien
Securing Windows Workstations: Developing a Secure Baseline – Active Directory Security
Securing Windows Workstation:

Deploying Free/Near-Free Microsoft Tools to Improve Windows Security
Deploy Microsoft AppLocker to lock down what can run on the system.

Deploy current version of EMET with recommended software settings.

Deploy LAPS to manage the local Administrator (RID 500) password.
Force Group Policy to reapply settings during “refresh”
Disable Windows Legacy & Typically Unused Features

Disable Net Session Enumeration (NetCease)

Disable WPAD
Disable LLMNR

Disable Windows Browser Protocol

Disable NetBIOS

Disable Windows Scripting Host (WSH) & Control Scripting File Extensions

Deploy security back-port patch (KB2871997).

Prevent local Administrator (RID 500) accounts from authenticating over the network

Ensure WDigest is disabled
Remove SMB v1 support

Windows 10 & Windows 2016

Windows 10 & 2016 System Image Configuration
Block Untrusted Fonts
Enable Credential Guard
Configure Device Guard
Application Security Settings

Disable Microsoft Office Macros

Disable Microsoft Office OLE
Additional Group Policy Security Settings
Configure Lanman Authentication to a secure setting
Configure restrictions for unauthenticated RPC clients
Configure NTLM session security
security  windows  sysadmin  work  grouppolicy  @read 
september 2017 by will.brien
DevOps Topologies
Type 3: Ops as Infrastructure-as-a-Service

For organisations with a fairly traditional IT Operations department which cannot or will not change rapidly [enough], and for organisations who run all their applications in the public cloud (Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Azure, etc.), it probably helps to treat Operations as a team who simply provides the elastic infrastructure on which applications are deployed and run; the internal Ops team is thus directly equivalent to Amazon EC2, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

A team (perhaps a virtual team) within Dev then acts as a source of expertise about operational features, metrics, monitoring, server provisioning, etc., and probably does most of the communication with the IaaS team. This team is still a Dev team, however, following standard practices like TDD, CI, iterative development, coaching, etc.

The IaaS topology trades some potential effectiveness (losing direct collaboration with Ops people) for easier implementation, possibly deriving value more quickly than by trying for Type 1 (Dev and Ops Collaboration) which could be attempted at a later date.
Type 3

Type 3 suitability: organisations with several different products and services, with a traditional Ops department, or whose applications run entirely in the public cloud.

Potential effectiveness: MEDIUM
devops  programming  work  sysadmin  @read 
september 2017 by will.brien

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