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An open source deep learning platform that provides a seamless path from research prototyping to production deployment.
pytorch  torch  ai  deep  learning  machine-learning  python  programming  library 
4 hours ago by vicchow
Paul Allen: The Singularity Isn't Near - MIT Technology Review
General-purpose AI is not coming as soon as some predict.
essays  ai 
7 hours ago by adambyrtek
"If the is wrong then the machine will just learn to to Lost." cannot replace humans &…
Ai  InformationArchitecture  from twitter_favs
7 hours ago by mattedgar
A pioneering scientist explains ‘deep learning’ - The Verge
A pioneering scientist explains ‘deep learning’: Buzzwords like “deep learning” and “neural networks” are everywhere, but so much of the popular understanding is misguided, says Terrence Sejnowski, a computational neuroscientist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. via Pocket, added at:October 17, 2018 at 07:24AM
IFTTT  Pocket  ai  artificial  intelligence  machine  learning  the  verge 
7 hours ago by LordEnzo
Tencent employs facial recognition to detect minors in top-grossing mobile game ‘Honour of Kings’ | South China Morning Post
Tencent’s stricter controls over underage gamers come amid Beijing’s call to protect children’s health, with the government blaming the country’s widespread myopia on the playing of video games.
tencent  GAMES  ai  recognition  privacy  apac  kids 
7 hours ago by dancall
China’s Surveillance State: AI startups, Tech Giants Are At The Center Of The Government's Plans
The government’s ambitious plans hinge on three legs: support from big tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent, strong startup partnerships, and elaborately crafted government policies favoring national security over privacy.
apac  ai  privacy  trends  tencent  alibaba  recognition 
7 hours ago by dancall
5 ways Google Pixel 3 camera pushes the boundaries of computational photography
Motion photos turns on automatically when the camera detects interesting activity, and Top Shot now uses AI to automatically suggest the best photo of the bunch, even if it's a moment that occurred before you pressed the shutter button. ... At their best, these technologies allow you to focus on the moment, perhaps even enjoy it, and sometimes even help you to capture memories you might have otherwise missed
photography  phones  ai  google  cameras 
10 hours ago by terry

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