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Server to Client · An A List Apart Article
Before anything can happen in a browser, it must first know where to go. There are multiple ways to get somewhere: entering a URL in the address bar, clicking (or tapping) on a link on a page or in another app, or clicking on a favorite. No matter the case, these all result in what’s called a navigation. A navigation is the very first step in any web interaction, as it kicks off a chain reaction of events that culminates in a web page being loaded.
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10 weeks ago by vegarev
Tags to DOM · An A List Apart Article
Once the browser engine finally gets the resource, it needs to start turning it into a rendered web page. In this segment, we focus primarily on HTML resources, and how the tags of HTML are transformed into the building blocks for what will eventually be presented on screen.
alistapart  browser  html 
10 weeks ago by vegarev
Tags to DOM · An A List Apart Article
In this segment, we focus primarily on HTML resources, and how the tags of HTML are transformed into the building blocks for what will eventually be presented on screen.
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11 weeks ago by tamouse
Application Cache is a Douchebag · An A List Apart Article
by Jake Archibald May 08, 2012

Published in Application Development, HTML, JavaScript

Good morning! Over in “castle Lanyrd” we recently launched our mobile site, which caches data on events you’re attending for viewing offline. I’ve boiled the offline bits down to a simple demo and posted all the code on Github. But before we delve into the code, let me tell you a true story. Totally true.

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I was at a party, one where the guests were mostly strangers to one another. I was part of a little huddle that was awkwardly trying to make introductions. A rather pretty lady turned to one of the shyer members of the group, introduced herself as “Dev,” and asked “So, what do you do then?”

“Oh, I’m the LocalStorage” he replied, shuffling uncomfortably. “I provide a scripting interface for text storage maintained across pages and browser sessions.”

“Yeah, he’s basically a shelf!” interrupted another. The group tittered at LocalStorage’s expense. I stayed silent, as I’d come to know this guy pretty well.

Another member of the group piped up. “Hi, I’m ApplicationCache,” he said, as he reached over to shake Dev’s hand. “I turn your offline experience from sucks-ass, to success. Just one extra file, and bosh! It works. No fuss, no ‘scripting’ necessary.” Yes, he did finger-quotes while saying ‘scripting.’ I’m gritting my teeth at this point, because I know he’s greatly exaggerating his abilities and the others don’t see it. However, if I call “bullshit” on it I’ll seem like the jerk.

I felt bad for not doing anything on that completely real evening. It’s painful to see articles that praise ApplicationCache’s ease of use, written by people who’ve clearly only met him in passing. I must set the record straight: I’m here to tell you ApplicationCache is a douchebag.
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october 2018 by ndf
Writing Testable JavaScript · An A List Apart Article

Apps that are written in a traditional procedural style can be very difficult to unit test—and difficult to maintain, debug, and extend, too. But if we write our code with our future unit testing needs in mind, we will not only find that writing the tests becomes more straightforward than we might have expected, but also that we’ll simply write better code, too.
development  programming  coding  javascript  testing  tdd  article  alistapart 
october 2018 by davidgasperoni
Introducing Writing for Designers by Scott Kubie — Scott Kubie
Writing for Designers is a 60-some page ebook in the Briefs series from A Book Apart. It explains how to get the writing done on design projects. via Pocket
writing  ux  alistapart 
september 2018 by laurajnash
A Dao of Web Design · An A List Apart Article
Web designers often bemoan the malleable nature of the web, which seems to defy our efforts at strict control over layout and typography. But maybe the problem is not the web. Maybe the problem is us. John Allsopp looks at web design through the prism of the Tao Te Ching, and decides that designers should let the web be the web.
alistapart  web  design  webdesign  web-design 
august 2018 by lenards
Order Out of Chaos: Patterns of Organization for Writing on the Job · An A List Apart Article
Favorite tweet:

“There are foundational principles and patterns of organization that are relevant to any professional who must convey technical information in writing, and you can adapt these concepts to bring order out of chaos whether or not you’re a full-time writer.”

— A List Apart (@alistapart) July 7, 2018
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july 2018 by chaserx
Priority Guides: A Content-First Alternative to Wireframes
Little-known, yet highly effective, priority guides are the content-first, responsive alternative to the ubiquitous wireframe.
design  content  article  wireframes  contentdesign  alistapart  wireframe  ux 
may 2018 by Jolantis
“Priority Guides: A Content-First Alternative to Wireframes” by Heleen van Nues and Lennart Overkamp
That’s why we use an alternative that avoids the pitfalls of wireframes: the priority guide. It not only keeps our process user-centered and creates more valuable designs for our users (whether used alongside wireframes or as a direct replacement), it’s also improved team engagement, collaboration, and design workflows.
wireframes  alistapart  article  design  ux  content  responsivedesign 
may 2018 by beep
Web Typography: Designing Tables to be Read, Not Looked At · An A List Apart Article
Despite the huge variation in table size, complexity, contents and purpose, every table shares two simple design principles: they should be readable and support a sense of the data held within.
html  css  table  design  numerals  numeros  text  align  alistapart  articles  tutorials 
may 2018 by jaumeb

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