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An Insider’s Take on API Strategy | Okta
"First, the good news:

98% of respondents said they had an API strategy in place
95% are planning to invest in APIs in the near future
28% said their strategies were already “successfully planned and implemented”
An additional 44% said their strategies were “likely to succeed”
But there’s some bad news too:

Only 36% said Security teams perform audits of their APIs
Only 4% said Product Managers approve the launching of their APIs
Only 8% of respondents said Engineering, IT, Security, and Product Management were all involved in API security
survey  apis  security  okta 
8 days ago by earth2marsh
OMDb API - The Open Movie Database
It *still* narks me that IMDb was sold to Amazon, so it’s nice to see this. Last time I looked it was offline. (via Paul Robert Lloyd)
movies  apis  via:paulrobertlloyd 
8 days ago by philgyford
Behind the collapse: The real cost of Bitcoin's fall from grace
Analysing data from Companies House and OpenCorporates, Sky News has found that at least 340 companies related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain were dissolved or liquidated this year, compared to 139 in the previous year.

More than 200 of those companies were incorporated with Companies House during 2017, when the value of Bitcoin surged 1,500% through to its peak in December.
companieshouse  apis  carmen  sky  dj  bitcoin  tech  scrapingeg 
14 days ago by paulbradshaw
2018 in Review: The Biggest Developments around Microservices, API Gateways, Kubernetes and Service Mesh | Glasnostic Blog
2018 was an exciting year for both, open source developers and vendors in the microservices and API space. In this post, we’ll recap the major developments and product announcements, plus make a few predictions for 2019.
trend  apis  microservices 
15 days ago by euler
Public APIs
A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.
api  APIs  coding  programming  webdev 
15 days ago by rockbandit
Public APIs UI
I upvoted PUBLIC APIs UI on Product Hunt: Find public APIs and start building projects and share them. at January 6, 2019 at 10:51AM
Product  Hunt  Web  App  APIs  User  Experience  Developer  Tools  Tech 
16 days ago by iamthefury

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