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(وأما الذين آمنوا وعملوا الصالحات فيوفيهم أجورهم والله لا يحب الظالمين) [آل عمران:57]
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39 minutes ago by dcolanduno
Teju Cole on turning his photography into music with jazz pianist and fellow polymath Vijay Iyer
I take notes at the time of being in places. I take a lot of photographs. You never know until you develop your film whether that idea worked. If I photograph a shining Mediterranean full of boats, it could be a perfectly banal picture or it could work. It might just have enough tension in it. I don’t know for weeks and months after I develop the film whether something I’ve done retains its charge. And I don’t know of the many things I’ve jotted down which one is worth writing up more fully. It’s not about text or image coming first. It’s about being attentive — about having both pieces come together like magnets.
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1 hour ago by allaboutgeorge
On Generative Algorithms: Introduction · inconvergent
An illustrated essay on generative algorithms written by Anders Hoff.
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1 hour ago by ShaneWilton
@pentagram : RT @agi_open: #EddieOpara socio del multipremiado estudio @pentagram, impartirá un taller en @vertigogaleria de diseño de criptomonedas. Las inscripciones están abiertas y a la venta en (costo $700) International Design Conference #ElOtroLado #AgiOpen #AgiOpenMx :
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1 hour ago by dcolanduno

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