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Scaling up An Existing Application with Lambda Functions – aws advent
What is Serverless? Serverless infrastructure is the latest buzzword in tech, but from the name itself, it’s not clear what it means.
IFTTT  Pocket  aws  lambda  serverless 
31 minutes ago by metacreek
Lambda Logs in ELK
How to ingest AWS Lambda Log Streams from CloudWatch into an ELK monitoring stack
aws  lambda  serverless  elk  cloudwatch  monitoring 
5 hours ago by j0k
Becoming a Nimble Giant: How DynamoDB serves Nike at Scale
As we look to our digital future, one of Nike’s key initiatives takes center stage: a microservices architecture with cloud deployment. Over the last few years, the small number of…
aws  aws-dynamodb  read2of  software-architecture  nike 
10 hours ago by xer0x
Stackery | Serverless Acceleration Software
Similar to serverless but with a visual builder. Maybe based on node-red or something?
serverless  aws  lambda  code  devtools 
12 hours ago by activescott

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