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Publications and Presentations | Jai Mackenzie's Research Blog
inc lovely slide presentation, cv of things that didn't happen / didn't work etc as well as things that did
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3 hours ago by UnchartedWorlds
Trans citation practices — a quick-and-dirty guideline

Literally no other group of people has a mass of assholes insisting on using a name they no longer want to be used. The only purpose of intentional deadnaming is harassment, no matter how “good faith” you think it is. (Katelyn Burns, Nov 29 2018, Twitter)
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4 hours ago by jesse_the_k
Is Email Making Professors Stupid? - The Chronicle of Higher Education

It used to simplify crucial tasks. Now it’s strangling scholars’ ability to think.
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5 hours ago by toddrains
[1803.05316] Seven Sketches in Compositionality: An Invitation to Applied Category Theory
This book is an invitation to discover advanced topics in category theory through concrete, real-world examples. It aims to give a tour: a gentle, quick introduction to guide later exploration. The tour takes place over seven sketches, each pairing an evocative application, such as databases, electric circuits, or dynamical systems, with the exploration of a categorical structure, such as adjoint functors, enriched categories, or toposes.
No prior knowledge of category theory is assumed.
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yesterday by lamnatos
An Honest Living – Steve Salaita
“I always figured that an airplane is a good spot for revolution. It’s likely to happen during the boarding process, when tired, cranky travelers who have been nagged and cajoled for hours file through business class on the way to economy and see a bunch of assholes chilling in spacious recliners, cocktails in hand.

Or they could slink into 19-inch-wide middle seats and concede that discomfort is the way of the world, that money justifies inequality, and with harder work they’ll one day relax on the right side of the curtain. No amount of adoring audiences, no accumulation of awards and honoraria, will influence their decision. They took too many bus trips to school as children.”

“Little ethical difference exists between legitimate business and the underworld. One group performs legal violence, but both rely on deceit and aggression to maintain an atmosphere conducive to profit. If anything, corporations surpass the brutality of cartels and black marketeers, or exist in league with them. Governments serve at the behest of corporations.”
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2 days ago by avashevko

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