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technique:ganeti [Alsace Réseau Neutre]
Ganeti permet la migration à chaud de machines virtuelles ce qui permet une disponibilité du service de virtualisation en cas de panne ou de maintenance. Ganeti simplifie grandement la gestion de machines virtuelles.
ganeti  administration  howto  reference  association  ffdn  lang:fr  wiki 
3 hours ago by whilelm
How To: Configuring Bootable RAID1 with mdadm
Using mdadm to create a software level RAID1 for boot and root partitions
linux  raid  filesystem  administration 
7 days ago by DirkR
jmtd → log → duc
duc is a tool to record and visualise disk space usage. Recording and visualising are performed separately, meaning the latter is very fast. There are several visualisers available. The three most interesting ones are
linux  administration  visualization  tools  programme  to_try 
8 days ago by archangel
How To: 2 Methods To Change TimeZone in Linux
Shows how to manually change the timezone in Linux systems. Very helpful.
blog  tutorial  howto  example  change  linux  timezone  system  administration  guide  reference  date  time  datetime 
12 days ago by racl101

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