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poweradminllc/PAExec: Remote execution, like PsExec
Remote execution, like PsExec. Contribute to poweradminllc/PAExec development by creating an account on GitHub.
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yesterday by plaxx
Ser un anfitrión responsable en España | Airbnb

Hemos creado este artículo para ayudar a los anfitriones en Airbnb a familiarizarse con sus obligaciones y ofrecer una visión general de las diferentes leyes, normativas y prácticas recomendadas que pueden afectarles. Debes respetar nuestras normas, incluidos nuestros estándares de hospitalidad, y asegurarte de que cumples la legislación local y otras pautas que se aplican a tus circunstancias específicas en el lugar donde te encuentras, tales como nuestros estándares contra la discriminación.

Te recomendamos que investigues por tu cuenta, ya que este artículo no contiene toda la información disponible acerca de esta cuestión y no puede considerarse asesoramiento jurídico o fiscal. Ten en cuenta que no actualizamos este artículo en tiempo real, por lo que debes comprobar todas las fuentes para asegurarte de que la información proporcionada no haya cambiado recientemente.
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2 days ago by abetancort
Will John Bolton Bring on Armageddon—Or Stave It Off?

One thing liberals and neoconservatives share, Bolton suggested, is an irrational, “theological” attachment to principles—the principle that treaties and alliances are good (in the case of internationalist liberals) or that democracy must be spread at the expense of all else (in the case of neoconservatives). By contrast, he thought treaties and alliances needed unsentimental evaluation. One of the Russians on Putin’s team told him, “You strike me as a pragmatic diplomat.” “I said, ‘That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said about me for a long time.’ ” Bolton recalled, “Even in the Bush 43 administration, when we were most accused of unilateralism, I didn’t get up every morning thinking, What act of unilateralism can I accomplish today? I got up thinking, What interest of the United States are we going to advance today?”

It’s difficult to exaggerate how hard it is to earn a reputation as a dick in Washington. It’s like being known as a real nerd by fellow scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or as the resident prude by sisters at a nunnery. In Washington, boorishness can be a virtue, if the boor in question is on your side and gets things done. (Witness the admiration for Lyndon B. Johnson, who would sit on the toilet and summon aides to talk policy while smelling his fumes, and the contempt for the pious Jimmy Carter.) But Bolton is almost universally known for being off-putting and ill-tempered. “One of the world’s cheapest people,” says an ex-colleague. “An extremely unpleasant person,” says another.

At the UN, he exuded contempt. In his memoir he says the General Assembly hall’s architecture is “vaguely fascist.” He scoffs at the tendency to treat Kofi Annan, the secretary general, as “a secular pope,” and he calls General Assembly President Jan Eliasson “President of the World.” Neither title is meant as a compliment. Nor is the nickname “EUroids,” which he uses to describe Europeans he considers pains in the ass.

“Bolton is a sovereigntist,” John Yoo told me. “He thinks the U.S. should not be bound by international organizations, and we should not be ceding our authority to the United Nations or NAFTA.” After the Cold War, “the U.S. tied itself down with multilateral institutions, primarily run by Europeans, to constrain our freedom of action—to tie down Gulliver.” Every time the United States joins an alliance, or consents to arbitration on equal terms with, say, Latvia or Guinea, one more rope is lashed over Gulliver’s limbs.

Bolton may have mind-melded with Trump better than McMaster did, but inevitably the president and his national security adviser will disagree, both on style and on substance. One is an unreconstructed Cold Warrior; the other is an isolationist. One says nothing without precise calculation; the other speaks seemingly without consulting his own prefrontal cortex. As the differences between their personalities multiply, savvy enemies will simply cease to believe that Bolton carries Trump’s authority. Trump, flattered, will agree.
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4 days ago by aries1988

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