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UX best practices: How to design scannable app screenshots
Discover & share this The Bachelor GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs.
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5 days ago by alexmc
‎Duet Display on the App Store
‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Duet Display. Download Duet Display and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
apps  ipad  screens  displays  hack  iphone  mobile  appstore  ios 
7 days ago by po
My App Is Dead in the Water – Matt Stanford – Medium
Apple reviewed his hacker news client and said it was displaying information from the stories, so it was in violation of the rules.
appstore  via:HackerNews 
7 days ago by mcherm
Apple pulling high-grossing subscription apps with scammy offers off the App Store • Forbes
John Koetsier:
<p>Apple is systematically combing through the App Store's subscription apps looking for potentially confusing terms of service and pulling apps that look problematic, according to multiple mobile app developers.

The problem?

Scammy subscription apps charging users hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

I broke the story earlier this month and TechCrunch added more fuel to the fire this week.  Many subscription apps had a large "Free Trial" button with tiny print beneath it detailing the subscription terms, which often totaled hundreds of dollars a year in credit-card charges. Consumers who didn't read the fine print got caught with sometimes-significant fees.

A developer contact who had a similar app received the following notification from Apple, indicating that his app was being pulled due to its subscription process.

"It seems they are automatically pulling any and every non-big-name app that has a high IAS [in-app subscription revenue]," Albert Renshaw posted on Facebook.

The trial button is the key.

"They’ve been pulling apps and rejecting apps that have a massive button that says 'X days free” without the price inside that button," another developer said. "People don’t read the fine print and that's who they’re after. Before they were lenient but with the negative publicity they’re strict as hell now."</p>

Good. Scams deserve to get squashed.
scam  subscription  appstore 
26 days ago by charlesarthur
Portugal courts rule Google can't remove Aptoide from users' Android phones • Pocketnow
Jules Wang:
<p>Portugese third-party Android app store Aptoide has claimed a major legal victory against the maker of said OS — this coming on top of Google’s recent compliance measures to the European Commission’s ruling against the bundling of its search and web clients with popular apps.

The verdict is said to ban Google’s Play Protect software, the security suite associated with the Play Store, from identifyting Aptoide as malware and removing it, occasionally without users’ consent. Aptoide must be downloaded from its site. Play Protect would show prompts urging the user to uninstall the app because it is unsafe and would prevent users from downloading any apps from the store.

Aptoide says the ruling is applicable to 82 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and India. It hopes to recover some of the more than 2.2 million daily active users it has lost in the past 60 days. For reference, it boasts 250 million users with 6 billion total downloads.</p>

OK, so Google can't ban it, even if it thinks it's malware. Got that? Now read on...
google  android  appstore 
28 days ago by charlesarthur
Sneaky subscriptions are plaguing the App Store • TechCrunch
Sarah Perez:
<p>Subscriptions have turned into a booming business for app developers, accounting for $10.6bn in consumer spend on the App Store in 2017, and poised to grow to $75.7bn by 2022. But alongside this healthy growth, a number of scammers are now taking advantage of subscriptions in order to trick users into signing up for expensive and recurring plans. They do this by intentionally confusing users with their app’s design and flow, by making promises of “free trials” that convert after only a matter of days, and other misleading tactics.

Apple will soon have an influx of consumer complaints on its hands if it doesn’t reign in these scammers more quickly…

…How are apps like QR code readers, document scanners, translators and weather apps raking in so much money? Especially when some of their utilitarian functions can be found elsewhere for much less, or even for free?

This raises the question as to whether some app developers are trying to scam App Store users by way of subscriptions.

We’ve found that does appear to be true, in many cases.

After reading through the critical reviews across the top money-making utilities, you’ll find customers complaining that the apps are too aggressive in pushing subscriptions (e.g. via constant prompts), offer little functionality without upgrading, provide no transparency around how free trials work and make it difficult to stop subscription payments, among other things.</p>

There's a scanner app which is raking in $14.3m annually by charging $4 per week, and uses a total scam to get you to sign up. Aren't people noticing this stuff on their bills?
apple  subscriptions  scam  appstore 
4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
How To Submit An App To The App Store (The Right Way)
Ready to submit your iOS app to the App Store? Here's a step-by-step guide outlining how to do it – the right way.
appstore  submit  app  apple  osx 
5 weeks ago by tombensve
Lite Apps List - A centralized place to find all the best lite apps available right now.
「Lite Apps List」是一个专门收录精简版安卓手机应用的网站,精简版其实就是各大互联网企业发布的轻量级应用,既可以满足类似的需求,又能更快速、更节省资源,提高手机的使用速度,可以说是臃肿应用的最佳替代。
5 weeks ago by huangjingyun

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