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10 years ago, the App Store still didn’t understand what it meant to be mobile - The Verge
"While 2018’s apps are almost laughably predictable in terms of what tops the chart, the 2008 apps are far more eclectic. It’s a reflection of the early, Wild West days where developers were trying to grab people’s attention with whatever they could."
2008  ios  iphone  appstore  digital  culture  mobile 
8 days ago by danhon
The App Store turns 10 - Apple
apple  appstore  history 
9 days ago by summerwind
Cathode is a fully customizable terminal app with a look inspired by classic computers. Don't let the playful exterior fool you; under the hood there's an advanced emulator designed for serious work.
ios  cli  terminal  ssh  development  appstore  cathode  secretgeometry 
10 days ago by moalex
Apple looks back at ten years of the App Store | iLounge News
[…] the App Store opened on July 10, 2008, with the release of the iPhone 3G and iPhone Software 2.0. At launch, the App Store included a mere 500 apps, 25 percent of which were available for free, and 90 percent of the commercial apps selling for $9.99 or less. Games also made up a third of the initial set of apps, and then-CEO Steve Jobs insisted that Apple was not trying to make money of the App Store specifically, but simply wanted to use the App Store as a way to “sell more iPhones.”

As Apple eagerly points out, the App Store grew from these fledgling roots into a “cultural, social and economic phenomenon” that redefined how users interacted with both their mobile devices and the internet at large, and today the App Store is available in 155 countries, includes apps from over 20 million registered developers, and gets over 500 million visits per week.
stats  spunti  sda  soa  appstore  apple  storia  software  app  iphone  ios 
10 days ago by nicoladagostino
Creating App Previews with iMovie
Learn how to create an app preview video with iMovie to showcase your app.
development  support  appstore  guide  marketing  Apple  publishing 
24 days ago by JohanHWB

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