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MachineProfile collects key technical hardware information about your Mac that's not easily found elsewhere or by clicking through the tabs in "About This Mac…". Get that information now with MachineProfile, before you need to use it.

MachineProfile is especially valuable when reviewing system compatibility or when sharing your Mac's system information with others. MachineProfile displays the technical profile of a Mac in a single window, which can then be saved as Text or PDF or emailed to others. Using MachineProfile, it's easier to find your Mac's serial number, processor speed, if you're running in 64 bit or 32 bit mode, whether you can run the next version of the macOS, and more.
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1 hour ago by kOoLiNuS
Buy Certified Refurbished Apple Products | RefurbMe
This website does the heavily lifting of finding good deals on refurbs Apple products.
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4 hours ago by jefftriplett
These 299 MacOS apps are so buggy, Apple had to fix them in AppKit • Worth Doing Badly
Zhuowei Zhang:
<p>Looking through the list of apps tells a lot about what apps Apple considers essential to the Mac platform: after all, they put special effort to make them work on newer system versions. So what apps do Apple consider important?

• Productivity apps from large companies:<br />most of the Adobe suite; the Microsoft Office suite; Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Maya; Matlab; Ableton Live; Intuit Quicken/QuickBooks; TurboCAD; VMWare Fusion

• Communication apps:<br />Google Chrome; Opera Browser; Twitter for Mac; Tencent QQ, WeChat; AOL Messenger; Citrix GoToMeeting; Cisco Spark; HipChat; Sketch; Spotify; Evernote; Dropbox

• A surprisingly high number of games. I suspect there are even more IDs in game-specific libraries such as OpenGL.

Blizzard’s games: installer, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Battle.NET; Grid 2 Reloaded; Dragon Age 2 (of course)

• Open-source apps:<br />Firefox; VLC; Blender; Eclipse; AquaMacs (an Emacs port); OpenJDK; Textual IRC…</p>

It's a remarkable list - in many cases, Apple puts in fixes so that the apps (older or newer versions) won't crash immediately, or at some random point. (See? All those feedback notes you send when the apps crash do have some effect.)

Now try to guess how many of these patches there are for UIKit, Apple's iOS foundation to which first- and third-party apps are written.
programming  software  Apple  macos  apps 
9 hours ago by charlesarthur
John Carmack recalls “frustrating” arguments with Apple’s Steve Jobs | Ars Technica
Memories from a decades-long relationship of mutual respect and confrontation.
When John Carmack talks publicly these days, he's usually focused on intricate technical matters, the blue-sky potential of virtual reality, or occasionally business-focused lawsuits. So when the Doom co-creator and Oculus CTO used a lengthy Facebook post to open up about his memories of Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs, it provided an interesting and rare look into two enigmatic tech luminaries.
Carmack leads off by recalling his fondness for Jobs' expensive NeXT workstations, mentioning a failed marketing deal to feature "Developed on NeXT" branding on the original Doom, well before it was a cultural phenomenon. That failed marketing deal put Jobs and Carmack in each others' orbit, a proximity which Carmack says he used to convince Jobs to adopt OpenGL 3D graphics standards on Macintosh, rather than using Apple's own proprietary API.
apple  steve_jobs  facebook  history 
17 hours ago by rgl7194

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