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Apple’s iCloud partner in China will store user data on servers of state-run telecom
China-based Apple iCloud users will have their data stored on servers run by the state-run China Telecom, The Verge reports, linking to a public WeChat post from the telecom company. Apple first announced iCloud data for China-based users would be relocated to China-based servers back in February (Reuters):

Verge: "Apple’s Chinese iCloud partner, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (GCBD), has cut a deal with the state-run China Telecom to move user data to the latter’s servers, according to a public-facing WeChat post from China Telecom. Though the iCloud data is end-to-end encrypted, the encryption keys are also stored in China, raising the possibility the Chinese government could gain access to it...the decision reasonably has some critics of the company’s business strategy in the country concerned. Apple has largely met the demands of the Chinese government in order to sell its products overseas and maintain its business relationships with local suppliers."
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4 hours ago by dmcdev
Apples iCloud-Daten werden in China künftig auf staatlich überwachten Servern gespeichert
😳 »Apple hatte die chinesischen Nutzer bereits Anfang des Jahres darauf hingewiesen, dass sie ihre Konten löschen sollen, wenn sie mit der Speicherung der Daten in ihrem Land nicht einverstanden sind.«
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5 hours ago by akawee - Welke Macbook kopen?
Koopadvies en vergelijking van verschillende Macbooks.
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13 hours ago by Geddie
I've lost control of my life 🌸🌸 - an entomologist rates ant emojis
an entomologist rates ant emojis Beautiful big almond eye, realistic and full of expression as she gazes gently at you. Elbowed antennae and delicately segmented legs and body. Gorgeous pearlescent...
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16 hours ago by pmigdal
Bitmoji: the emoji avatar app taking on Apple and Facebook | Technology | The Guardian
t might not be marked in your diary, but 17 July is World Emoji Day. Why? Because, if you’re on an Apple or Google platform, that’s the date the calendar emoji 📆 shows.
To mark the occasion, Apple replaced all of its executive headshots with cartoony “memoji”, a new feature coming in iOS 12 for iPhone X users, which lets them create custom avatars and ping them over to friends and family.

The feature was introduced in June by Apple vice-president Craig Federighi, who boasted that “we’ve worked hard to build a deep set of customisation options to let our customers create an incredibly diverse set of memoji”. And Apple’s not the only one.
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17 hours ago by dancall

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