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RT : 月額定額制で5,000万曲の世界へ。 で #ユーミンと出会おう
AppleMusic  from twitter
8 days ago by hiro
‎松任谷由実をApple Musicで
RT : 月額定額制で5,000万曲の世界へ。 で #ユーミンと出会おう
AppleMusic  from twitter
8 days ago by hiro
More Apple Music features offered to artists through three 'preferred' distributors
So far, there are only three distributors that have been designated as Preferred Plus services: CD Baby, Kontor New Media, and The Orchard.
fordjbatman  apple  applemusic  music  digitale 
4 weeks ago by nicoladagostino
Apple Music Taps CD Baby, The Orchard and Kontor For 'Apple Preferred Distribution Program'
Apple Music has named three distributors as part of their “Apple Preferred Distribution Program”: CD Baby, The Orchard, and Kontor New Media. The move is similar to Spotify’s October announcement of its own list of preferred partners, which included both CD Baby and The Orchard, along with Emu-Bands, FUGA, and Distrokid. Per Hypebot, the criteria for Preferred Plus on Apple is a combination of delivering in quantity (40,000) songs per month and having a “‘low music rejection rate.”
dd  applemusic 
5 weeks ago by motiveunknown
Penny Fractions: 30,000,000 Million Free Users Can't Be Wrong
A bit of back of the napkin math shows for KOD the average number of streams per platform by ever United States listener would’ve been: 3.2 plays per Apple Music user and 0.73 plays per Spotify user. Apple Music might be less than half the size of Spotify in the United States, but for J. Cole not only did he outperform but that occurred on the platform where he gets paid even more per stream. The rapper might hold million of monthly listeners on Spotify but at least for that single week it was Apple Music that was really paying out. This is even repeated worldwide where Travis Scott’s most recent album Astroworld in its first 24 hours globally was streamed 80 million times on Apple Music compared to 64.5 million times on Spotify. The same held up for Drake and his most recent album Scorpion which was streamed 170 million times in its first 24 hours on Apple Music and only 132 million times on Spotify.
dd  spotify  applemusic 
12 weeks ago by motiveunknown
+ = stupidity

Purchase a single.
Purchase the album containing the single.
Song (single) not…
itunes  AppleMusic  from twitter
august 2018 by richardy
Apple Rolling Out New Friends Mix to Apple Music Subscribers – MacStories
“Apple Music subscribers on Twitter and Reddit are beginning to report that a new algorithmic mix has begun showing up in the ‘For You’ section of Apple Music. First noticed on the r/AppleMusic subreddit, the mix includes a collection of songs to which people you follow through Apple Music’s Friends feature are listening.

“Further details emerged on Twitter, where it’s been reported that the Friends Mix includes 25 songs and is updated every Monday.”
macstories  applemusic  friends  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Keep a master playlist of your Apple Music Mixes using Shortcuts – The Sweet Setup
Use Shortcuts to keep master playlists of all your curated Apple Music Mixes and ensure music you like is played more often.
music  shortcuts  applemusic 
august 2018 by bonni208
How Smart Speakers Are Changing the Way We Listen to Music
When Australian indie rocker Courtney Barnett was featured on Amazon’s “Today in Music” program, Jessica Page, the director of digital at Barnett’s label Mom + Pop, says that Barnett’s sales and streams increased immediately. Amazon’s built-in listening audience is significant: One research firm put Amazon Music’s subscription numbers at 16 million last October, good enough for third place behind Spotify and Apple, and a source told Variety in March that those numbers are steadily climbing, and increasingly dependent on Echo integration.
dd  amazon  spotify  applemusic 
july 2018 by motiveunknown
Apple Music to exclusively stream Ed Sheeran documentary
Apple Music has scored another major music video exclusive with Ed Sheeran’s documentary Songwriter set to arrive on the service worldwide on August 28. Directed by Sheeran’s cousin and filmmaker, Murray Cummings, the film documents the creation of his chart-topping third album, Divide. Songwriter was produced by Kimmie Kim and executive produced by Sheeran’s manager Stuart Camp and Stefan Demetriou, who was head of Warner Music’s creative hub Firepit before jumping ship for Universal last year.
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july 2018 by motiveunknown

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