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Full LP finally available to stream on 🤘
ONEOKROCK  applemusic  from twitter
2 days ago by richardy
Sadly not streaming on yet but it's on Spotify. 🤘
applemusic  from twitter
3 days ago by richardy
Apple touts Services growth with 85M monthly active Apple News users, 50M paid Apple Music subscribers, 1.4 billion active devices, more - 9to5Mac
During Apple’s Q1 2019 earnings call today, Tim Cook shared updates on how some of the company’s Services have been growing including details on Apple News, Apple Pay, Apple Music, and more. This comes as Apple reported 19% Services growth YoY for a new record of $10.9B in revenue. […] Cook said that Apple Music now has 50M paid subscribers. We heard last summer that the service was at 40M paid subscribers, a growth of 10M in around six months.

Another big stat that Cook shared was the number of currently active Apple devices. Last year, there were 1.3 billion active devices, with the latest update showing growth of 100M to 1.4B. For more perspective, that’s 40% growth for total active devices since 2016 when the company hit the 1 billion device mark.
stats  apple  applemusic  music  ios  iphone  mercato  spunti 
17 days ago by nicoladagostino
Keep a master playlist of your Apple Music Mixes using Shortcuts – The Sweet Setup
Use Shortcuts to keep master playlists of all your curated Apple Music Mixes and ensure music you like is played more often.
applemusic  shortcuts 
19 days ago by phantom4
Share music links across different services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube etc.
spotify  music  youtube  itunes  applemusic  urls 
26 days ago by rungta
MusConv - Move to Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music!
Transfer your tracks and playlists to Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Tidal for free with MusConv
youtube  migration  spotify  amazonmusic  applemusic  transfer  googlemusic 
29 days ago by ferdinandfuchs
‎Growth by Jrd. on Apple Music
@mattcassinelli recommended this, and it’s pretty nice!
“I’m shamelessly putting lo-fi beats behind my YouTube videos, and this album feels like being enveloped in a downtempo mood.

“Perfect for this dang rain”
music  recommendations  mattcassinelli  2019  chill  chillout  chillhop  applemusic 
4 weeks ago by handcoding
Apple Music Wrapped
A Shortcut to Visualize Your Most Listened Songs, Artists, and Genres of the Year
Apple  music  AppleMusic 
5 weeks ago by JonClodfelter
Apple's social media efforts fail again as Apple Music Connect to shut down in 2019
When Apple Music launched in June 2015, Connect was initially pushed as hard as any other aspect of the service, and many musicians were quick to hop on. Interest rapidly faded both from artists and the public, however, in some cases leaving launch content as the only Connect material on profiles.

In its letter to artists, first reported by 9to5Mac, Apple spins the pending shutdown as "streamlining music discovery."

"This means you'll no longer be able to post to Connect as of December 13, 2018, but all previously uploaded content will still be searchable until May 24, 2019," the letter reads.

Connect is Apple's second failed attempt at music-based social media. In 2010 the company launched Ping, which like Connect let people follow their favorite artists. People were also able to find out what music and concerts their friends were interested in, and share their thoughts online.
spunti  social  network  apple  music  applemusic  storia  ping 
8 weeks ago by nicoladagostino
Seeing "Apple Music" instead of "Matched" on your iTunes tracks? Here's the fix! | iMore
Might be a way to try to force matches of some songs (like some of the Sufjan Stevens Christmas tracks) that have been uploaded even though I know they exist in Apples Catalog.
itunes  AppleMusic  matching  upload  music  howto 
9 weeks ago by Brandonshire

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