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SocialRank helps you find your best followers, most valuable followers, and most engaged followers on Twitter
apps  socialmedia 
15 hours ago by juanmaramirez
Acquire - Customer Communication Platform
Your customer’s expectations are changing - exceed them with the power of co-browse and live chat
digitalstrategy  marketingtech  apps 
16 hours ago by researchknowledge
In Record Time: How we Quickly Built a Serverless app with Firebase and Flutter (GDD Europe '17) - YouTube
Starting around 8:14, David DeRemer describes using the Firebase realtime database as the communication channel that the Hamilton app used to implement all of its services "with zero networking code."
apis  firebase  apps  network  serverless 
yesterday by earth2marsh
Insync: Google Drive sync, Multiple Accounts & Cross-platform
Manage your Google Drive files straight from your Desktop.
With Insync, you can now sync, edit, backup and share files without opening a million browser tabs.
google  storage  sync  backup  apps  macos 
2 days ago by vesan
Taskbar - GNOME Shell Extensions
a windows style taskbar that shows open programs for gnome 3. standard in manjaro linux.
apps  linux 
2 days ago by oliverhale
Alternative to Windows Search For Files + Duplicates Search
great tool for finding duplicate files on windows. portable too.
apps  windows 
2 days ago by oliverhale

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