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Atlantic Monthly: The News Merchant
The inside story of how tabloid TV news is made, bought, and paid for—and its implications for the news industry and our society.
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august 2010 by aaronu
In case you were really curious about my views on different topics...
For the record: - Last night's panel discussion with Jim Lehrer on the News Hour about China, Obama, et cetera, here;- Also last night on BBC America with Matt Frei, also about Obama and China, here;- This morning on CSPAN Washington Journal, with Bill Scanlan, also about Obama and China, not on line at the moment but I will find it at some point (here); - Interview last week on The Kindle Chronicles, with Len Edgerly, about e-reading devices, here;- Radio interview two weeks ago, when I was in Australia, with Margaret Throsby of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation -- closest U.S. counterpart would be Terry Gross -- here. Her interviews are Fresh Air-like in combining policy and personal info. Also discussing my upcoming collaboration with the U.S. Studies Centre at the University of Sydney on future-of-media issues, a topic for another day.- Just to round this out, plan to be on KQED "Forum" with Michael Krasny at 9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST today. (Audio here.)- Charlie Rose this evening, with Elizabeth Economy and Nicholas Burns.
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november 2009 by HalSF
The Story Behind the Story - The Atlantic(October 2009)
"Journalism, done right, is enormously powerful precisely because it does not seek power. It seeks truth. Those who forsake it to shill for a product or a candidate or a party or an ideology diminish their own power. They are missing the most joyful part of the job."
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september 2009 by nijst
Dusting Off the Archive for the Web
For magazines and newspapers with long histories, old material can be reborn on the Web as an inexpensive way to attract readers, advertisers and money.
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march 2008 by sjenkins

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