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Audioburst - Organizing the World’s Audio
"At Audioburst, we’re building the world’s largest library of audio content. Every day, our technology listens to, understands, segments and indexes millions of minutes of audio information from top radio stations and podcasts."
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1 hour ago by arsyed
Wireless Interface Hat (with -
Use this magical chirping hat to send coded audio messages to your devices – with a single touch!
chrip  audio  wireless  data  networking 
1 hour ago by cyberchucktx
Chirp | Send data with sound
Chirp is a wireless communication technology for exchanging data between nearby devices via sound.

It uses any existing speaker or microphone, and is configurable to use audible or inaudible near-ultrasonic frequencies.

Chirp is designed for simplicity, eliminating connectivity headaches and simplifying everyday tasks like connecting to Wi-Fi networks, sharing contact details, and making peer-to-peer payments. It's trusted by companies and developers across the world, from nuclear power stations to children's toys.
audio  sound  communication  wireless  chirp  crossplatform 
2 hours ago by cyberchucktx
RT : Informació, sèries amb el , l'agenda i els consell de les nostres al…
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