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Petrus Spronk's "Architectural Fragment" - Library art in Australia
Artist/maker: SPRONK, Petrus
Title: Architectural Fragment
Production date: 1992
Medium: Port Fairy bluestone
Dimensions (H x W x D): 250 x 700 cm
Inscriptions: partly inscribed with the word "Library"
Credit line: Commissioned for the Swanston Street Walk Public Art Project, 1992.
City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection
Location: corner of Swanston and La Trobe Sts
A triangular pyramid shape constructed of steel onto which Port Fairy bluestone slabs are affixed. The sculpture represents an enlarged fragment of the State Library buried in the pavement. The frieze has been partly inscribed with the word “Library”, gilded with gold leaf. The work is hollow and the weight supported by the existing foundation at the site, no anchoring of the work is present as it is inset into the surrounding bluestone pavers, cut to fit precisely around the work.
Sited outside the State Library of Victoria, the pyramidal, Port Fairy bluestone sculpture represents a fragment of the library emerging from the pavement as an archaeological artefact might. It has been conceived to engage with its environment, visually connecting to its surroundings through both form and material.
Libraries  Sculpture  Australia  Art  Arts 
14 hours ago by dbourn
A battle is under way to end Tony Abbott's 25-year political career
In the hours after Friday's Warringah preselection ballot, party members talked openly of the vote against Abbott being as high as 45 per cent. Behind closed doors, Abbott and his supporters have blamed disgruntled members for inflating the numbers, but a highly unusual decision to keep the outcome of the ballot secret for three days didn't help.

"The so-called progressives in our party who lionised Turnbull were always gong to be upset by his departure and this was just the almost inevitable turbulence in his wake," Abbott says.

"It's just a fact that at any one time there's probably 20 per cent of the local members who would prefer their representative was someone else. Mostly they just grin and bear it but occasionally they get stirred up and express themselves and that's what happened on Friday night."

Abbott also blasted party members for distributing false numbers: "Our Parliament and our political parties are populated these days by people who will smile and smile to your face, and soon as your back is turned will peddle all sorts of dreadful judgements and lies to others, including journalists."

Even Abbott's own supporters concede a 32 per cent protest vote was not just a shot across the bow, but a declaration of war. The army of moderates who had been rolling through neighbouring electorates are now on Warringah's doorstep.
politics  australia 
yesterday by timberwolfoz
West Footscray factory fire: Health concerns from smoke, chemicals
A TWISTED 44 gallon drum full of dirty chemicals lies on the ground at West Footscray where it flew through the air propelled by a massive explosion three weeks ago.

The mix of grease, oil and acetone residues ooze out of the drum.

It’s a stark reminder of how dangerous and how out of control the factory fire of August 30 was before it raged — contained by still spewing poisonous smoke — for several days.

Weeks after drums filled with chemicals exploded and black smoke forced local residents to close their doors and windows and wait for clear air, those same residents say they’re experiencing bizarre side effects including nose bleeds, headaches and “weeping yellow pus”.
Australia  industrial  follow-up  response  acetone 
2 days ago by dchas
Behrouz Boochani, Manus Island and the book written one text at a time | Australia news | The Guardian
The Kurdish Iranian writer’s book was sent largely via messaging services such as Whatsapp over almost five years
australia  prison  refugee  text  kurdish  writer  app  messaging 
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