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ioBroker is an IoT platform.
Full integration of your equipment with ioBroker.
The ability to manage your IoT system as one intelligent, robust projekt.
Unique graphics and beautiful interfaces for you.
Use one of the best software products for managing your automation system on premise.
ioBroker offers you Smart Home as a Service. (Coming soon)
smarthome  ifttt  iot  home  automation  automate  raspberry  pi  software 
2 hours ago by sebbi
Shell Tricks: quick start scripts
Here's another little Bash function. It makes it possible to create a new script in one command, creating the file with shebang, making it executable, and opening it in your editor.
automation  mac  terminal 
yesterday by barbarian_geek
hobby-kube/guide: Kubernetes clusters for the hobbyist.
Step by step process to create a Kubernetes cluster.
devops  automation 
yesterday by cd
Calçado's Microservices Prerequisites
"With a single monolith it is ok to have a cumbersome and very manual deployment process. [...] With microservices it becomes the other way around: a single change to a single feature might require deploying many services. You will have to perform many deployments of different services, and it is important that each one of these deployments is inexpensive and has very low risk."
architecture  microservices  automation 
2 days ago by niksilver
Why automated continuous integration is a must for microservices success
"Microservice architectures put a tremendous amount of pressure on the testing infrastructure. You need to have a good CI strategy and automated testing harness to make sure that you can test all the edge cases and all the different integration points between the services."
microservices  continuous_deployment  testing  automation  dopost  advice 
2 days ago by niksilver

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