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When you want to make way too much of a restaurant closing. #BadMedia #FoodBorg

He didn't change with the times. Just as you don't see Baked Alaska on menus anymore of Lobster Thermidor. Times change, you either adapt with it or you lose market share, as this guy did.
BadMedia  FoodBorg 
yesterday by NoUpgrades
What makes homelessness rise rapidly? New study provides possible answer. Houston Chronicle
Typically a Republican President. Because then people start counting again, and can drop the facade that the Democrat has "cured the homeless problem"
yesterday by NoUpgrades
An erratic opinion writer should not be telling us what we (as Texans) want. #BadMedia
Grieder is a mess. As is this column, it bounces all around before finally making a point that is not totally clear.
4 days ago by NoUpgrades
Shock and OUTRAGE(!) that there are idiots in political parties.
Curious if they're as fired up about the black panthers and members of La Raza in Democratic leadership positions?

Guessing no.
9 days ago by NoUpgrades
An Interview with the HISD Interim Superintendent "with additional context" added......wait, what? #BadMedia
Were I a public servant I would NOT sit down and interview with the Chron considering they've now made the decision to basically editorialize after every answer.

What the hell Chron?
10 days ago by NoUpgrades
Wait, the DJ did something sexist and it's European Football that's to blame? #badMedia
Seems that all the Euro football players were uncomfortable.

It also seems like this is a tempast in a teapot.
11 days ago by NoUpgrades
How can they get this so wrong? #ShuterTheEdBoard
Car makers aren't "going greener" by ending sedans, they're accepting reality and building more SUVs and trucks.

They even say that in this editorial.

Just shut it down.
ChronBlog  BadMedia 
11 days ago by NoUpgrades
The Chron's "Conservative" columnist luvs her a Socialist. #BadMedia
She's horrid, and nowhere near a conservative, and not even a serious political thinker.
BadMedia  ChronBlog 
13 days ago by NoUpgrades
Ramsey's opinion columns are usually dense, this one is no different. #BadMedia
He doesn't have the intelligence to figure out that these "big companies" losing the breaks would just pass them on to the consumer.

Thus hurting the poor.
BadMedia  TLSPM 
15 days ago by NoUpgrades
The dumbest non-story you're going to read today. #BadMedia
Outlets like Marie Claire should really stay away from politics, it's embarrassing.
15 days ago by NoUpgrades
Did a Rave Review Really Shut Down Portland Burger Bar Stanich’s? Willamette Week
A reminder that you really don't know the people who are serving you, or the ones that write about them.
BadMedia  FoodBorg 
17 days ago by NoUpgrades
The Houston v. Dallas "rivalry" is entirely the construct of the media. #BadMedia
Normal Dallasites and Houstonians don't care.

I wish they'd get that through their heads.
17 days ago by NoUpgrades

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